Sweat glass in the car

Good visibility when driving is an important component of safe driving. Dirty and misted windows in the car increase the risk of accidents on the roads. Dealing with dirt is simple: timely washing of glasses is required. But the question of why the glass is sweating in the car and what to do is of interest for many car enthusiasts.

Why do the windows in the car sweat?

Why do the windows in the car sweat?

There is an expression: "The enemy must know in person." In our case, the enemy are misted windows. And before you begin to deal with it, find out the causes of fogging glasses inside the car. The humidity level of the surrounding air is determined by the amount of moisture with which it is saturated. The increase in the content of water vapor in a certain volume is not infinite. As soon as their maximum concentration, the so-called dew point, is reached, the process of water condensation and moisture settling on objects inside the volume under consideration begins.

In our situation, it is the interior of the car and everything in it, including the glass. The dew point for each volume is different and depends on certain indicators. The main one is the temperature of air and objects. With increasing air temperature, its humidity increases, that is, the warmer the environment, the more moisture it contains.

When there is a decrease in the temperature of saturated air, part of the water vapor begins to settle, forming condensate. It should be noted that the temperature of the inner side of the glass in a cold passenger compartment is much lower than that of air. Therefore, condensation occurs primarily on the glasses.

The condensation process is the main cause of sweating glasses in the winter, as well as in rainy weather, when drying excess moisture from clothes, mats, umbrellas and seats. There are other reasons for the formation of moisture on the windows of the car, associated with structural features or faults in the air conditioning system and the air supply to the salon. This may be the clogging of the filter element for cleaning the air entering the machine, as well as malfunction of the valve regulating its flow.

Carriage of passengers in an alcoholic state is a frequent cause of fogging of glasses, which is associated with the release of alcohol vapors that absorb water. Having found out why the windows in the car are sweating, we will figure out how to avoid it.

Glasses sweat in the car in the winter - what to do?

Glasses sweat in the car in the winter - what to do?

When buying a car, all motorists should pay attention to its technical characteristics and climatic conditions in which it will be used. If the car will drive in northern latitudes, then it is better to buy a model equipped with a heating system for glasses. This is a big plus for eliminating misting in the car and saving time for cleaning them. In many brands of modern cars, heated windows are provided, and they are affordable.

An important condition in the winter to eliminate the strong fogging of glasses is the correct operation of the heating and ventilation of the air at temperatures below minus fifteen degrees. To do this, in the offseason, you must change the air filter or monitor its cleanliness, clean the ducts from debris, and, if there is a valve for air circulation, monitor its performance.

Also, to eliminate fogging of car windows, certain rules must be followed:

  • Keep the glasses inside the cabin clean: avoid touching them with your hands, use detergents to wash them, and then wipe dry.
  • Treat the glass with anti-icing and misting agents, which are commercially available. Or prepare them yourself at home: this requires 20 parts of denatured alcohol or some other alcohol and one part glycerol. This mixture is more convenient to apply from the sprayer.
  • Starting the ride, direct the air flow first to the front windshield, then to the side windows of the driver and front passenger, and only then to the rear.
  • Keeping the car in a warm garage will help avoid the problem of sweating glasses.
  • The processes of ventilation and heating are set independently when moving and depending on weather conditions, and not at service stations. It is recommended that you read the relevant section in the car manual.

All of the above is only a part of the ways to eliminate heavy sweating of glasses in the car. Further information will be useful and effective to solve this problem.

What can be done if the glass is very foggy when it rains?

much glass in the car when it rains

In order to avoid the appearance of water droplets on the windows of the car when traveling in rainy weather, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  • use an auxiliary fan or a salon heater powered by a cigarette lighter;
  • avoid wet clothes in the car, and if possible, put them in the luggage compartment;
  • remove water from the floor mats;
  • install spoilers above the door windows to prevent rain from getting inside the car;
  • Ajar glass front and rear doors on the driver's side of about a centimeter will also avoid fogging of the windshield;
  • air the car before driving;
  • timely adjustment of leaky antenna jacks, sealing gum on the glass and mirror adjustments will help to avoid excess moisture in the car;
  • the presence of a car air conditioner - a "lifeline" to eliminate excessive moisture, but only if the system works correctly;
  • wiping of glasses with wipes is allowed, give preference to microfiber products, but this will give short-term results.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that road safety depends a lot on the driver. Be careful and take care!

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