Verse about the grandmother. how to choose a poem for my

It’s hard to imagine a big family without a grandmother. She actively takes part in raising grandchildren, teaches, helps and gives advice. In single-parent families, grandmothers often act as babysitters and housekeepers. For grandchildren - this is the second mother.

To express your love and respect for your grandmother, it is not necessary to buy an expensive gift, it is enough to give her a touching verse that you can write yourself or choose according to the situation.

How to teach a child to respect elders?

In order for the child to respect the elders, the rules of such behavior must be instilled from an early age. Respect for elders is a necessary trait that does not form overnight. Children often copy the behavior of their parents, so if you mistreat your mom or dad, the child will then also treat you.

You can not force the kid to respect the grandparents, because coercion will cause protest from the child. He must himself understand that respect for adults is necessary and that this is very important.

The kid must be sure that in the family he will never be humiliated by his relatives. Especially, it concerns the punishment of strangers.

Relationship between parents is an indicator of how the child will behave with adults. If a father or mother allows himself to insult each other, quarrel with his parents or do not show due respect for strangers, children perceive this behavior as normal and transfer it to themselves.

Read to your son or daughters often instructive parables, tales and stories that teach respect. Show on the example of the heroes of your favorite books, how to treat elders, what is important to help them, etc.

In a family whose members always care about each other, they experience, love, value each other, children grow up who will always help their relatives and elderly people. Attention, respect and care for grandparents should appear in such trifles as phone calls, letters, postcards, drawings, crafts and poems for the holidays.

Poems grandmother birthday

Verse about the grandmother

Poems are real emotions, limited by the word. With their help, you can express the full depth of your feelings, love and respect. If you present poetry for grandma's birthday, she will be happy, because this is not just a gift, but a real work of art that will stay in your heart for a long time.


Grandma, happy holiday to you

With another year lived,

In which you, the whole world loving,

Gave us their care.

thank you, my darling

For all the lessons, instructions.

For the way she groomed me.

For all compotes, all jam.

Let this year be easy

Let it be full of laughter, fret

And what is bad - everything will pass.

And we are always with you next!


Dear grandmother (great-grandmother)!

Don't count in vain a year,

Do not be sad that the whiskey turned gray.

It always happens in nature:

This is a trace of blizzards.

Let your life be hard,

There were all in it, and joy, and happiness.

Do you hold on, dear, hold on,

Bypass the side of bad weather.

After all, your wealth is WE:

Daughter, son, grandchildren, great-grandchildren even!

For a long, long time you live,

To great-great-grandchildren, too, to babysit !!!


Grandma is, of course, mom,

Mom's true, but that's not the point.

You can stay stubborn with your grandmother,

Grandma can not give rest.


Grandma is such a little man

Who pity and protect,

Grandmas love all children in the world


Grandmother pranks forgive us all.

Grandmothers knit socks grandchildren,

Whims will be performed, cake will be baked,

Grandmas to our moms and dads

Slapping on the pope will not give us.


What parents do not allow

Grandma is happy to let us

And we will not be told that we bother her,

If the movie is watching or sleeping.


Grandmas smell delicious jam,

Good tales and milk,

Give gifts to us on his birthday

Making cozy our sweet home


Grandmothers soft, warm hands

Gently warm us in the cold

And they will not let us die of boredom

Our grandmothers are always with us.


Our grandmothers give instructions

Grandmothers learn how to live,

Our grandmothers are all without a doubt

Gave love to us an invisible thread.

Happy birthday, Grandma.


Our grandmother's birthday is today!

And our grandmother is not beautiful in the world!

And the best are her cheesecakes and jams,

And brighter than all her smile grandchildren shines!


And all these hands are more tender than gold,

What knit mittens, socks and sweaters,

Always help us put commas

And to the bruise will find the cherished lotion,


After all, our grandmother is a great sorceress!

Three hundred songs knows, two hundred jokes,

And a hundred fairy tales by heart almost read,

And she always has a job at home, -


We want to finish our poem,

For our rhymes do not judge us harshly.

Granny! Grandchildren congratulate happy birthday!

Live for a hundred years, and, of course, be healthy!

Congratulations to grandmother c8 March


My grandmother, dear, darling!

Congratulations on March 8, dear!

And I want every beautiful spring

We were getting closer with you alone!


Let you bloom with a snowdrop together,

Let all earthly flowers fill your house,

Be healthy, darling, and live for many years

And may love give you every dawn!

Author: Tudan Alain


Today is the best day of the year

Today is a holiday - women's day.

I'm going to my grandmother

I drew her a lilac.


I also bought with my mother

Bouquet for grandma from us.

All mothers and grandmothers of the country

Hurry to congratulate all now.


I tell my grandmother:

"Hold the picture, do not be sad!"

I know for sure: on Earth

Granny is better not to find.

The author: Marina Golovko



My super grandma:

You meet the morning with songs

And you bloom day by day!


Happy March 8, honey!

Let it ring with might and main drops,

And let him smell willow in the garden,

And let the waving spruce fir!


Happiness, sun and patience

I wish from the heart

And health, inspiration -

To live for a hundred years!

Author: Elena Tikhonova


I remember back in my childhood with my dad

We went in March for the first colors.

We bought tulips for you and mom,

And you were so happy with him.


And now for a long time now I'm not a child

But on March 8th, congratulations

You my beloved grandma and wake up

I buy you the first tulips again.

Author: Malafeevskaya Nadezhda

Touching poems on the anniversary

Verse about the grandmother


You have lived life generously, not sparing

Take the same from us on the day of the anniversary

Gifts, wishes and flowers,

As a symbol of your wondrous beauty.

Grandchildren wish you, wish children

To be happy in the world,

To live for a long, long time without aging,

Centenary wait for the anniversary.


Grandma - beauty, you - the pride of the whole family,

All your grandchildren swear to you on this.

For us, you are a friend, a wonderful and eternal Father Frost,

And the fact that the anniversary of yours, so this is not seriously.

Nobody in the world can guess

That children have grown up, that we do not count,

After all, you are always beautiful, always on top

And everyone is basking in your kindness of soul.


I wish my grandma

Today, this anniversary,

Health, joy, love,

Let the Lord keep you

From all sorrow, evil, offense,

Let joy give every day!

Know that we love you,

Grandma, my dear!


Dear, sweet, dear!

On this day, your anniversary.

Many different wishes

Take it from grandchildren and children.

Everything was in life - joys and troubles

And sweet honey, and bitter wormwood,

And lived, and done a lot

And we thank you for it.

Be healthy, darling,

Do not be sad, do not be ill,

With his gentle look

We warm the hearts.

Let the years fly,

You do not be subject to them,

Let good in the heart

Will not disappear forever

We wish you health and happiness

You are our beloved, dear man!


We are in a hurry for the holiday

Grandma's anniversary

There is no closer

Man and relatives.

Be healthy be happy you

We brought you flowers today.

Gathered at the table laid

Family so grandmother knew how

She is needed, as she is loved

How do we cut the road and us

Please, a piece of cake.

We wish happiness, and calm

Days you more often

Dear guests.

Do not worry sweet and sad

Do not you have in the world

Good reward.

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren

Everyone is loved by you

And you alone are all irreplaceable.

Grandmother is one of the most dear, kindest and beloved relatives for grandchildren. She gives her warmth, teaches wisdom, bakes cakes and just helps in difficult times. Giving poetry to grandma, be sure that you will make her happy! She will keep them, will reread more than once.

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