What to read on vacation

Vacation - a great time to relax your body and soul. You can wake up at what time you want, not at dawn. But usually a couple of days pass in doing nothing, and then comes the desire to do something. The best thing is to pick up a book and read something interesting. But what to read? Of course, first of all, it will depend on which genre you prefer.

What to read from a fantasy vacation?

What to read on vacation?

  • "Diary of a werewolf nanny" - Lana Ezhova. The book tells about a werewolf girl who takes a job at the sorcerer's house as a nanny for a little witch. Read the book and find out what adventures are waiting for the heroes.
  • "Mistress of the cursed house" - G. Gerasimova A young girl comes to join the rights of inheritance and become the sovereign mistress of the house. But she still does not know that the house is cursed!
  • "Squire" - ON.Vereshchagin. The time of the unfolding action is the Third Age. This is the time in which the orcs and elves live. And it is precisely at this time that the fourteen-year-old boy from our time falls.

What to read on holiday from horror?

  • "Living in us" - Sergey Dubyansky. Misha is a simple man who works as a taxi driver and cares for his sick wife. But one day something happens that makes something awful in him wake up.
  • “Scarecrow. Horror from faraway childhood” - S.Yu. Sakansky. Once the children, playing, found a chest with magical attributes. When they drank the elixir, which was in the chest, it seemed to them that the garden scarecrow came to life. Or did not it seem? Who could have imagined that this fear will affect their whole future life?
  • "Losing Weight" - Stephen King. The horror that came to a small town took on the appearance of a gypsy camp. And when the main character knocks an old woman out of the camp, but is not responsible for this crime, he is punished by the gypsy baron. And the punishment is so terrible that death seems to be salvation!

What to read from the modern nickname of vacation?

  • "The Ninth Company" - Yu.M. Korotkov. Eighteen guys were not afraid to come face to face with the "Black Storks" - an elite Arab detachment of Majahideen saboteurs. Does the price have a victory, and what is it?
  • "Winter" - Senchin R.V. The book is about the joyless, sometimes scary, existence of people of one Russian resort in the cold season.
  • "Loneliness in the network" - Janusz Vishnevsky. The Internet erases faces and distances. It seems that we are so close, but, at the same time, so far from each other. We are together, but everyone on the other side of the screen is alone. The most important event of the book, which has become a test for the main characters - their meeting.
  • "Bury me behind a plinth" - Pavel Sanaev. A book worthy of a place on the most prominent shelf. The book is about family issues, crippled destinies and the lack of protection of children. The book is sad and heavy. But you should definitely read it!

What to read on vacation?

What to read on vacation from detectives?

  • "Cool heirs" - Daria Dontsova. A modest lab assistant becomes rich overnight, marrying a French baron. And he suddenly dies, leaving his wife a serious inheritance. Passions run high, a flock of predators begins to circle Natasha's head. But her faithful friend, Dasha, is ready to fight predators, while at the same time investigating the cause of the death of the rich baron.
  • "Odnoklassnitsa.ru. Love under cover" - Kivinov AV The young man is released from the colony and rolls, gradually, to the very bottom of life. But one day, he meets a classmate who was once in love with him. The young man does not impersonate who he really is, so as not to fall in her eyes. But a lie has an unexpected effect on his life.
  • "Murder on the Orient Express" - Agatha Christie. Classic detective genre. Book recognized as the best detective!

What to read on holiday from romance novels?

  • "Paradise" by Judith McNaught. The young daughter of a rich, powerful man and a poor working guy fall in love with each other. But their love story does not last long - the girl's father makes every effort to stop the shameful relationship. It takes many years before fate confronts them again, but they are no longer those that were ten years ago. Will their love be revived or is it destined to remain in the past?
  • "Valentine's Day" - Sofia Chaika. Two friends go to a costume ball to get away from everyday fuss. One of them meets a man in a mask. Who is he and what awaits the girl?
  • "Acquaintance on the Internet, or I wait, I look for, I hunt" - Yu. Shilova. The girl is looking for love on the Internet. Her journey begins very romantically. But real life is much worse than virtual.

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If you like a book by any author, look for the rest of his books. Quite possibly, they too will appeal to you. Try to read on vacation the books of those genres that have never attracted you. It diversifies leisure and brings something new and unknown to your life!

Enjoy your reading!

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