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Going to shopping, it would be good to choose only from three sizes: “large”, “just” and “small”. However, in reality, seeing the lettering on the clothing label, many women (and men even more so) are perplexed. It's time to figure out which parameters hide the sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. We will deal with decoding these codes.

Differently about the same

what parameters hide sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

Size is a code in the form of numbers or letters, which corresponds to the standardized parameters of the human body or its individual parts for which the clothing is intended. Different countries have their own labeling systems. For example, in the USSR, numbers from 40 to 58 were used, where the chest half-grip was taken as the main parameter. That is why domestic costumes and dresses rarely sat perfectly, not only on the chest.

In Europe, the size designation system is called EN-13402 and includes a set of parameters for a certain type of shape. However, it is not a fact that after picking things up the width you are satisfied with the length, or vice versa. To choose the most suitable outfit, you need to know the compliance of domestic and foreign systems.

Hello from Europe

Abroad to determine the size of different types of clothing adopted different standards. So, dresses, costumes, etc. in Germany and France, with 32/34 markings, correspond to the Russian 40. So, when asking the seller or consultant in the online store what is the smallest clothing size for girls, keep this in mind ratio. But in Italy, the same parameters will coincide with the 36 size. Pay attention to the fact that in England the Russian 40 strictly corresponds to 32.

And what if your dimensions are slightly larger, but still within the clothes from Thumbelina’s wardrobe? In Russia, the 42 size will suit you, in France, Germany - 36-38, in Italy - 38-40, and in England - 34. Compatriots of 44-46 size in Germany and France will be offered 40-42, in Italy - 42-44, and in England - 36-38.

If you have a 48-50 size, then in Beethoven's homeland and in the most romantic country of the world look for labels marked 44-46, Italian boutiques will offer you clothes of 46-48 sizes, and in the old monarchist power there should be 40 tags on the labels. Corpulent ladies 54-58 sizes in Germany and France will fit 52-58, in Italy - 52, and in England - 44.

Features sizes of sportswear and jeans

Features sizes of sportswear and jeans

For sportswear in Europe developed a special range. So, wondering what is the smallest size of clothing for appropriate classes, girls should remember - 1. But the jeans should be labeled 24/25. This corresponds to the elegant 40th size in Russia. The following 42nd has an analogue 2/3 for sportswear and 26-27 for jeans.

Owners of 44-46 sizes in the European store will choose a 4/5 label for sportswear, but jeans will suit them 28-29. If you have a 48-50 size, then take T-shirts and shorts with marking 6/7, and jeans - 30-31. Ladies size 52 pick up clothes for outdoor activities, designated 8/9, and jeans - 32-33. Sportswear size 10 and jeans 34-35 will suit those who have a size 54-56.

US and Russian Size Chart

In America, there are two systems for specifying sizes - in numbers from 0 to 22 and in letters. At the last stop in more detail. So, what do clothing manufacturers mean by this designation?

  • XS are very slender women, because the label sounds like extra small - "very small";
  • miniature ladies brag about the size of S- small - "small";
  • medium build is M- medium - "medium";
  • those who have fairly large forms buy large-size clothing — large — L;
  • XXL- extra extra large - "very-very big."

The more X's before the letter L, the more in the amount of "very", that is, the larger must be the customer.

Before we begin to compare size systems, let's define this: what is the basis for their definition? For women, the key measures are considered to be:

  • chest;
  • waist;
  • the widest part of the hips.

Let's make the scheme of transfer of the table of the sizes of women's clothing, accepted in the USA, on the habitual Russian standard. We will use the following structure: the size adopted in Russia is the digital equivalent in the USA — the letter designation — volumes in inches (2.54 cm), given for the chest girth, waistline, and hip width.

  • 38 size - 0 - XXS - (31.5-23.5-33.5);
  • 40 size - 1 - XS - (32-24-34);
  • 42 size - 3 - S - (33-25-35);
  • 44 size - 5 - S - (34-26.5-36);
  • 46 size - 7 - M - (35-27.5-37);
  • 48 size - 9 - L - (36-28,5-38,5);
  • 50 size - 11 - L - (37.5-29.5-39.5);
  • 52 size - 13 - XL - (39-31.5-41).

As for men's and women's shirts, then the neck volume divided by 2.5 is important. This will be the required measure.

Translation of American sizes for men

For representatives of the strong half of humanity, the most often used system is the designation of clothing size using letters (except for shirts). However, one parameter is taken as a point of reference - growth.

  • S for those whose height is below 170 cm;
  • R - regular - if the growth falls in the range from 170 to 182 cm;
  • L is suitable for those who are above 183 cm;
  • XL - as in the case of women's measurements, the extra prefix can be repeated several times, and this is true for those whose height is above 190 cm.

Children's sizes in the USA

Children's sizes in the USA

The system of clothes measures for kids is divided into 3 groups. Consider the nuances of each.

From 0 to 2 years

All items in this category are marked "Baby", next to which is indicated the approximate age of the toddler. But to accurately determine the size you need to know the growth of the child.

  • Newborn or new - for those who are 43-49 cm tall;
  • 3 Months - 50-58 cm;
  • 6 Months - 59-66 cm;
  • 9 Months - 67-72 cm;
  • 12 Months - 73-76 cm;
  • 18 Months - 77-81 cm;
  • 24 Months - 82-89 cm.

From 2 to 8 years

Things category "Kids" also focus on the growth of the baby.

  • 2T - 92-94 cm;
  • 3T - 98-100 cm;
  • 4T - 104-106 cm;
  • 5 - 108-110 cm;
  • 6 - 116-118 cm;
  • 7 - 120-122 cm;
  • 8 - 126-128 cm.

Children 8-14 years

The mark "Juniors" means that to determine the size, in addition to height, you will need more chest straps, waist, widest place of the hips. The scheme for determining the appropriate thing is as follows: height - measure (in cm) along the chest line - waist line - extension of the hips - American size.

  • 135.5 - 70.5 - 62.5 - 74.5 - 9;
  • 141 - 73.5 - 64.5 - 78 - 10;
  • 147 - 76 - 66 - 81 - 11;
  • 153 - 80.5 - 68.5 - 84.5 - 12;
  • 158 - 84 - 70 - 88 - 13;
  • 164 - 88.5 - 72.5 - 92.5 - 14.

When shopping in online stores or buying clothes from foreign manufacturers in regular outlets, you will need to know the decoding of the sizes S, M, XL, XXL. It is also important to have an idea about the compliance of the domestic marking of things with the European standard of dimensions. Then you will be able to pick up suitable outfits for yourself in just a few minutes, without being distracted by long mathematical calculations.

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