Status in social networks about yourself favorite. list of

Today, social networks are a mass medium of communication, a way to constantly keep in touch with friends, share information and impressions. Accurately display the mood will help statuses that change in our accounts almost every day. Status is not just a litmus test of mood, but also a tool for attracting attention.

With the help of statuses, you can show your individuality, make fun of a situation or declare yourself a favorite. It is the latter option that is best perceived by readers and collects a large number of classes and comments. No less popular sayings with philosophical overtones.

The status should be capacious and relevant to the situation. You can choose the appropriate from the following list.

Statuses in social networks about myself

  • "I don't care! Megaphone says that the future depends only on me."
  • "In order to have an angelic character, truly devilish patience is necessary."
  • "Over time, I learned how to find a way out of the most difficult and confusing situations. Bravo to me. That's just one thing that strikes me: how do I find an entrance there ???"
  • "By nature, I am an obedient girl. I will listen. I will listen and do everything at my discretion."
  • "Yesterday I took another step in finding a job - I moved the newspaper with vacancies from the corridor to the room."
  • "I wrote a resume yesterday - I burst into tears. What a cool person I am after all."

Many girls, especially young ones, want to loudly declare their beauty and about themselves as a bright personality. The following options are suitable for this:

  • "I am a socialite, but I look quite harmonious even in my slippers."
  • "It is I, the most beautiful, wonderful and sweet. Moreover, I am also a favorite."
  • "I love people who like me. For their good taste."

Recently, many girls are obsessed with bitchiness, consider it very fashionable. Well, it is quite possible to find several statuses in this way:

  • "I would send you, yes I see you already from there."
  • "Allow me to introduce myself - the Queen! Snow, and very cold."
  • "Bad temper? Why are you! I just have it."
  • "I absolutely do not care what you think of me, I personally don’t think about you at all." There are various translations of this expression that once belonged to Coco Chanel.
  • I am a creative person, I can create, but I can get up. By the way, a similar status about a fairy - I can “nafaeut”, and I can “zafeyachit” too!

To attract the attention of the second half, with whom they quarreled, you can go for a little trick when choosing a status. Namely:

  • "There are no cold women. There are those who have not yet met a man who would awaken love in them."
  • "A woman is young and beautiful until she is loved and appreciated."
  • "Everything is wonderful. The earth is spinning, friends are writing. And most importantly, there is one that you want to constantly think about."
  • "The truth is said that there is one step from love to hate! To the left!"
  • "I always tell the truth, and I'm not lying at all. I just, sometimes, compose well."

Sometimes you want to open the eyes of a guy or a girlfriend for some kind of prickly situation. How to say? Straight? What if offended? And do not want conflicts. It is quite possible to use subtle hints in status.

  • "Beauty is a fickle thing, and it withers away over the years. But the mind is only growing stronger."
  • "Beautiful is when beautiful, and not when all the delights of the female body are out."
  • "The statuses are amazing, the youth of today is" I miss him ... "Who is this about? A belt? Or a brain?"

The most original statuses about women

Statuses in social networks about myself

Statuses about women usually reflect everyday affairs and thoughts. They can be of a different nature: to attract attention, addressed to someone personally, or just like that, if you liked the statement.

The most important thing to remember is that the status of a woman is binding, you have to choose it carefully:

  1. "A woman always brings happiness. At first, a man is happy to be with a woman, and after the wedding she is happy about her absence."
  2. "To men note. A true woman does not scandal and does not swear, much less offended. She just watches and draws conclusions."
  3. "A wise woman lives by the principle -" the morning of the evening is wiser, "but every morning she is wiser and wiser."
  4. "A woman, in a dispute, always has the last word. If after that a man says something, then this is the beginning of a new argument."
  5. "If a woman is wrong, then you need to urgently ask her for forgiveness."
  6. You can choose the ironic status:
  7. "Immediately switch to a different diet, with this I do not get enough."
  8. "If you notice that a woman's eyes are shining, this is no accident. It means that cockroaches are celebrating something in her head."

A large number of beautiful, witty statuses can be found in Faina Ranevskaya.

Cool statuses about myself: list

For a girl with a sense of humor, cool phrases can be an excellent choice in statuses. Moreover, they are best perceived if the author makes fun of himself.

  • "I got married! People, help, my husband requires some soup."
  • "I was offered to get married. True, it was the parents."
  • "The woman behind the wheel is a star. You see her, and she is not there."
  • "In bed, I am a star - arms, legs stretch out and sleep."
  • “Having studied the Kama Sutra in detail, I realized that the best posture for me was“ And let's do it tomorrow? ”.
  • "A woman needs to be cherished and cherished like a cat, rejoice that she came home."
  • "Today I made sure that some women are not made from Adam’s rib, but from the tailbone."
  • "In every woman there must be a mystery. And not a 3 page super crossword."
  • “It’s better for me to say everything at once. Otherwise, I’ll figure it out myself, and then it will only get worse.
  • "A woman should be like honey. On the one hand, soft, shiny, sweetie. And on the other hand - got involved, so got involved."
  • "My father is a doctor of science, mother is a writer. And I'm just beautiful."
  • "The best way to get out of the apartment is to lose the SIM card. The result is guaranteed. 100%."
  • "I can not remember and understand what I was doing, until the moment when the Internet appeared !?"

Statuses with a meaning to myself: what to choose?

Sometimes you want to convey to others the simple truth, but not always it can be expressed in a short message. Comes to the aid of veiled and aphorisms. Just translate some situation into examples, comparisons, etc.

Statuses in social networks about myself

In this way, statuses can be characterized with meaning:

  • "Smart words do not need to look, you have to think with your head."
  • "The thinner the ice, the more people want to test its strength."
  • "The ideality of man lies in his imperfection."
  • "You can not plan a true friendship, shout about love, it makes no sense to prove the truth."
  • "In order to understand what the other person wants, all he has to do is forget about his desires for a moment."
  • "We always think and believe that first love is the last, but the last is the first."
  • "Life is very short, but words and deeds can live forever."
  • "It is better to be smart, but sometimes stupid. Than to be stupid and always be clever."
  • "All that they did not tell you in the face, behind the back will still say more interesting."
  • "I started to feel really grown-up when I began to wear a hat, not because my mother said, but because it is actually cold."
  • "It is not enough to find your place in life, the main thing is to find it first."
  • "There is no path that leads to happiness, the path itself is happiness."

Whatever statuses are: funny, funny, meaningful or loveable, it’s important to remember the rule. You need to write not only from the heart, what you liked, but also to the rules of grammar. Remember that people around you will not appreciate the subtle meaning or humor in the phrase you chose if there are mistakes in it!

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