Stages of preparation for the new year

Have you noticed that some holidays are well remembered by an explosion of positive emotions, while others are forgotten because of dullness? Sometimes this concerns not only the "warmth" of the company, but also the preparation for the event itself.

In childhood, during the hot summer days my sister and I discussed how and with whom we want to celebrate the New Year. Not everything worked out as originally intended, but for the chiming clock we were immensely happy. And let the red caviar very rarely stand on the table, we all liked the dishes - after all, we helped to cook and decorate them!

Stages of preparation for the New Year

The appearance of their children practically did not change their old habits. Until now, I have been following the usual stages of preparing for the New Year:

  • Decide where and with whom. Someone orders a place in a restaurant in six months, and someone in a week realizes that there is no place to celebrate. In any case, it is worth deciding for yourself the meeting place of the New Year and the number of invited guests. Of course, in a one-room apartment it is difficult to accommodate a company of 3-4 families, and an expensive restaurant is not available to everyone. Therefore, adequately evaluate all possible options.
  • Drawing up the menu. Depending on how many people will be on the same territory, the volume and number of dishes is calculated. It is necessary to take into account the preferences of each. For example, my husband doesn’t really like fish, so I make fish only at my discretion and in limited quantities. And the presence of small children means adding boiled and baked dishes to the menu without unnecessary addition of seasonings and hot spices.
  • Create a list of friends and relatives. By name on the sheet I write out those whom I plan to congratulate on the New Year. Next, in front of the name with a pencil, mark the gift options. If this is an acquaintance with whom we often drive children to one circle, then a Christmas tree toy or a fridge magnet can be a gift. If these are parents, then the gift is chosen more thoroughly. A couple of months before the holiday, I begin to look closely at the stores to selected items. After the purchase or a hand-made gift on a piece of paper with a pen indicates the option. This system is very convenient because no one will be “lost” and will not have to search for a trifle in a hurry at the last moment.
  • Making a list of products. It is better to calculate in advance how many vegetables can be spent on Russian salad, and how many - on cabbage salad. Next, the products are divided into 2 columns. The first is all that you can buy in advance: canned food, spices, some vegetables, cereals, sugar, tea, coffee. In the second - all that you need to buy shortly before the holiday: bread, greens, eggs. If it is not possible to buy "all at once", then gradually with daily purchases (bread, milk, greens) add something one of the "New Year's list". This will not be so noticeable in the general budget, but gradually the stocks of products will begin to replenish.
  • Search for contests and fun entertainment. It can be both familiar balloons contests, and something new, created specifically for those present. Not always the whole conceived program is carried out, but when it is in stock - noisy fun is surely guaranteed! Just be sure to worry about promotions. Tangerines, candies, Christmas-tree decorations and much more can take on their role.
  • The choice of attire. There is no clear advice. I usually read recommendations in popular women's magazines, on the Internet, and then review my wardrobe. Very rarely bought something specifically for the New Year. First of all, it is important for me that I am comfortable in the dress, and not its “brilliance”. However, I always have something to choose from ...
  • A couple of days before the New Year, a Christmas tree is being dressed up, a list of tasks is planned for December 30 and 31. In order to be in time, it is necessary to decide what to cook for, when to make up, relax, set the table. These days are the most filled, therefore I make a separate plan for them.

No matter how you decide to celebrate the New Year, let it pass in the mood that is close to you! Happiness, love and prosperity!

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