The reverse side of feminism


The word "feminism" is now widely known, it is spoken about on television, mentioned in newspapers and in ordinary life. Someone is indifferent to feminists, someone supports them, and someone considers them deeply unhappy women.

Of course, one cannot but mention how great the role of feminism is in equalizing women's rights and social progress. Women achieved the right to vote and the right to property on an equal basis with men. A woman can make a career in almost any field - in politics, in the field of economics, to occupy leadership positions and no one is surprised at this. But all this has a downside: women, having felt their strength and capabilities, are no longer in such a hurry to get married and have children, and this is the original female destiny. Is not the notorious feminism to blame? Despite the opposite opinion, one should give the most complete and objective assessment of feminism, and for this, let's follow its history.

History of feminism

In the distant and distant times there existed a communal society, in which there was no private property, family, and many other concepts. People did not even have regular sexual partners, and therefore few people were interested in the question of fatherhood, the children were under the upbringing of the parent community. Such a period, scientists, anthropologists called the period before the creation of the Tower of Babel. People at that time did not know what egoism was, nobody wanted and did not intend to compete with each other, there was neither jealousy nor envy, nor was there a desire to possess.

According to legend, it was during the construction of the Tower of Babel that the patriarchal epoch began and private property appeared, where a man spoke as the owner. Further, according to the legend, people, having built such a high tower, decided that they were equal to God, and this symbolically meant a huge leap of egoism in human development. The Tower of Babel collapsed, and God decided to punish all mankind with different languages. After separation, emphasis was placed on individuality, but it was then manifested more by men. Women still remained unequal and underprivileged.

And now, finally, in the 19th century, a sense of selfishness also developed among women. Women have long endured their oppression and, unable to withstand such inequality, began to seek a full-fledged place in social society. Gradually, they achieved what they wanted and secured their rights in the constitutions of the countries. It would seem, why would they not calm down on this? But women went much further in this and began to justify with feminism their unwillingness or inability to be weaker than a man, began to develop in themselves manly qualities.

False feminism

The main purpose of feminism was to equalize civil rights between a man and a woman, and everything else was invented by women themselves. Those girls and women who declare right and left about the principles of feminism are, in fact, deeply unhappy. They do not know how to love and do not know how to give, so men run away from them, and they say this: "It’s not really necessary, I can even be independent without a man." But in fact, it is not, any normal woman wants a happy relationship, however, like a man too.

Women who hold similar views are easily recognized by their expressions and angry lines in various forums: "I hate all men, they all need only one thing from women and when they get it, they leave ... they are just looking for a beautiful doll for entertainment ". It is sad to admit for women themselves, but not all men need only sex, if all men would need only sex, we would not have families, children and relationships, it just means that it is a particular woman who doesn’t interested.

If this happened one or several times, then there is nothing terrible in it, you just didn’t fit each other, because not every man can approach you either. But if this happens with enviable regularity, then it is probably worth pondering, perhaps the problem is in me, and not in the man? Of course, there are all sorts of men who adhere to more free views on relationships, but usually the eyes of an experienced woman can immediately scan them and remove them from their list of potential suitors.

This is how women with false feminist convictions live, not understanding why nothing comes together in their personal lives. But as long as they want to be stronger than men, while they consider all men as bastards and reptiles, they will not succeed with a real man. They will come across weak men, men who are not focused on a full-fledged family, anyone they will come across, but not a strong man.

The principles of false feminism spoil the lives of women, and their relationships with men do not go beyond the candy-bouquet period. They fall into the trap of their beliefs, so their relationships with different men do not move to a new level, they can change their partners, and at the same time nothing will change.

And how can a happy relationship be built if a woman does not respect a man, constantly waiting for some kind of trick from him? Do you think a man is polygamous? Even if he is not like that, he will eventually become like that next to you. The similar is drawn to the similar or is formed under the influence of a close opinion. Among feminists, there are probably many women with the same views or men who disrespect women and indulge in unflattering statements about them. The laws of psychology are very simple: everyone in all the variety of people finds precisely those who approach him or allow him to prove the existence of his principles. For example, a woman, communicating with men who do not put women in anything, believes that she has the full right to live according to the principles of false feminism. But maybe you should just change your environment?

If you want a healthy and happy relationship with men, then you should, first of all, get rid of false beliefs with respect to men. First, decide what is behind such beliefs, can complexes from childhood, past unsuccessful relationships, or have you just heard enough talk about women's independence?