Scenario of a child's birthday for a girl

A carefully planned and properly organized scenario of a child's birthday for a girl can make your little princess the happiest. Looking for original ideas and contests for this momentous event? Then it will be very useful to read our article.

Scenario of a children's birthday for a girl: original ideas

Scenario of a child's birthday for a girl

Each girl is looking forward to the offensive not of the New Year or March 8, namely, her birthday, because on this holiday the little princess can feel somehow special. Friends and girlfriends, welcome gifts and exciting contests - all this is only for her. But in order for a birthday to truly become colorful and to be remembered for many years, parents should make a lot of effort.

First of all, ask your daughter what topic she would like to see at her holiday. For example, a home birthday scenario for a 6-year-old girl can be planned on the topic of a favorite cartoon or movie. Today you can buy themed plates, mugs, napkins and banners with various cartoon characters. But you can also come up with a theme based on the unique features of your child, such as painting, cooking or sculpting.

For a change, we offer you some more original ideas:

  • Very creatively, you can beat the well-known and beloved fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". Make fun of snacks by putting stickers on them on sticks with the words “Eat me” or “Drink me”. On the walls you can hang a garland with a smile of the Cheshire Cat, children distribute the hats of the Mad hatter, and as a gift prepare small plants or flowers in pots.
  • The scenario of a child's birthday for a girl of 7 years old at home can be done in the style of painting, especially if the child has such creative abilities. Do something like an art fair, arrange competitions for the best picture, come up with games with markers.
  • Or how about a birthday in the style of Lego-fest? Children can play with piles of blocks scattered on the floor, make a typewriter and drive along a ramp or guess how much Lego you put in a transparent jar. In addition to everything, you can bake a delicious cake in the form of Lego, brightly decorating it.

No matter what topic you choose, try to beat her as much as possible so that guests and the birthday girl would be interested in spending time.

Themed Spa Party

When a girl turns 8 years old, she begins to consider herself a fully grown man. Remember yourself at this age: what was interesting? That's right, my mother's cosmetics, perfumes and accessories. Remember how you tried on shoes size 38? After your little princess opens the world of fashionable hair and nail accessories, there is no turning back. Pamper your daughter with a themed spa party.

Planning a birthday scenario

Scenario of a child's birthday for a girl

It will be more convenient to start planning a birthday in about a month or at least a few weeks. To do everything, make a to-do list:

  • From the very beginning, together with your daughter, buy or draw thematic greeting cards, invitations, where the date and time of the event will be indicated.
  • Choose the appropriate wipes on the subject. You can order in cooking candy in the form of lipstick and small muffins in the form of a powder compact.
  • Sew or buy a birthday girl a beautiful dress that will fit the theme of the evening.
  • Think about where to place posters and banners, hang garlands.
  • To end the evening so that each guest feels unique, prepare small bags of surprises.

Party Decorations

Party Decorations

When choosing jewelry, consider what time of day the event will take place. For the second half of the day, bright and saturated colors are perfect. While the soothing color palette is more appropriate for the morning party:

  • Stick to the chosen color scheme in the dishes and other decorations. True, in the plates, glasses, napkins and cutlery, you can slightly change the shades.
  • To decorate the room, you can use the traditional decor: balloons, streamers, hanging paper candy, which will make a festive mood.
  • Draw and hang up a wall newspaper where you can glue pictures of the child, or make a poster in the form of a price list.
  • Place tables with bathing and cosmetic accessories in different parts of the house, dividing the zones by subject: office of a cosmetologist, make-up artist, hairdresser.

Food for guests

Food for guests

No birthday can do without snacks. Bake a lot of small cupcakes, buy sweets and sweets, you can make savory sandwiches. Remember that children do not like to sit at the table for a long time, so do not prepare such dishes where you need to wield with a spoon and fork:

  • Since this is a girl's birthday, choose sweet drinks in pink colors. It can be cherry juice, cranberry juice or homemade compote.
  • Serve small snacks on skewers. They can be made from both fresh fruit, and from sausage and cheese.
  • As a treat, you can buy multicolored marshmallows and bake cupcakes in the form of a bottle of perfume or nail polish.
  • A delicious addition to any table will be strawberries or bananas in chocolate.

Games and entertainment

Games and entertainment

No one likes to stand in line, so think ahead of time about the location of several beauty cabinets on various subjects. Let future artists work with acrylic paints on their nails, in a different room a professional hairdresser is operating, and in the bathroom arrange a real spa:

  • Buy special children's makeup kits or use natural acrylic paints that you can paint on the body.
  • Children will be happy to try different facials. And it will be even more interesting if they can prepare the masks themselves.
  • Try other entertaining activities, offering the girls themselves to make bombs for the bath or paint sea salt.
  • You can make your own fruit lip gloss with the children.

At the end of the evening, do not forget to say thanks to each guest and give a small bag of sweets or collect a special spa kit.

Birthday scenarios for girls can come up with a lot, most importantly, connect the imagination, creative thinking and learn the desires of the child. And your daughter will help you with this. Creative success!

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