Use body language

Scientists have found that many men have a negative attitude towards too enterprising women, so it’s quite normal if you experience some timidity when dealing with a new man. You can make it clear to him that you like him without words, for this is body language!

For example, one experiment was conducted: an attractive woman was asked to interest a man who was three meters away from her. At first the woman tried to attract his attention with a single glance, then she added a smile and looked again. And it turned out that men react to the many emotional messages that a woman sends them. If you just playfully look at him, your chances of success will be slim, only 20% of men reacted to it. But if you add a smile to this, then your chances of acquaintance increase significantly, about 60% of men gave up if a woman used such tricks. Some psychologists distinguish among the most effective methods of seduction an open wide smile and sexy short looks. Scientists can rejoice women who believe that they do not look too seductive. Men are much more important, not how you look, but how many attention gestures you send him. As it turned out, the women to whom men paid the most attention were not the most attractive. But their signals were so strong that men could not miss them. Add two more simple points to these tips. Try as often as possible to meet with your object, if you are interested in it to start just sexually, this will be a good reason for dating. And then everything is in your hands. Do not skimp on lipstick, it is a very strong signal for men, and they are more attracted to bright colors.

Experiment with dancers

Psychologists conducted an experiment that actually attracts men in women. To do this, they watched the dancers in the nightclubs. Girls always try to look sexy, because the amount of their tips depends on it. But as it turned out, the size of their salary does not depend at all on how they look, but on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Girls in the menstruation period saved 22 pounds per hour. Dancers who took birth control pills received 24 pounds per hour. Girls who had neither menstruation nor ovulation gained 32 pounds per hour. Most lucky girls in the period of ovulation. They were helping out up to 45 pounds per hour. So the men responded to clues that nature itself gives them. During ovulation, the skin, lips, and waist and hip size slightly change their color, the woman emanates her own distinctive smell that attracts a man. So use the special days that nature gives you to seduce a man.

Dating errors

So, you are already invited for a date, but this is no reason to rejoice greatly. On a date, a man evaluates you in a new way and it is in your power to appear in the best light before the object of seduction. The British psychologists, conducting research, found that the most annoying to people on a date with a possible partner.

  • 46% said it was very impolite to talk on the phone during lunch
  • 41% - said they are repelled by a person when he is rude to attendants
  • About 30% of men and women were unhappy that their interlocutors talk a lot about themselves
  • 39% were annoyed when people started talking about their former relationship
  • 45% of men are dissatisfied with women complaining about their weight

And remember that the first date is a reason to get to know the person, and if the date disappointed you, it is not necessary to continue to meet with this person. Be attentive to the alarm bells, which are often given during the first date, very often the first impression is the most correct, and if you have an unpleasant aftertaste after talking with a person, then think before continuing the conversation. But on a date, trying to please, be natural, the playfulness always loses in comparison with natural charm and any falsity in communication is immediately felt by the interlocutor, and it’s better to immediately appear the way you really are than constantly playing someone else’s role.

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