Status about family. how to choose the original

Each of us at least once, but had to put on his Internet page witty and beautiful statuses. This desire has not bypassed family people who want to dedicate their complimentary words to their families and friends. Do not limit yourself to such desires, especially with an eye on age. The Internet has long been a mass medium of communication, almost the same as personal conversation. So why not devote it to the most important thing - the family?

Statuses about a family: how to choose?

For requests on the Internet, it is the status of the family that occupy leading positions. After all, it is the basis of all life, something to which each of us goes. The statuses on this topic literally in a few words will help to tell others about the joyful moments of life, to overcome the adversities and difficult moments of family life.

Family statuses can be easily replaced with quotes from wise men or simply famous people. The most famous and significant are the following quotes:

Status about family

  • "The family is not necessarily everything perfect, this is the place where they forgive each other."
  • "The family forces them to eradicate their bad habits and acquire new ones, but common ones."
  • "The family is far from a list of who gave birth to whom."
  • "Family is when you decide by the sound of a walk, who goes."
  • "The only thing I worry about is the family, and everything else will survive by itself."
  • "For a happy family life, the character of the spouses is important, but for entertainment, just a pretty appearance is enough."
  • "Marriage as closely follows love as smoke behind a flame." This statement belongs to Sebastien-Rosch Nicolas de Champhor, a French writer, thinker and moralist.

Family is a hard daily work, without holidays, sick days and weekends, but the reward is happiness.

Choose cool statuses

To set the mood not only for yourself, but also for those around you, you can use statuses with a touch of humor. They can appreciate not only the surrounding, but also home - the family.

  • "Here is my husband, every month I buy new socks for myself, and I, like a fool, have been walking for the second year in the same fur coat."
  • "It is pouring rain on the street. The doorbell rings. The husband opens, and my mother stands there. He says to her:" Mom, why are you walking down the street in this weather? Go home!".
  • "Interestingly, only I have it when I listen to loud music on my headphones, dance and sing along. Is the whole family quietly going, watching and laughing !?"

Status about family

  • "I have the most interesting family: dad talks with his fishing rod, mom with flowers, sister with dogs, and only I am normal with a telephone and a computer."
  • "While my father was repairing the tap, my mother and I went to hell 368 times. For tea."
  • "Urgently in the room. When shooting a commercial for the juice" My Family, 4 girls burst. "
  • "We do not choose relatives, they are given to us from above. Thank you, Lord, that we choose friends ourselves."
  • "Only yesterday I realized that the only positive moment in the arrival of relatives is the feeling when they leave."
  • “It seems to be no longer 5 years, but still running to my mom for a meeting and looking into the bag, suddenly brought me a“ kinder surprise. ”
  • "Quotes of great people - REMAIN.Mom."
  • "In every house and every woman has her own room, in which she does what she wants. She wants borsch, wants pilaf. Even compote is possible."
  • "Married men, unlike unmarried, live much longer. Out of spite to their wives."
  • "The main task of each wife is to spend so much that there is no money left for his mistress."
  • "A man, in order to drag a girl into bed, is ready for any meanness. Only a woman can surpass him, with a clear intention to marry him."
  • "When mom goes on a diet, the whole family immediately goes to three meals a day. Monday. Wednesday. Saturday."

Beautiful options

Everyone loves beautiful words, and each of us wants to operate with them in conversation and in statuses, including.

Status about family

  • "Family is not only blood relatives."
  • "Family can be both strength and weakness."
  • "To create a family is enough to love. But in order to save it you need to learn patience and understanding."
  • "The main thing in life is not a career, she will not wait for you at home, money will not wipe away tears, and words will not embrace at night."

Statuses about a family with meaning: examples

  • "Love is when you want to grow old with it."
  • "The world and the family will present themselves completely different, if you look at it not only from your bell tower."
  • "Life means love, if not love, it means not to live."
  • "Strong people give birth to families, but weak people are only capable of short-term relationships, without obligations."

Announcing your family, her happiness, and well-being publicly is wonderful. And no one can forbid it to us. But it is not necessary to transfer your communication with relatives exclusively to social networks. Family implies lively dialogue and attention. In addition to loud statements in social networks about the love and values ​​of loved ones, you need to say these kind words personally to each family member.

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