Semiprecious stones


The division of stones into precious and semi-precious is rather arbitrary. Semi-precious stones are not at all inferior in beauty and properties to their competitors, and sometimes exceed them. The true beauty of semi-precious stones was appreciated in Europe in the era of romanticism.

It was at this time that their brilliance, varied coloring and stunning appearance became the subject of admiration not only for jewelers, but also for jewelery lovers.

Semi-precious stones: names


Aquamarine is a greenish-blue mineral that can change its color when heated. Once this stone was indispensable for the decoration of crowns. Currently, it is used for the manufacture of lenses for glasses. Aquamarines weighing more than 10 carats are considered the most valuable. Often this stone is forged by selling ordinary glass. Therefore, when buying aquamarine be sure to inspect the stone and the decoration itself. The main difference between aquamarine and ordinary glass is temperature: glass is warmer than a real semi-precious stone. Aquamarine has a large number of magical properties that favorably affect a person. He is able to cheer up, eliminate laziness and stimulate mental activity. In addition, aquamarine develops the gift of eloquence and prudence. An important property of a semi-precious stone is the strengthening of relationships between people. For medical purposes, it is recommended to wear it to people who suffer from nervous disorders, skin lesions, heart problems and blood vessels. Amethyst Amethyst is a type of quartz that is colored purple. Under prolonged exposure to sunlight, the stone begins to turn pale. This mineral is a symbol of sincerity, sincerity and peace. Amethyst is recommended to be worn by people who are tormented by anxiety and emotion. It is best to wear rings or amethyst beads. Its magical properties and internal energy will help to find peace and balance, as well as maintain health. In addition, this semi-precious stone is a symbol of loyalty and devotional love. It is believed that amethyst can heal burns, smooth out wrinkles and get rid of freckles. Heliodorus Heliodor is a holiday stone that cheers up its owner. This semi-precious mineral often has a yellow color, but it may be other colors from greenish to orange. The more transparent the Heliodor, the higher its price. Semi-precious stone is quite rare. Used for inserts in jewelry. Before buying a heliodor jewelery, it is recommended to carefully inspect the stone: it should have a pronounced glass luster and be quite solid. This stone is able to endow the soul of its owner with peace and tranquility, as well as protect it from the evil eye. Rhinestone Rock crystal is a form of colorless quartz, but the stone itself does not have a completely transparent color. Pure and completely transparent crystal is a rare occurrence. In ancient times, mountain stone was especially valued and was worth on a par with gold. Various sculptures, cups, dishes, decorations, ritual balls and other products were made from it. Rock crystal reminds ice. It is very cold even on a hot day. So, before buying products made of rock crystal, be sure to take it in hand. Remember, glass is much warmer than this mineral. The wonderful properties of crystal are able to change the taste of dishes, improving them. Jewelry made from this stone is recommended for people suffering from lymphatic, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as prone to depression, mental disorders and nightmares. Rhinestone is able to provide a person with a clear consciousness and help in making important decisions.

Garnet Garnet is a very valuable stone, which has many varieties: pyropes (fiery red), almandins (red and crimson hues), andradites (emerald hue), grossular (colorless garnet), melanites (black garnet). This mineral is often counterfeited, but it is not difficult to identify a fake. Real grenades have the property of magnetic attraction. The stone has a variety of magical properties. For a long time it was believed that the pomegranate is a symbol of passion, love and friendship. He is considered a stone amulet for lovers. Due to its rich red color, pomegranate is a blood pressure stabilizer. It is able to help with infectious diseases, increases vitality, gives its owner energy, gives strength and treats fever.

Semi-Precious Stones: List


Sardonyx is one of the varieties of agate with characteristic dark or white stripes. In one stone, you can find a variety of shades: from dark brown to whitish-pink. Semi-precious stone is often used for bleeding and fractures, because it has the properties to splice bone tissue. It is used in diseases of the digestive tract, ulcers and the thyroid gland. Sardonyx has the property to relieve its owner from terrible dreams, insomnia, depression, anxiety, drives away anguish and improves mood. This stone can help in building family happiness and the search for true love. The ring and beads of sardonyx have a protective function: they protect the wearer from damage, the evil eye, the spell, and premature aging. Topaz Topaz is a beautiful semi-precious stone, which is often used to create jewelry. The color of topaz is diverse: pink, purple, golden, colorless, blue. A silver-set stone tends to cure spinal diseases, anemia, and epilepsy. Topaz protects its owner from the evil eye and madness, and also returns calm and healthy sleep, brings wealth. Stone gives women beauty, love and fertility. To men, he brings wisdom, courage, intelligence, and prudence. Tourmaline Tourmaline is a popular semi-precious stone, which is rarely forged. On the contrary, tourmaline is often given for other gems, such as ruby. It is believed that he is able to develop the creative abilities of a person, to protect art people from overtaking dangers. For men, this stone brings good luck in love and personal happiness, as well as increases bioenergy. Chrysolite Chrysolite is an inexpensive semi-precious stone that has a transparent structure with yellowish-green shades. Remember that chrysolite is a very fragile mineral, therefore it must be protected from blows and falls. Wear jewelry with this stone should be carefully so as not to scratch it. In addition, chrysolite does not tolerate chemical compounds, including acids. You can clean it only in a soapy solution. This semi-precious stone deprives a person of dependence, strengthens friendship, protects from damage and the evil eye, and also protects from insane acts and sleepless nights. Spinel Spinel - semiprecious stone, the leading shade of which is red. You can find purple-red, orange-red and pink-red shades. Depending on the color and variety, spinels are priced differently. This stone is recommended for people who have problems with vision and blood circulation. Jewelry with spinel is used as a mascot of marital fidelity and happiness. Semi-precious stones are used to create jewelry and interior items. In terms of value, they are inferior to precious stones, but they are beautiful and effective amulets. Before you buy a jewelry with such a mineral, you should carefully examine the product and the stone to avoid buying a fake. You should also buy jewelry only in trusted jewelry stores in order to protect yourself from buying low-quality stone or a fake.

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