Secrets of feeling deja vu

The term "deja vu" has French roots and is translated as "already seen." This is a certain state of our psyche. It is due to the fact that any situation or event occurring at the moment, causes an associative series in the human brain.

From here it seems to us that what is happening with us at this moment was already characteristic of our life. That is, an event is repeated twice, thrice or more times. Experts in the field of psychology associate such sensations not with a specific phenomenon in the past of a person, but with the totality of impressions and sensations accumulated over a lifetime.

Secrets of feeling deja vu

The term "deja vu" itself first saw the light in the book "The Psychology of the Future", authored by the famous psychologist Emil Buarak. An interesting fact, but not only the state of déjà vue, as such in the direct sense of the word, is characteristic of a person, but also a number of other states.

Studying psychology as a science, and therefore, reading the works on psychology and psychological states known all over the world, you will certainly encounter at least two interesting states that are similar to deja vu and characteristic of a person’s life activity.

The first is déjà vécu. This term of French origin means "already experienced." Accordingly, we are talking only about feelings experienced by a person, which are based on associations of a subject nature.

We saw a polka dot mug standing on the edge of the kitchen table, and suddenly a feeling came to us that it was this object that we had seen in that position in the past. This is not the circle itself and the way it is located suggests to us, but also many other factors. Among them is the position of the table itself relative to us, and the time of day at which we saw, so to speak, the whole picture, as well as the events that preceded our trip to the kitchen.

The second phenomenon is called no less beautiful: déjà entendu- "already heard." Accordingly, in this situation it is not about what is visible to the eyes, but about what we perceive with our organs of hearing.

However, it is important to note that the psychological state of déjà entendu, as a rule, is accompanied not only by the perceived sound track, but also by a similar subject environment. You can conduct an experiment and say a phrase in the presence of a person, and after a while repeat it. If it is said in a situation modeled after the original one, then the chances of a déjà entendu occurrence are greater than if the phrase is repeated at different events.

I especially want to mention one more state, which is the complete opposite of deja vu and is called jamais vu (jame vu), which means “never seen”. How to define this phenomenon? That is, you are in a familiar setting for you, but the inner psychological feeling of novelty does not give you peace of mind. For you, the situation is absolutely characteristic, maybe even repeated every day, but today it seems to you that this has not happened to you yet.

Let us return to the study of the secret feelings of deja

All the power of the psychological state in the aggregate of sensations. It seems to you that the event unfolding before you could have passed in a different way. You are working through hundreds and hundreds of ways in your head, but you understand that some external forces forced the situation to go in that direction.

The personality psyche immediately connects everything seen with mysticism and it already seems to you that everything that happens to you was predetermined. Like a program that was written earlier and is only now starting its work.

Depending on the level of psychological instability and the type of personality, an impression formed by a deja vu may turn out to be too strong and periodically pop up in a person’s memory for many years (or for dozens of years, this also happens).

For the state of déjà vu, depersonalization is characteristic, when today's actual picture of events blurs and becomes not quite clear. The man even denies at some point the reality of what is happening.

Déjà vu is quite common. Sociological studies have revealed that up to ninety percent of people have gone through deja vu at least once in their lives.

Psychologists explain deja vu by layering one event on another. And we experienced it in reality or in a dream, it does not matter. The real person itself seems to diverge in space. It contains what is happening now and what has happened in the past.

A number of psychiatrists consider deja vu an indicator of a serious mental disorder. Actually, there are a number of approaches to the disclosure of secrets of deja vu. Let's consider them.

Deja vu as a memory of the distant past

There are a number of scientists who associate the psychological state of deja vu with genetic memory. That is, the secret of deja vu is revealed through the prism of the past, as the embodiment of our memories of ancestors.

The secret of feeling deja vu in self-defense of the body

Argued that the phenomenon of deja vu is a simple protection of man. In order for the personality psyche not to suffer as a result of personal experiences about getting into a new place or a not very good situation, deja vu is included in the work. We perceive something new for us, as already passed. Accordingly, the emotional background is more stable.

The secret of feeling deja vu and global mapping

If we consider a déjà vu from this perspective, then we can say that it (this phenomenon) is provoked by a whole glad past events, and not as more than one. The man has been in similar situations a certain number of times. Then he took a little from each and folded it into a picture, which he took as a deja vu.

Hypnotic effect on the consciousness and disclosure of the secret feelings of deja vu through hypnosis

Studies of the human psyche have confirmed that deja vu, like any other process, can be triggered. This artificially created deja vu will contribute to hypnosis or the effect of using electricity on the temporal lobes.

In the state of hypnotic trance of a person, it is enough to instill that when any images appear in reality, he should feel them as already manifested earlier.

Prophetic dreams and the secret of deja vu feelings

Scientists studying the human psyche, not rarely associated deja vu with dreams. We see some dream and remember it. Then, in a similar situation in real-time conditions, it will be perfectly normal for us to implement a model of behavior that we have already embodied before, only not in reality, but in a dream. From here and stories about prophetic dreams.

The secret of deja vu feelings also has a physiological explanation.

Scientists believe that there are specific areas in the human brain, whose work causes deja vu. Each brain region is responsible for its own kind of memory (visual, auditory memory, built on sensations, and so on).

Situations of the present form in the intermediate part of the brain, the past in the temporal region, and the future in the frontal.

In their normal operation, the deja vu phenomenon is not realized. It will come true only when a person begins to worry about the future or the past. Anxiety helps to project certain patterns of human behavior. In the end, in practice, a person will do what he has already modeled for himself. Then there is a feeling that it was already somewhere. Of course, it was, because we ourselves thought about this situation and predicted its development. It was in our mind !!!

Is the fear of deja vu justified?

You can definitely answer this question - no fear of deja vu is not justified. However, it arises, since it is strange for a person, how the same situation is modeled several times. And if this happens, then there is a reason. And begins spinning strings, as they say. People associate deja vu with a predetermined predestination, which for some has a divine, sacral meaning and cannot be changed. It is absolutely natural that a person, thinking that he cannot change anything, goes into a panic.

This approach is not correct. It is important to understand the phenomenon of feeling deja vu right. This is only the work of our thoughts in a specific life period while simultaneously implementing a whole set of events. That's all. Sacred in this is nothing, but calm is undermined.

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In secret, deja vu there is no secret. Everything is explained by the mental perception of the phenomenon as a whole and the projection of this phenomenon on the situation from the past. Remember, the main thing to approach any situation correctly! Go into a panic - the last thing.

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