What does your garden say

We continue to talk about how the state of the garden, the plants on the site and the indoor flowers reflect the psychological problems, the imbalance of the chakras and the diseases of their mistress, which began in the article Speaking about the Garden?

The heart and core of the garden

Anahata - the chakra of love and compassion - occupies a middle position in your energy system. Love is necessary for the heart, as moisture sprout, otherwise it will hurt. Now people allow themselves to love only their loved ones, children. In fact, you do not need to limit yourself, you need to love more. Check where the heart of your garden is and in what condition it is. If there are places where branches break away from the trunk, or pests invade the plants, this means closing Anahata (the harder the person, the more animals attack him: dogs bark, cats scratch). Open your heart, replace low self-esteem and distrust of the world with positive thoughts: if you were born, it means you have the right to live, be happy, have everything you need for your development. Love yourself - and then the surrounding space will be filled with love.

Diagnosis of the fifth chakra

Vishudha is responsible for the ability to accept events and the ability to express themselves. A good indicator of the state of this chakra - lips. Dry, compressed lips talk about her depression, and too plump and loose - about congestion. If a person coughed or choked - then he heard or thought about something that denies. The open throat chakra makes a person conscious, responsible and gives an understanding that we create life with our thoughts. Kostyuyuschie shoulders, osteochondrosis, stoop - this is the result of the lack of self-realization and the "sacrifice" that you bring, doing an unloved affair. In the garden, you will certainly find a tree with a thin trunk and a thick crown, which does not give fruit for a long time. Spend more time in nature, learn from her, communicate with her. She will give you wisdom, and your throat chakra will stop closing.

The work of the sixth chakra

The sixth chakra - Ajna - symbolizes the understanding of everything that surrounds us, knowledge, ability to embody our plans and ideas. Insufficient opening of the chakra is manifested in diseases of the eyes, ears and nose, and headaches. With the closed Ajna, the person does not know how to start the execution of the business, and it seems that he knows a lot of things, but cannot do anything. Such a person often does not notice what is happening in his garden, does not understand why plants get sick and stop growing. Work on the sixth chakra will help to better understand the surrounding space and give insights. Learn to do everything in your time and do not delay! Immediately troubleshoot your plot and home, then Ajna will work better.

Disclosure of the seventh chakra

Sahasrara is responsible for spirituality. It is damaged in many men because of the fear that if they are “poor breadwinners,” they will lose their family. This makes them hostage to money, and they, devoting their vocation and the divine nature, devote all their strength, energy and time to earning money. The pursuit of material goods destroys health as much as over-feeding plants with fertilizers: their metabolism is disturbed from an excess of food. The material is the female domain. If a man does not suppress spirituality, money will flow through him to get to his woman, because everything first gets into the air before falling to the ground. Man and woman are one. When the tree root and crown in order, it will bear fruit! A person with an open Sahasrara has a strong connection with the Universe, he treats the world as an extension of himself, and therefore does not pollute it. If the chakra is oppressed, the person sees himself as separated, and for him the main thing is his house, plot, family, everything else is unimportant. Debris in the forest, along roads and ravines are traces of people with undisclosed seventh chakra. They do not understand the meaning of their lives and do not realize that they are leaving the entire planet to the children, and not just the property they mined.

Some more important discoveries

Walking the garden and watching the trees growing near the house, pay attention to the trunks: how strong, healthy and smooth they are. The trunks of trees (as well as the foundation of the house) speak of the condition of your legs. Look at the crowns of the trees: if they are too thick, the branches interfere with each other's growth, it means that obsolete ideas have accumulated in your head: cut off the excess on the tree and your consciousness will clear. After pruning trees, you open your channels of perception, and the Universe will start sending you teachers, useful tips, the right books.

If you want to strengthen your material well-being, grow more vegetables that can be stockpiled for the future (carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips, pumpkin). Plant them more than usual for the sake of stock. It is the stock that will attract material flow to you, because it will drive your thoughts about well-being. The stock of cereal at home works in the same way.

Pay attention to the injuries, cuts and wounds that you get while working in the garden - this is an indication that there is a problem in this part of the body (clamping, tension, inflammation, etc.). Insect bites are also not accidental, they fly to sore spots.

External equals internal

The development of the chakras is a long and gradual work on self-healing. How many negative thoughts and fears you have, so many clips and blocks in your body, and if you don’t remove them, the diseases will not go away. Once again, re-read the description of each chakra and dwell on what particularly catches you. Relationship with the soil, nature, flora will help strengthen new knowledge, draw your attention to internal problems and tell you what to do next.

Do not forget that there is a law of a mirror: the external is equal to the internal. Everything inside you is manifested outside: evil thoughts attract conflicts, setbacks, diseases, and benevolent thoughts create a field of love around. The external world does not change in one moment, but after a while - the speeds are different: the thought is swift, and the changes of the world are gradual. At some point, what you are thinking right now will be fulfilled. So think about the beautiful! With love and gratitude! And be healthy and happy!

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