All parents agree that every child needs his personal transport - a wheelchair. Strollers - just an indispensable thing in the everyday life of the crumbs. With this first children's transport, you can turn any walk into a pleasure. So, today our choice fell on strollers. You will find the rating of the best of them in our article.

The choice is not so simple ...

Strollers rating

The modern market is rich in a variety of strollers. All moms will need this kind of transport already by the age of 6-7 months. After all, at this moment the baby begins to sit. And now, it would seem, just yesterday, your child was lying motionless in the cradle, and today he is sitting so funny and meeting with interest the world around. Therefore, do not postpone the issue of buying a stroller for later, but rather do it in advance.

To facilitate your task, before acquiring a stroller, study its main characteristics:

  • weight and carrying capacity of the stroller;
  • passability;
  • dimensions;
  • type of stroller;
  • ease;
  • seat belts;
  • staffing with additional accessories.

You see how many nuances you need to take into account when choosing a stroller for walking. The color and design of the first transport of your baby are far from the first place. The main thing is the convenience and safety of the crumbs during the walk.

The heavier the wheelchair, the more stable and reliable it is. Too light strollers can be made of fragile materials, which is not considered safe. If you constantly carry the stroller in your hands, for example, lift to the 5-6 floor of your house, where there is no elevator, then choose lightweight options. You are a woman and a mother, not a bodybuilder.

Choose a stroller for walking, given the fact that your baby is growing, and you will need this transport for about 3 years. Pay special attention to the size of the stroller. To do this, consider all the doorways in your apartment (house), staircase, etc. The so-called transformers have recently become very popular. This stroller will save you a family budget. Just imagine: first you will use the stroller as a cradle for the newborn, and then for walking.

An important factor to which attention should be paid is the permeability. Snow, mud and other weather conditions have never been a hindrance to the happy walks of mothers and crumbs in the fresh air. The larger the wheel, the higher the level of child transport. Modern manufacturers offer strollers with automatic mechanisms and fixing wheels.

Carriages for walking are of two types:

  • books;
  • canes.

What type of stroller to choose depends only on you. If you have not enough space in the apartment to store it, then choose a cane. But remember that such a stroller needs support. Also pay attention to the type of assembly stroller. It should be easy for you to collect it with one hand, because with the other you will hold your treasure. There should be a protective mechanism on the assembled carriages so that the children’s transport would not assemble spontaneously.

And now about accessories. Safety belts with a secure mount, a basket for things, a window for review, a hood, a mobile handle, a small table, etc., are not available on all wheelchairs. Choose strollers with a complete set that meets your requirements.

Winter is around the corner

best stroller for winter

Despite the bad weather outside the window, a blizzard and severe frosts, almost every mother goes for a walk with her crumbs. We will show you how to turn this walk into a real pleasure. And for this you should be familiar with the rating of strollers for the winter.

Today, in the domestic market, you can find a huge variety of recreational children's vehicles. With the main selection criteria, we have already decided, it remains only to make an overview of the best manufacturers. As you understand, quality is inextricably linked with the price category.

Our rating was headed by the best stroller for winter, presented by the Italian brand Peg Perego, namely the model GT 3 Completo. This stroller has a high permeability on various road surfaces. Moms can independently adjust the wheel damping. The pump must be included in the package.

The undoubted advantage of this stroller lies in the depth of the landing site. This figure is 32 cm. You can change the position of the child seat. Reliable and durable belts ensure the safety of your crumbs. The stroller is equipped with a handbrake and an additional basket for things.

The silver medal from moms today gets a stroller Geoby C780. For nearly three decades, this manufacturer pleases parents with modern and high-quality children's products. The carriage for winter walk of this model has a number of undoubted advantages, in particular:

  • robust housing made of high-quality aluminum;
  • depreciation mechanisms;
  • large hood with window;
  • basket for things;
  • a small bottle rack;
  • insulated clutch;
  • folding back 170 °;
  • The additional warmed cover for children's legs.

Closes the circle of prizewinners stroller for the winter model X-Move of the brand X-Lander. Its main advantage is to rotate the front wheels by 360 °, which is very suitable for our climatic conditions.

Stroller summer stroller for a baby: what do experienced mothers advise?

Before acquiring for your baby the first vehicle in his life, study the rating of the best strollers for the summer. Do not pay attention to the design and colors, because these are not the main parameters. But the quality of the frame, mounts, the presence of belts and the stiffness of the back are the main criteria for choosing strollers for the summer period.

According to moms, the stroller rating is headed by the best model - Peg-Perego Si. You can use this stroller from the age of three months on your child. It has a relatively small weight - about 7 kg, and is also equipped with a large-sized protective visor, brake system. The carriage develops in the form of a cane. In addition, the stroller has a removable mattress, which you can easily dry clean or wash yourself.

On the second step of the pedestal, the stroller of the model Karoon Magical Air Aprica shines today. When folded, it is very compact, and you can easily put it in the utility room, behind the front door or in the trunk of your car. This stroller weighs about 4.5 kg, but despite this weight, it is very reliable and durable. The fabric of which the stroller is made is hypoallergenic. The seat you can easily translate into a horizontal position. Your baby will be protected from wind, sun and rain by a large hood.

And finally, the Britax B-Agile model for the summer walks closes the top three. This children's transport has a stylish appearance. The stroller is one of the transformers, so you can use it as a cradle. The seat also folds out to a horizontal position. The stroller of this brand is characterized by its maneuverability and durability.

We save money: we buy a universal carriage

rating of the best all-season strollers

No less popular among young mothers are the so-called all-season strollers. You can purchase one stroller that will serve as an excellent vehicle for your baby both in winter and in summer.

Led the rating of the best all-season strollers model Capella S-901. This stroller is equipped with inflatable wheels, a wide place for landing crumbs, a stiff back. It is convenient to fold and store. Due to the fact that the stroller folds in the form of a book, support for its storage is not needed. Such walking model perfectly maneuvers on various road surfaces. In winter, the baby will not be cold, because the stroller is made of durable material.

The honorable second place in the ranking is taken by the all-season model Inglesina Espresso. According to its characteristics, it fully complies with the previous wheelchair, however, a cover for the legs is also included in its package. Agree, the warmth of the baby - this is the guarantee of health and comfort during a winter walk.

The bronze medal today, in the opinion of many mothers, receives a stroller for walking the model Geoby C 780. It is characterized by quality and an affordable price.

What kind of pram you choose for your crumbs - winter, summer or all-season, depends solely on your preferences and financial capabilities. Do not forget that special attention should be paid to the strength, level of permeability and comfort of the back, especially when your baby just learned to sit. Enjoy your shopping and fun walks!

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