What does red color mean

People have long attached importance to color interpretation. Each of the shades of the rainbow, as well as the main achromatic tones - black and white - was assigned a planet, element, character. Subsequently, this symbolism began to intertwine with the kind of person, people began to look for meaning in what color they were. A special place among all was occupied by red color, which since ancient times has been defined as “beautiful”. What can he tell?

What does red color mean in psychology?

Even in Russia, red was an indicator of beauty and all the positive qualities that exist in a person. The red maiden was called a particularly attractive and clean girl, the nickname of the outstanding Russian prince Vladimir was “Red Sun”, which indicated respect and adoration of the ruler by the people. In Asia, a kind, open and complacent person, according to belief, had a red heart, while a petty and envious person was black. However, the red color is not as safe and calm as it may seem. In all the astrological charts, the planet Mars corresponds to it, which is patronized by the Roman god of war. In addition, the element of red is rightfully considered to be fire, which means that it is just as multifaceted and contradictory, it has, besides the positive side, destructive, dangerous force. This perception is facilitated by the fact that red is the color of blood.

What does red color mean?

The key symbols of this color are joy, love and beauty, in contrast to which aggression, revenge and war take place.

A person who subconsciously reaches for red is an extraordinary personality, easily amenable to excitement and provocation, impulsive. Selfish impulses, vindictiveness are characteristic of him. At the same time, such a person is an excellent leader and ruler, a true friend, although he often pulls the blanket over himself. Getting along with him is not easy, since he will suppress a softer satellite with his “I”, and with equal to himself will be in constant rivalry and conflict.

However, the latter is often a pleasant addition, especially since people who are in love with red color prefer the same bright, explosive, not clouded by everyday routine. For them, a hundred times more desirable are small squabbles and disputes, rather than peace and quiet. In addition, these people can sincerely and deeply love; so much so that this feeling sometimes overshadows everything and provokes ill-considered actions. But before going into the pool with his head, often a person under the banner of the red color will weigh everything more than once and check his love object. If one were to be rewarded by him with such an arrangement, one can be sure that a more devoted and loyal companion of life cannot be found.

Red color also speaks of bright sexual desires: in the intimate sphere such a person is an experimenter who will never let the second half get bored. However, unlike people living under the sign of blue or yellow flowers, he can be too carried away by the embodiment of fantasy, forgetting about the comfort of others. The same applies to any social life where the position of the “I” will act first, and after it the “surrounding” position.

Purposefulness, willingness to go to the end, independence from third-party opinion - those qualities that distinguish a person who chooses red. No wonder this shade was attributed to the rulers, was a component of the royal mantle and Monomakh hats, in some countries only kings were allowed to wear red shoes. Dr. tradition - the royal signature in purple ink today transformed into a red pen from teachers in educational institutions. In addition, a lot of red in heraldry: it can even be considered the main one, since it is present in almost every coat of arms. Members of the House, whose banner has elements of red, speak of themselves as strong, powerful, ready for revolution and struggle.

What do red flowers mean?

What does red color mean?

The symbolism of color in addition to its main face, focused on the character of a person, can also tell about other aspects. For example, a lot of attention was paid to the shades of flowering plants, which was long ago transformed into the language of flowers, which was used by romantics of all times and peoples. The significance of red roses is known even to those who have never gone into the details of symbolism: the scarlet queens of flowers have become an unspoken recognition in the most fervent, sincere and vivid feelings. But is it all clear?

  • The red gerbera is more delicate than a rose: it is rather a compliment to the appearance or merits of the one to whom it is being presented, but it has a certain secret behind it and a possible hint of light flirtation. This is a good choice for congratulations to a colleague or girlfriend when the roses become frank and you cannot find more options.
  • Red-pink calla is a rarity, and therefore if it was handed to you, know that you are valued and distinguished from all. This flower is a symbol of the unearthly beauty of the one to whom it is presented, of admiration and admiration for this person. If scarlet calla appears in the house, it protects it from the difficult atmosphere of conflict.
  • At the peak of the previous colors, the red lily is a sign of disobedience and pride. In some countries, this flower is associated with aggression, a hostile attitude: if it was presented anonymously, it means that the addressee has enemies.
  • The red chrysanthemum is close to the scarlet rose in its meaning, but the feeling hidden behind it is more magnificent. It is not burning passion that is buried in it, but restrained love mixed with respect and loyalty, ready to stretch itself with a scarlet thread through all its life. In addition, in Asia, this flower is a symbol of prosperity and high social status.
  • Red tulips are also capable of telling about love, but it will be a tender, pure feeling, often the very first and ardent peculiar to adolescents. If, in addition to red, there are yellow spots on the petals of tulips, such flowers compliment the addressee's appearance, especially with regard to his eyes.

What does red color mean?

The value of red in the interior and accessories

It is not always a person to color so much that he is ready to distinguish it from others, and therefore it is impossible to judge him by the above psychoanalysis. However, the unconscious choice of colors from a series of several different among themselves is able to tell a lot about a particular individual. In particular, this applies to preferences in the color of the car or laptop, as well as other small personal equipment, accessories, interior parts.

Such people are optimistic and life-loving, but differ in their gullibility. However, having made a mistake several times, they become more circumspect, sometimes even too picky for every word. However, if you ask such a person about his satisfaction with life, he will say that he is absolutely happy, no matter what.

If small things or clothes of red color become more and more, this indicates a desire for change, a bright flash in the life boring monotony. Strong craving for this color is manifested in puberty, with the activation of hormonal background, as well as mental instability, a tendency to maximalism and risk. Separately, it should be noted another group of individuals: those who reject the red color, even without seeing the reasons. Most often, his rejection is due to psychological and emotional exhaustion, as evidenced by cases of prisoners of war, in every way showing their dislike of him. Also, a permanent dislike of red is characteristic of individuals seeking rest, loneliness, who fear any quarrels and conflicts that do not have enough self confidence.

Psychologists advise to use red color in the interior only as an accent, because from the point of view of its influence on the performance and atmosphere in the team it is not the best choice. Despite its strong emotional energy in the matter of business relations, it acquires destructive power, indulges squabbles, aggression and tension. To be in a room made in red, for a long time is impossible: there comes rapid fatigue, exhaustion.

However, if the office should be motivated by the activity of employees, red details are inserted on a common blue-green or beige background. At the same time, red gamma is a good option for cozy restaurants with subdued lighting, if red along with balancing white, black or gold becomes the base color, but does not scream about itself at the expense of the common half-light. Additionally, it should be remembered that such a gamma in the interior raises the temperature in the room by 2-3 degrees and visually narrows the space.

Red color - majestic, aggressive, capacious, but ambiguous. He was always the privilege of the powerful, but, at the same time, could cause conflicts, disputes, irritation. Red flowers are an indisputable sign of great love and passion. This part of the spectrum is the prerogative of emotional and bright personalities, real leaders in all aspects of life.

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