Theme parties


A party is a great way to have fun with friends, especially if there is a period in your life when there are not enough positive moments and vivid impressions. Recently, more and more began to hold thematic holidays. Unlike the ordinary, they allow you to plunge into a special atmosphere, to realize a certain image and dance to the original music.

Stylized parties: proven ideas

There are many ideas for parties at home. All of them are interesting in their own way. They can draw from your hobbies. Movies about vampires or pirates, Hawaiian motifs, 40s style, uninhabited islands, dudes, Hollywood, etc. The main thing is to use fantasy, and everything will turn out.

Theme Parties: Ideas

Navy style party

Here you can stylize all the elements: outfits, decorations, food and drinks, contests, invitations, etc. The predominant colors of such a party should be sea: azure, blue, white and blue. As for the costumes, guests can wear vests and peaked caps, as well as hire a sailor or captain costume.

Food for a party in a nautical style should be appropriate: seafood, fish, salads, pasta in a fleet, cookies in the form of shells, etc. As drinks, you can offer the traditional drink of all sailors - grog, as well as light cocktails, for example, "Blue Lagoon" or "Sea Breeze". Quizzes on the marine theme, tug-of-war, “The sea worries once”, etc. will be suitable for entertainment.

Hawaiian party

Best of all for such an event would suit a private house on the shore of the reservoir. The main decoration of such a party should be exotic fruits, flower garlands, shells, artificial palm trees, banana leaves, etc. Costumes should match Hawaii: girls can wear a skirt of a hula dancer and a coco-leaf bodice, or if there are no such dresses, you can restrict yourself to a regular swimsuit. Men can come in Hawaiian shirts and shorts. As a drink, offer guests bright cocktails decorated with fruits and umbrellas.

Theme Parties: Ideas

Chicago Style Party

Such a party will appeal to everyone without exception: interesting costumes, maps, jazz, prohibition, gangsters, cabaret style ... All this can be used to create a holiday. Costumes must comply with the 30th year and the gangster theme.

Girls can wear a silk dress, high-heeled shoes, a hat or headband with feathers, a fox collar or a boa, gloves and a lot of catchy accessories. The hairstyle should be elegant and must accent - red lips.

Men’s outfit is much easier to pick up: a hat, suspenders, a suit, a shirt, a gun, a cigar and a wrist watch. The room where the party will be held, you can decorate in the power of a cabaret or casino. From entertainment cards, roulette, karaoke are ideal.

Theme parties - a memorable and fun holiday that will appeal to all your friends. Despite the fact that you have to try hard and show imagination to organize such a holiday, the process itself can be an exciting activity. Keep in mind that, by analogy, you can come up with a lot of interesting ideas and scenarios.