Wedding omens - to be or not to be

The wedding ceremony has always been an important and responsible event. For someone long-awaited, but for someone and not very. A wedding is a special ritual, which since ancient times has been accompanied by a wide variety of wedding receptions. They were not a form of entertainment, but they played not unimportant importance in determining the essential aspects, both of the ceremony itself and of the subsequent joint life of the young.

The bride and her relatives are always made nervous by the anticipation of the wedding. They are usually very worried about whether it will take place or not. Suddenly there will be some unforeseen situations that will be able to prevent the triumph. What then to do?

People now, preferring to be in all weapons, no matter how the situation is, want to know what awaits them ahead. Signs and signs are a kind of means in achieving the goal in the form of obtaining important information.

It is completely natural that all the signs that, one way or another, are connected with the wedding ritual, are called very simply and uncomplicatedly - “wedding”.

How reliable information can be obtained by resorting to them is not possible with a hundred percent probability, but it is obvious that in some cases the bride and guests (as a rule, the groom cares little, he prefers to live with today's, still idle, day) , not really thinking about their performance. This is due to the fact that the preparation for the wedding process, which takes a lot of time, effort, money and nerves.

Use will, by the way, be a good way to relieve psychological stress, tension, and lift your spirits. But for this it is necessary to use signs that can only promise something good, and not threaten the possibility of bad consequences.

Yes, the fear that the wedding will fail and all the effort spent will be in vain, is the strongest of all the pre-wedding experiences. Of course, as a rule, the longer you wait for an event, the more you worry.

And if in the process of waiting, when the preparation for the celebration is in full swing, suddenly, out of place, various obstacles appear. And a whole succession with a victorious, it would seem, kind of march along the nerves of the bride ...

Oh, yes, no wedding will take anywhere. It is better to be informed in advance in such a situation about a possible turn of events. At the stage of preparation, that is, just before the wedding and in the process of it, every little thing gains tremendous importance in the eyes of others. The bride is ready to resort to otherworldly forces, if only she can be sure that everything will go well.

To be or not to be a wedding?

Brides, remember that wedding omens are not a prediction and not a wedding horoscope, respectively, the reality of their prediction should not be taken too seriously (as well as predictions). If the wedding omen was good, take note of it, set yourself up for a cheerful and good-natured mood, and if it was bad, then try not to think about it too much. In the end, we, to some extent, are the blacksmiths of our own happiness. From the mood, too much will depend!

Remember that bad wedding omen is not the end of the world, the end of the world is cut wires or burnt wiring !!! The word "omen" is rooted in the verb "notice", that is, to notice everything, even the smallest and seemingly unimportant details, and to be able to derive from them the secret meaning. On it on all just we, girls, great masters.

One of the wedding signs is the following: if the girl before the wedding does not clean the house well, then her husband will not be very good (here she means appearance). The connection is obvious, everyday. The fact is that all the suitors need good housewives, respectively, there is a choice, and the worst hostesses will be chosen more simply by the bridegrooms, who will still remain in the bachelors.

Another wedding sign says that an unmarried girl should not sit in the corner, otherwise she will not marry for seven years. This is also a sign with semantic roots. The fact is that poor relatives and dowry were planted in the corners in Russia, and they were not in a hurry to get married without anyone.

Do not believe in bad wedding omens unconditionally. By this you only set yourself up in a bad way, and nothing good will come of marriage.

So, for example, a wedding sign has the right to exist, according to which, if a wedding ring fell on the floor at your registry office, then the marriage will quickly disintegrate. However, my friend, who was experiencing too much on the eve of the ceremony, did not even sleep at night, the ring of trembling hands fell twice, but either the effect of a double fall drowned out the signs that should have happened, or this wedding sign was not too true, but She lives with her husband for the fourth year. Of course, four years of marriage, this is not the whole life, but they are not going to divorce yet.

If you love wedding omens and believe them, there are two rules for you:

  • pay more attention to good wedding omens that promise well-being and a happy married life;
  • You should not devote your future spouse to your experiences and thinking about the wedding signs, this can negatively affect his attitude towards you.

If you are so calmer, you can choose, for example, favorable numbers for the marriage, as well as months. So among the numbers, specialists in the field of numerology recommend the top three, the top five, the seven and the nine. The most successful months for performing the sacrament of marriage are September, November, June and August.

In order for the wedding to take place, we will choose the wedding day correctly:

  • you cannot marry on the day of your angel;
  • rainy weather or snow unfortunately;
  • strong wind on the wedding day to trouble;
  • Monday's wedding promises wealth;
  • on Tuesday - health;
  • Wednesday is happiness;
  • and thursday and friday for the wedding will not do.

Wedding omens concerning wedding dresses

  • The first wedding sign. In order to marital life differed wealth, the groom should put a coin in the right shoe. Her young should not be thrown away, even kept at home, as a relic.
  • The second wedding sign. From the evil eye stands to the outfits of both marriages to pin a pin head down. It should not be visible. From the evil eye will help and a couple of stitches on the hem of the wedding dress of the bride. Sew with blue or red threads. As well as the usual veil, lowered over the eyes.
  • The third wedding sign. Bride shoes should be closed front and back. Then the happiness in the family will remain. In this sense, fit the usual white shoes, but not sandals.
  • The fourth wedding sign. Before a church wedding, it is strictly forbidden for a bride to see her reflection in the mirror with a full parade (that is, fully dressed in a wedding dress).
  • Fifth wedding sign. On the bride on the wedding day should be exactly the dress. A suit or corset and skirt will not work. If the details of the wardrobe are separated, then there will be no joint life.
  • The sixth wedding sign. To live together smoothly, without a hitch and without a hitch, so that a smaller litter and more mutual understanding, the rings should be chosen according to the old custom: smooth, without thread and stones.
  • Seventh wedding omen. To avoid trouble, and the wedding still took place, the groom should not see the future spouse in a wedding dress.
  • The eighth wedding sign. Do not sell the wedding dress, it is better to save it as a memory.
  • Ninth wedding omen. Be careful with heels, break, then your family life will limp.
  • The tenth wedding sign. The wedding dress is worn only over the head, but not over the legs. To a happy and long life together (this is about health, not about divorce).
  • Eleventh wedding omen. Your wedding dress should belong only to you. It is better to buy and not to rent a wedding dress, otherwise the failures of those people who married you in this same dress will fall on your fragile shoulders.
  • The twelfth wedding omen. Do not buy a scarf as a gift before the wedding to your beloved one, otherwise it will hang around your neck and the wedding will not happen.
  • Thirteenth wedding omen. The longer the dress of the bride, the longer the marital life.
  • Fourteenth wedding omen. If you have a dress torn at the wedding, then you are obviously out of luck with your mother-in-law. Will be grumpy.

Remember, these are just signs. Take into account only the good moments of life, and do not think about the bad.

Happy and long life together!

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