Until which year maternity capital operates

The country's population continues to decline, and the government is taking a series of stabilization measures. Among them, a special place is occupied by the law on additional state support to families with children. Initially, it was valid for ten years. Today, many are concerned about the question of how long the maternity capital operates.

Who is entitled to the payment of maternity capital?

Who is entitled to payment of maternity capital

The creation of maternal capital as a program to provide state assistance to families in which there are children, began in 2007. The goal of this much-needed program is to increase the birth rate and, as a result, eliminate the demographic imbalance in the direction of the natural increase in the population of Russia.

In addition to the program of federal significance, today in the regions with the worst demographic indicators, systems for helping large families, including the creation of regional maternal capitals, have been developed and launched. Regional measures, above all, are designed to provide support to families with three or more children.

In addition, the law on state support of large families extends its effect to those who adopt children. Therefore, another goal that is being implemented along with the program is to encourage adoptions so that as many children as possible get family and parental care.

Thus, to obtain additional state support and the use of family capital are entitled to citizens of Russia, in whose family a baby was born or adopted. They can get this capital regardless of their place of residence. The following categories of persons have this right:

  • A woman who gave birth or adopted a second baby and each following him. Such a right comes from the moment of birth or registration of adoption. The only limitation is the use of state aid to mothers earlier.
  • Men, single-handedly adopted second child, from the moment when all the necessary documents are completed.
  • Children from the same family, a child who has not reached the age of majority, as well as students up to the age of twenty-three years old who study at the hospital, become eligible for maternity capital when their parents or adoptive parents were deprived of it in a legal manner.

cases of using maternity capital funds to repay loans or borrowings

It is possible to begin managing the state support funds only after 3 years from the date of the occurrence of this right. Exceptions are cases of the use of maternity capital funds to repay loans or loans received in order to purchase housing or items necessary for adaptation in the society of children with disabilities.

The expiration of the right of a citizen to use the state support program comes at the moment of complete expenditure of additional subsidies. Re-acquisition of the right to maternity capital is not provided.

What is the amount of family capital?

The federal law on additional state support for families with children initially established the amount of maternity capital at the level of 250 thousand rubles. The same regulatory act provides for an annual review of the size of the subsidy, taking into account inflationary processes and fixing the amount of payments for the current year. The amounts of the unused capital balance for a large family are revised in the same way.

Thus, the amount of maternity capital for 2016 increased by 22 thousand rubles compared to 2015 and is set at 453,000 rubles. The Pension Fund conducts annual monitoring of the use of these funds by each participant in the program and informs citizens about the unused balance of maternity capital as of September 1 of the reporting year.

Possible areas of sale of funds received for state support are also defined by federal law. They are allowed to be used for such purposes:

  • to improve the living conditions of the family or the children's room itself;
  • to pay for the educational process of children;
  • for the formation of future pension payments to mothers for the funded pension system.

In 2016, some changes were made in terms of possible expenditure of maternity capital. This list is supplemented by several items. Thus, the amounts of state subsidies are allowed for use in order to acquire funds for the development and social adaptation of children with disabilities.

Additional funds are allowed to send to the arrangement of the room where the disabled child lives, the purchase of special simulators for the development of the musculoskeletal system, massage chairs for children with cerebral palsy, lifting devices. You will be able to purchase specialized books and computer keyboards for visually impaired children. It is allowed to spend such a subsidy until the child is three years old.

From the state support funds, a one-time subsidy in the amount of 20,000 rubles is allowed, which is paid to the citizen at the request of the branch of the pension fund where he is registered.

Until what year is the Parent Capital program?

Until which year does the program work

It has already been mentioned that the state aid program for families with two or more children was started in early 2007. Initially, it was calculated for ten years, that is, until the end of 2016. This situation gave rise to many rumors and speculations.

In the course of consultations and discussions, the question of extending the program for a certain period or its transfer to a permanent basis with the adoption of certain conditions and restrictions was considered. Of course, many are interested in what year the maternity capital was extended. In December last year, the existing legislation was amended. It provides for the extension of the program until December 2018.

It was also envisaged to strengthen control over the targeted direction of the allocated subsidies. This measure is due, above all, to the unfair attitude of some parents to the restrictions established by law on the possible areas of the subsidy. In addition, various macrofinancial structures that are suspected of cashing them are excluded from the circulation of family funds.

We remind you that the budget funds incorporated in the formation of maternity capital are not paid in cash, and the only exception is a one-time payment in the amount of 20,000 rubles. At the same time, capital can be directed in parts to different areas stipulated by law.

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