The medicine called "peace"

Today I want to talk to you about one very effective remedy - being alone. I think you yourself noticed that when inside you there is silence and peace, everything that you do is easy, as if by itself. If you do something from your inner peace, you will have the strength to create further, because joy opens your heart.

When you start something (to anything: writing a report, preparing a dinner, talking with a loved one, etc.), being in internal turmoil, confusion, in the power of insults, accusations, reproaches, the situation of tension also affects the quality of your activity, and your mood, and physical condition. And, as a rule, everything ends in nervous breakdowns, depression and alienation.

Imagine - about 50-60 thousand thoughts a day pass through your head, most of which do not deserve attention. If you at least reduce their number by half, you will be able to sink into silence, get rid of anxiety, and connect with your Divine Source. Mother Teresa once said beautiful words: "God is a friend of silence. Look at the silence in nature, the grass and trees grow in silence. Only in silence can we touch our souls." To touch your soul, right now start following important rules.


I advise you to meditate daily. Do not imagine meditation as something cut off from life, requiring a lot of time and knowledge. Just take a little time to retire and sit in silence. First, thoughts will rush around and convince you that you are wasting precious time, but then this storm will subside. Remember that there is no bad meditation. Even sitting in public transport, you can meditate. You can turn every breath into meditation. Then you will flourish with each flower growing in your way, fly with each bird, spread its wings in the sky, contemplate God in every person you meet.

Live in the present

We rarely worry about the present, more often - either about the past, or about the future, which has not yet arrived. When you are working on something, think about it, be in it, do not attach to the result and do not think about how to manage or what reward awaits you. When talking with children, do not think about what to cook for dinner, listen to what the child says. Be in the moment "here and now", be total. Then you will live a real life in the present, otherwise you will not live at all.

Walk in nature

If you feel anxiety, tension and fatigue, go to nature - it is endowed with a wonderful ability to heal. Listen to the voices of the birds, the sound of the wind, the rustling of the leaves, watch the clouds, lean against the trunk of a tree. You will be surprised how quickly you will find a state of serenity and relaxation, feel lightness, freedom, joy, feel your involvement in this magical world. Nature will bring you back to you. Even if it is not possible to take a walk in the forest, go to the park or just admire the trees that grow outside the house, from the window. The usual contemplation of beauty will calm you better than drugs and pills. Remember the Japanese, who sit for hours in the gardens of cherry blossoms.

Clear your mind of negative thoughts

Every day you take care of your body, cleansing it from all that is superfluous. Your consciousness also needs purification. Free him from fear, hatred, guilt. Just today, do not condemn anyone, do not be angry, do not criticize. Replace all negative thoughts with good ones, because our nature does not tolerate emptiness. When your mind is filled with beautiful thoughts, your previous doubts and offenses will not be able to return when you see the "Busy" sign. Therefore, tell yourself something good and peaceful and do not forget to smile with your wonderful smile!

Break free from the influence of external circumstances.

Remember that no external circumstance, nothing and no one can hurt you if you learn how to react correctly. Remember the parable of the gift: if you do not accept the gift, it remains with the one who gave it, and if a person does evil, and you do not accept it, then it remains with that person. So stop hurting yourself. If someone does something rude to you, pity him, for he lives in a dream and deserves only deep compassion. Do not repeat his behavior, do not accept evil, and you will find peace.

Live bright and do what you love

Do not think that to be at peace - this means sitting in one place all day and looking at one point. Your life should be bright, interesting, diverse. And externally, it can boil, boil and carry you to the seventh heaven. Today we are talking about inner peace, about balance, harmony. If your inner peace is disturbed from time to time by immense bouts of happiness - that's great! Just do not let him destroy the anxieties, doubts and condemnation of all and sundry. Be sure to do something that gives you joy. When we are constantly idle, we quickly tire and lose the meaning of life. In such a situation, bad thoughts and climb into the head. Think up interesting activities for yourself, help others, and you will see how peace fills you from the inside, how your heart opens and how much light is in you. Shine

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