Trick questions and funny answers for a guy


Trick questions are a common practice for American employers, who thus create confusing conditions for a claimant to an empty seat and watch his reaction. Gradually, a similar technique is adopted by European countries.

This is actually quite a reasonable step: the ability to answer these kinds of questions speaks of the broad outlook and attentiveness of a person. And to hone your skills best in the form of the game, and it is recommended to do it from an early age.

In what situation are funny questions with a trick to be appropriate?

Funny questions and answers for the holiday

First of all, it is important to understand that any humorous inserts must be selected by the place of action, as well as by the contingent to which they are directed. Even among young people, not always similar phrases and riddles will be perceived correctly, but if we talk about more serious celebrations, then the use of ridiculous questions is a walk along the very edge.

  • Jokes with subtext will best fit into an informal youth gathering: from a simple picnic to a birthday party. You can use pre-prepared tricky questions for the wedding, but they should be directly related to the newlyweds.
  • If the riddle does not even have a subjectively offensive subtext, this is a great way to play on the attention that experts recommend spending with children. But in this case, questions should be selected with special care, have a gradation from simple to complex, so that the child does not feel the "training", but really had fun.

If we talk about sensitive issues, before preparing them, make sure that all those present will understand your message and desire to check those around you for the speed of building logical and associative rows, and also have at least a minimal sense of humor. However, in any company there is someone who is skeptical look at the instigator of the fun.

As for the practical application - for a possible interview, then, to prepare at the maximum for the task of the future boss is impossible: just train your abilities to solve abstract situations. But you can use the advice of a professional and, before the interview, try to take a creative look at the position you are offered and find unusual ways of acting in this capacity.

Best funny New Year's questions with answers and tips

Best funny New Year questions and answers

In general, all such questions are usually based on the knowledge of homonyms (the same sound and spelling, different meanings) and homophones (the similarity of spelling and sound). This is the best way to check the care of the players. Also there are places to be incorrectly posed or not fully disclosing (or data overloaded) questions.

  • Examples of homonyms: "onion" as a vegetable and weapon, "is" as an action and a statement of fact.
  • Examples of homophones: “fruit” and “raft”, “threshold” and “vice”.

If we talk specifically about New Year's questions with a surprise, then they do not have to rotate around the Christmas tree, gifts and feasts, but should not be offensive and understandable to everyone, because the holiday is family and warm.

  • "What does a hedgehog have in common with milk?" The correct answer is "the ability to fold."
  • "What always ends the night and day?". The correct answer is a "soft sign."
  • "How to collect last year's snow?". The correct answer is "go outside on January 1st."
  • "Why doesn't a horse eat sweets?" The correct answer is “who will be sharing with her?”.
  • "What should be done when you are a green man?" The correct answer is “the road to cross.”
  • "How old is a year?" The correct answer is "summer is one."
  • "Which hours only 2 times a day demonstrate the correct time?". The correct answer is "stalled."
  • "What do you never eat for breakfast?". The correct answer is "lunch and dinner."

Funny questions with a trick to a girl and a guy are usually selected almost the same, but it is worth remembering that there are topics that it is better not to touch, if there is no certainty that a person will perceive them with humor: they usually relate to appearance, "pain points", and also families.

Children's fun questions for educational games

Funny questions and answers for the children's holiday

If you use this idea as a developing game for a child, you need to divide all the questions into categories: they are made up either by the child’s age or by their level of development (horizon). At the same time, it is not at all necessary to make a parent-child connection: you can turn everything into entertainment for several people, additionally denoting a small pleasant prize to someone who, for example, correctly answers 3, 5, 10 times, etc.

  • "What is the tongue in the mouth?" At the hearing in this construction, the proposal is perceived as "why?", I.e. “for what purpose?”, which becomes a bluff. The correct answer is “behind the teeth”.
  • "There are 30 candles burning in the room, 12 have been extinguished. How much is left?" The correct answer is "12". The question is perceived by the ear as “how much time remains to burn?”, But in fact it refers to how much it does not burn out completely.
  • "What does half an apple look like?" The correct answer is “for the remaining half”; it is thought necessary to compare, when in reality it is enough just to take into account the symmetry of the halves.
  • "The dog was tied to a rope 4 meters long, and she walked 10 meters. How?" The correct answer is “the rope did not have a second anchor point”, i.e. The information in question is not complete.
  • "Under what tree will the hare be during the downpour?" The correct answer is “under the wet”, because the tree’s species is of no interest, its condition is necessary.
  • "What wheel at the left turn does not turn?". The answer is "spare"; playing confuses unnecessary information about the side of the turn.

For schoolchildren, it is useful to collect questions from recently completed material of absolutely any subject: for example, history ("How long did the century war last?") Or physics ("how to get water with a sieve?").

Joking questions for a boyfriend and girlfriend for dating

Funny questions for a boyfriend and girlfriend for dating

Some of the questions presented here have sarcastic overtones, some are focused on checking ingenuity. Interweaving such humorous phrases into a conversation while dating is a great way to learn about the attitude of a guy or girl with a sense of humor and about a creative beginning.

  • "Can I get married in 50 with a little?". The correct answer is "harder than 30 and more."
  • "What kind of woman turns around at first, and then demands money?" The correct answer is “bus conductor”.
  • "What is the best quality in the car of the domestic auto industry?". The correct answer is "overseas audio".
  • "What kind of stones in the sea is not found?". The correct answer is "dry."
  • "How many dresses does a woman need to feel happy?". The correct answer is "1 more than what is already available."
  • "What is artificial intelligence?" The correct answer is "blonde who changed hair color."
  • "What could be in an empty pocket?". The correct answer is a hole.
  • "How many programmers are required to install the lamp?". The correct answer is “none of them will do it - not his area of ​​work”.
  • "What can not be found in the women's handbag?". The correct answer is “order”.
  • "What do 90-60-90 mean?". The correct answer is "traffic police on the horizon, a significant decrease in speed within the city."

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the funny questions with a trick are a double-edged sword. It is recommended to approach their choice with caution, since it is not always what is initially served as a joke, the recipient comes with the same harmless humor. This causes conflicts. If you are not sure that the game will be fun, choose the most neutral and developing options.