The classification of dreams and their meaning

Every day we see dreams: some - after we wake up we immediately forget, some - we remember all our life. There are light pleasant dreams, and some leave a strange unpleasant aftertaste. The world of dreams is a very unexplored area of ​​human consciousness, and in order to better understand it, you need to know what dreams are and what they want to convey to us.

Everyday dreams

Such dreams, as a rule, are very muddled and do not carry a special semantic load. They are simply the result of the experience of the day, the brain structures all the information during sleep and puts it on the shelves. Some separate fragments may be remembered from such dreams, or maybe nothing will be remembered at all, usually these are dreams without a theme, or one awkward plot may be replaced by another.

Multiple dreams

Dreams with a recurring plot that give you no peace, speak of fear, anxiety, an obsessive desire to have something. A person is so immersed in his problem that until he finds a solution or the fulfillment of this task, dreams with the same plot will haunt him.

Emotional Dreams

Often in a dream we can feel a certain feeling very precisely. Feelings can be very different - disappointment, hatred, regret, sadness, desire, love. Experienced some feeling in a dream, then wait for its realization in real life. We can experience emotions in an absolutely strange situation in a dream, this does not mean that the same situation will happen again in life, but feelings will definitely come true.

Reverse dreams

Such dreams do not happen often, and the reason for their occurrence may be the heightening of feelings about the upcoming event or some unfulfilled problems, or, on the contrary, joyful excitement over something. The emotional feeling that you experience in a dream will be the exact opposite of what happens to you in reality. For example, insane despair experienced in a dream may turn into positive emotions in life, and vice versa.

Dreams of desire

If we strongly want something, then this desire completely seizes our consciousness and comes to us in a dream. For example, those who have not seen their loved one for a long time or have a crush on love can communicate and caress him in their dreams. The same can be with a job search, or with a lack of money - in your dreams you can touch money, recount and enjoy it. Money dreams, unfortunately, are rarely fulfilled, despite the active desire of a person to own bills. And all because the money does not come to us just like that, and if you just want money without having any desire, then you will stagnate, but if you just get a dream, a sincere desire, then having money will not be a problem.

Using brushes, paintings, everything connected with drawing in your dreams speaks of your desire to quickly realize what you want. It is worth adding that if in your dream, you draw or otherwise embody what you want with great difficulty, encountering obstacles in your path, it means that you go the wrong way in life and you should change tactics. Or such a dream is a warning against a possible error on the way to your desire.

Informational dreams

Often in real life we ​​are waiting for a sign informing about an event, danger or a new turn in life. Such dreams usually carry some kind of action - it can be a scream, a knock at the door, waves on the water, a storm, heavy rain. Moreover, the stronger and louder this action will be, the more important will be the news in real life. The speed with which the message came to you in a dream, and how quickly you noticed it, will indicate its speed of appearance in life. If in a dream you notice some kind of action or phenomenon unexpectedly, then in your life expect that you will not be ready for any event.

Also in a dream, you can turn your attention to the conspicuous inscriptions, someone abandoned phrases, songs or scraps of texts - this suggests the possibility of obtaining important information in life in exactly the form in which she came in a dream. An informational dream also happens as a stranger who wants to show or explain something to you. Focusing on a subject in a dream suggests that you should turn on observance and expect something important. It is important to pay attention to the colors in the dream, it speaks of the additional characteristics of information.

Fatal dreams

These are not just dreams of danger, unpleasantness, but precisely those dreams after which a terrible unpleasant aftertaste remains in my heart. Such dreams can be about natural disasters, or be with a touch of fantasy, but they are so filled with gloom and fright that they really should be feared. Black tones in such a dream indicate the loss of a loved one. Bitter food, drinks talk about the severity of the loss. Fateful dreams most often occur in low light, or in pitch darkness.

Love dreams

Usually dreams about loved ones only talk about what we think about loved ones, worry. And this is nothing special, the thoughts of a man in love and in ordinary life are occupied with the object of their love, all of this is transferred to the world of dreams. But it is necessary to be afraid of such a dream, where you are getting married or your loved one is getting married - this indicates an early separation. A dream is also dangerous, where a loved one is silent in response to your questions, does not respond to calls, or sleep with cutting ropes, smashing dishes, any fragments or destruction — all this indicates a breakup or deterioration of the relationship. If in a dream you receive a ring, any other decoration as a gift, you buy a new thing from clothes, then soon you will see pleasant changes in love affairs or personal life.

Dreams of cheating

Masquerades, masked people, actors, clowns, being in a circus on the show, intoxicating music, piercing objects that can trap you at every turn in a dream - all this tells about the future betrayal by loved ones, betrayal, deception. Danger in a dream can appear in completely different forms - in the form of barbed wire, nets, hooks, threads, prickly bushes, all that personifies a threat.

Dreams of the approach of happiness

Such a dream will surely leave behind a pleasant light feeling, a feeling of joy and lightness, delight. A dream can come in the form of a beautiful sunrise, a new beautiful city, a white ship, white animals, the conquest of some peak, a visit to a huge and magnificent house, etc.

Monetary dreams

No matter how money comes to you, in the form of an unexpected profit, inheritance or profitable business, it is important that this will necessarily be reflected in a dream. Most often it is picking up cones of coniferous trees, picking a fertile harvest, ripe fruit, admiring beautiful ears, a full grain barn, or an abundance of milk, butter or honey. These dreams will focus on something material, and this will be in abundance. In doing so, you will experience a sweet feeling of harmony and tranquility.

Dreams of change

Such dreams come to us quite often. A newborn in a dream says that soon you will have a new interesting thing. A sharp change in weather indicates a change in your attitude towards a friend or relative. Getting rid of old unnecessary furniture speaks of improving your material well-being. The acquisition of new clothes speaks of new promising plans.

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Be able to understand your dreams, and then much in your life will become clear and predictable for you!

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