What to give a woman for 55 years

It is very difficult to choose a gift for an anniversary, especially for a woman, even though today there is just a huge selection of various presents and souvenirs on store shelves. But not all of them will fit for 55 years. After all, a gift should not be just useful or necessary. It is important to choose an original and memorable gift that will awaken warm memories for a long time.

How to choose a gift to a woman for 55 years?

gold jewelry

If you do not have time to go shopping and finances allow, you can choose the classic version - a variety of gold jewelry. This can be a beautiful ring with a precious stone (the best choice for a husband who wants to please his beloved wife), elegant earrings or a bracelet. Of course, choosing such a present should take into account the tastes of the birthday girl - for example, a woman does not wear gold, but gives preference exclusively to silverware.

If a lady is keen on cooking and has long dreamed of good household appliances, take a walk around the shops and find out that she wanted to get the most - it could be a bread maker, multi-cooker, dishwasher or aerogrill. All these devices will become faithful assistants in the kitchen and will be able to significantly facilitate everyday work.

Modern women will come to the delight of technology - for example, a stylish, multifunctional phone or tablet will be an excellent choice. In addition, it will be the perfect gift option, which will appeal not only to a business lady who spends all her free time in the office, but also to a housewife, because these things will be used every day.

A man can choose a more standard version of a gift that will be pleasant to every woman - a bouquet of luxurious roses, but no less than 55 pieces. This is a win-win option, which will be delighted by all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Also, flowers can act as additions to the main gift.

If a woman is fond of indoor flowers, she can present some rare plant species - for example, tillandsia or indoor banana. But, in this case, it would be best to unobtrusively find out what a rare instance of flora the birthday girl would like to receive as a gift.

Recently, such gifts as a pedigree book, a photo book with memorable pictures, pillows or a tea set with photos of the whole family or beloved grandchildren are becoming more and more popular.

What to give mom?

What to give mom for 55 years?

For mom, a fluffy warm robe that she will wear every day can be a wonderful gift. A good choice would be a set of quality expensive bed linen, a blanket, an orthopedic mattress or towels.

If your mother prefers practical gifts, then think about a new kitchenette, a soft sofa or a spacious wardrobe. Art lovers will enjoy a beautiful, rare painting that will be a great addition to your home collection.

Many modern women look after themselves, regularly attend fitness centers and spas. If you know about the preferences of your mother, then buy her an annual subscription to the gym.

A good option would be a gift certificate at the cosmetics shop. If you want the holiday to be remembered by your mother for a long time and she has only positive impressions left, then get vouchers for the resort, which she had long dreamed of.

If you don’t know what to give your mom for an anniversary, you can simply hand over the money, she will be able to buy the thing she dreamed of so long ago with, or go to the store together.

Surprise and please mother in law

What to give mothers in law for 55 years?

It is better to refuse various trifles and pleasant souvenirs, because 55 years is a serious date that requires appropriate gifts. Mother-in-law may like the new multifunctional vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, electric meat grinder and other necessary household appliances. However, in order not to offend the birthday girl, such a gift should be made only under the condition that the mother-in-law mentioned the desire, for example, to change an old washing machine.

If a retired woman decided to start traveling and wants to see the whole world, then get a ticket to some exotic country where you can go with your whole family.

It does not matter what you give a woman for 55 years, whether it is a home fountain or an exquisite jewelry storage box, a voucher for the sea or a fitness pass. The main thing is that the gift should be chosen with love and care, taking into account the tastes and desires of the birthday girl.

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