What does the right hand scratch

From birth to the end of life, people live among the signs. Someone believes in them, and someone, on the contrary, completely rejects. But this is not about weather signs, for example: dew on the grass - there will be no precipitation, smoke is a pillar - the frost will be, etc., but about those signs that can be attributed to superstition as soon as possible.

If the origin and existence will be associated with weather conditions due to long-term observations, then the causes of superstitions are deeply rooted in antiquity, to find the sources of most of them are almost impossible to find.

It is also difficult to understand why, until now, people are so serious about superstitions and why some of them become a harbinger of happiness for a person, while others, on the contrary, set up a sad mood.

Observance of certain rituals that accompany some superstitions, sometimes seem to be completely meaningless and even silly and ridiculous. For example - a black cat ran across the road. One passer-by will stand still, the other will spit over the left shoulder, and the third will move backwards.

Even at the time of such a great progress of science, many of us do not cease to be interested - the dream of a bird or a ring, a meeting of the priest or monk, itching for the nose, feet or right arm will lead to luck or to a fiasco of all plans and undertakings.

Itching right hand: omen

What is the right hand scratching for?

It happens like this - he washed his hands, more than once, wiped them and scratched them, but they never stopped scratching. Doctors will immediately begin to assert that the human body does not have enough micronutrients and vitamins, but the people have another explanation for the itching of the right hand, namely, this is considered an omen of the meeting.

According to popular belief, it is believed that precisely the part of the body that will be involved in the performance of certain actions informs us of certain events. If your forehead itches, you’ll have to beat it, your nose will get your nose (a good nose will smell your fist for a week), your eyes will itch your face and tears will flow, but your right hand will itch for a meeting. Someone from a good acquaintance or a person with whom you will remember for a long time will stretch his palm. Here, anticipating this meeting, the hand and itches.

Also, itching before cash manipulation. Left itching in anticipation of spending money, but the right - to receive them.

Right hand palm

According to popular beliefs, the palm of the right hand itches for material gain, that is, for money. In this case, you need to pay attention to how much itching palm. Usually, the more itchy, the more money is expected to receive its owner, but if, in addition to the palm, it is itchy elbow or even shoulder, then wealth will simply be unprecedented!

But plan spending early. If the palm of the right hand is itching, you need to perform the following manipulations: it is necessary to imagine how the money has already fallen into your hands, after clenching your fist, kissing it as a sign of joy to money, drop it in your pocket and only unclench your hand. Now you can safely wait for profits.

Some people think that it will be enough to rub the back side of the board of the table or something red with my right hand, while saying: “Tru the red, so as not in vain”. So if you feel the itching of the right palm without losing time to explain this phenomenon, it is better to simply perform these not cunning manipulations and then luck will not bypass you!

Right thumb is scratched

People who are well-versed in deciphering these or other superstitions can easily answer the question of itching in any part of the body. Ears often itch to gossip, palms to money or greetings, but why are itching fingers, few people know.

Since there are 5 fingers on a human hand, each of them can itch individually. That is why folk superstitions consider each finger in particular. So, this may mean itching in any of the fingers:

What is the right hand scratching for?

  1. Thumb itches most often for luck and luck. You can even try to buy a lottery ticket - in this case, the thumb should be an indication that Fortune has turned to your face!
  2. The index finger is scratched before promotion at work or success in school. At the same time, the index finger of the left hand speaks about long-term changes in this area, while the right one - to the transient ones.
  3. The middle finger is the most profitable of all, because when it itches, you can wait for the financial addition.
  4. Ring finger will help a person get rid of extraneous attention.
  5. The saddest of all fingers is the little finger. If it is itchy, then it warns the person about sudden failure. If this happens, then a gold ring should be put on it and not removed until the pinky finger stops to itch.

Why does the right hand itch?

If a person does not believe in signs and superstition, then we can turn to the scientific interpretation of this phenomenon. First of all, it should be noted that each of us performs quite a lot of important actions during the day with the right hand, regardless of whether he is right-handed or left-handed. It should be noted that all the actions of the right hand are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, which is also responsible for logical and rational thinking. To scratch the right hand can create a situation in which a person will have to make decisions, the outcome of which will depend on logic, or else perform such daily activities as writing a letter or simple working operations. You can also assume that a person can be given a generous reward for doing this job.

Another explanation for the itch of the right hand is the consequence of experiencing negative emotions. In this case, the phrase "itching" can be translated literally. If a person is angry with someone for a long time, then he involuntarily squeezes his hands into a fist, after which they sweat and begin to itch.

If a person is really surrounded by a person who provokes him to a feeling of fear or rage, then the palm often stops itching. If the conflict situation is not possible to solve with words, then you can try to beat the pillow or express aloud all those negative thoughts that are directly related to the provoking person. As a result of such procedures, a person begins to experience mental relief and comfort in general.

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Believing science or omens is a personal matter for everyone, but if you still feel an itch in your right hand, then just in case, perform some simple manipulations that precede monetary gains, and suddenly it really was itching for money?

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