What does blue color mean


How long ago people began to attach importance to everything that surrounds them is unknown. However, from whatever antiquity the symbolism may take place, it is still interested in and paid attention to. A special place is occupied by color, which can tell a lot about a person, influence his psyche, and express emotions and feelings.

What does blue color symbolize?

In astrology, blue is considered a color that symbolizes eternity and is associated with Venus. This was reflected not only in the influence of a particular planet, but also in the psychology of man, his social position. It is not difficult to guess why the eternity was fixed behind the blue - because it is he who is directly connected with the sky and the sea, peace, tranquility, constancy. In ancient times it was the color of loyalty, favoring someone.

If the elements of the coat of arms or its foundation were performed in tones of blue, the genus was distinguished by such qualities as honesty, ability to keep the word, chastity. All the features that a man of the highest circle should have. It was not for nothing that the aristocracy believed it was “blue” blood. And blue in classical symbolism is only one of the sub-blue, and not an independent color.

Since blue refers to shades that are not so far away from black on the general color wheel, it is sometimes referred to as mourning tones, especially if it is muffled and deep. And such his interpretation exists not only in the southern countries: it was also used by the Slavic peoples, where grief and "nav" were associated with blue. In some tales, even demons were blue-haired.

In the modern world, blue in its approximation to the black version is the color of restraint and confidence. In the advertising business, blue is considered one of the "expensive" colors, i.e. those that, when used on a particular product, will raise the product to an elite status. This is especially actively emphasized when combined with blue and gold.

What does blue color say in psychology?


A lot can be said about a person by asking him about color preferences. Many scholars studied this effect on consciousness, among which I.Gete and M.Lüscher are especially known. On the basis of their research, many tests have been compiled today, as confirmed by testimonials that give reliable results. What can a man say about blue?

Those who choose this color subconsciously reach for the sky and the sea, which means they want peace in their lives. Such a person has a balanced character and is subject to a melancholic mood. Even if he is quite sociable and active, he often needs moments of rest and silence, allowing him to be alone with his inner self. The efficiency of such people, although high, they always need a good rest.

In addition, their peace also depends on their own confidence in everything that surrounds them: people, situations, their own abilities. From relatives, they are always looking for benevolence, understanding, warmth. However, having learned from bitter experience, they do not take these gifts for a long time, they are looking for a dirty trick, they withdraw into themselves, they feel lonely even in a crowd. In this case, such a person for the sake of a loved one will go to self-sacrifice. If necessary, I am ready to abandon the latter for the sake of a friend.

If subconscious rejection of blue color occurs, it is important for a person to show his omnipotence. In the eyes of others, he always wants to look like those who do not need help, who are a step higher. However, inside such a person is often too insecure, rather closed, not always ready to make contact, he practically does not allow others to come around. His whole life happens in suspense, but he does not seek to relax. It is possible that he is satisfied with this state of affairs, or he is too used to him to let go and change something.

People who are indifferent to blue are courteous and courteous with others, although this is only a mask. In fact, they care little about other people's feelings. It is often noted that a person can stretch to the blue situationally - in a period of extreme fatigue or illness. In addition, in moments of great joy, blue will cause irritation, disgust, because — especially in tandem with gray — it provokes passive depression.

There are several other characteristics that can be given to those who unconsciously reach for the blue in all its manifestations. In particular, with the love of his bright tones, a person is quite compliant, easily compromises, not wanting extra disputes. He is characterized by laziness, general relaxation of the state, he makes decisions after much thought. In addition, such people lack a sense of proportion in natural needs — they can go too far at the dinner table or at a gala evening with food and drink.

If a person’s choice leans towards turquoise tones, which are almost equal to a mixture of blue and green, then these are unpredictable personalities. In most cases, they are timid and quiet, not capable of belligerent moods, attempts to go against all, to actively defend their point of view. However, imperceptible at first glance, people stubbornly go to their goal and do not reckon with those who are trying to prevent it. Therefore, for their opponents, they become dangerous.

What does blue color mean in clothes and interior?

What does blue color mean?

As already mentioned, the knowledge of symbolism is actively used today in business, in the market for goods and services. And how can a particular color work, inscribed in the interior or used in dress? What will the unconscious choice of the blue element of clothing say?

If you prefer the pale-blue thing, the mood on this day is high and light, the person "hovers in the clouds", is inclined to dream. If you are targeting a dark blue color as a base in your wardrobe (instead of the traditional black), you can be judged as a confident, patient person who has a lot of restraint. Such a person often resides in his own thoughts; he will not go into open confrontation.

Often, people who want to get support and strength from outside at an important moment turn to things of such color. A bright blue, almost ultramarine, becomes the choice of a person who is confident and wants to pay attention to him. But he does not want to cross the border.

Designers who make up the sketches of the future interior often resort to symbolism, selecting colors for the room. It is necessary to proceed from the socio-demographic features and the psychological impact of shade on consciousness. And from the point of view of the latter factor, it is not recommended to use blue in areas where work is in full swing. These are mainly cabinets - both at home and in the office.

The blue color has the ability to suppress performance, relax the mind and provoke a decrease in concentration. He will not give an important decision or focus on the problem as much as possible. At the same time, what is interesting, sky-blue, being a relative of blue, on the contrary, makes it possible to assimilate information and come to a compromise in any matter.

But, taking into account such qualities of blue, you can easily apply it in the decoration of the bedroom or bathroom, making it dominant in the overall range. In addition, shades of blue can reduce the temperature in the room, since they are all cold tones. Therefore, walls are often made in such a range where there is an excess of sunlight. Moreover, the blue should be light, so that additional light reflection occurs.

Blue Flowers Secrets

What does blue color mean?

The language of flowers and flowers is based mainly on plant varieties, their shades are also often taken into account. What can be said about blue colors? Gentle blue forget-me-nots and bells instantly come to mind as the most familiar to the eye, associated with youth and purity. They were given to young girls, emphasizing the charm of their innocence. Subsequently, white flowers began to play a similar role to them. Blue irises were able to silently remind a woman that she is not alone, she has support in the person of the donor, she should gather her strength.

At the time of Catherine the Second, there was a “Register of Flowers”, where flowers of light blue and blue tones were recorded, which became a symbol of loyalty in all its manifestations. Such "letters" and "promises" were sent before a long parting or at a distance from each other, as a reminder that nothing is forgotten, feelings are alive, even if covered with longing. Blue and blue flowers were given to those who went to war or to the army, becoming an unofficial promise to wait. Many people remember the song "Blue Handkerchief", which carries the same meaning as a bunch of forget-me-nots.

But even though color once played a major role, and even today psychology has received a lot of attention, the energy of a person wearing this color or presenting a gift in such a scale is often able to block any of its characteristics. And the psychological aspects that are not always described above fully correctly speak about a person. Therefore, the main orientation should always go to inner harmony. And the fact that someone once was assigned to one or another color, is secondary.