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Sample cover letter

The job search today has undergone a number of changes, and often employers want to get informative information about the employee in the form of a resume before conducting an interview. Examples of the cover letter to the resume, which fully and briefly characterizes you, you will find in our article.

What is the cover letter for?

What is the cover letter for

In the global network, popular literature and textbooks, you can find information about the correctness of the resume. However, today we will not focus on this. An important document when searching for a job is considered a covering letter. Despite the fact that you will disclose all the information about yourself directly in the resume, a potential employer pays close attention to the accompanying document.

A cover letter is considered to be a brief sketch of your professional skills and abilities. It is this document that the employer will see first when he opens the envelope. It is necessary to display information about why you are suitable for the vacant position. A summary of your qualities should convince the director or head of department that you deserve this job and have the necessary knowledge and skills.

To know how to write a cover letter to a resume, you should read some rules:

  1. The accompanying sheet must be addressed to a specific person. It is best to send a resume to the immediate superior, referring to him by name and patronymic. Agree, such a gesture will make the employer think that you have done a lot of work to collect information about the company.
  2. Further state clearly and specifically the position for which you are applying. You can briefly justify the reasons why you are suitable for this job.
  3. Tell about your work experience, presenting only documented facts.
  4. Be sure to specify the time that is suitable for you to attend an interview.
  5. Do not forget to thank in advance the potential employer for your attention.
  6. If you are attaching any documents other than resumes, be sure to include in the appendix their name with the number of pages displayed.

The most popular mistakes of job seekers

The most popular mistakes of job seekers

Recall the well-known proverb that a person is greeted by his clothes. Indirectly, this catch phrase applies to the cover letter. If a potential employer does not like the presentation and course of your thoughts in this information document, then he may never get to read the summary.

Let's look at a selection of gross and most common mistakes that are unacceptable to make when writing a cover letter:

  1. Do not state the information specified in the summary. It is unlikely that a business person will like to re-read the same information twice. The cover letter is a kind of your presentation. It should be as brief as possible and display only interesting information.
  2. Mistakes of any nature. A competent person and a highly qualified employee are not allowed to make spelling, stylistic, punctuation and other errors. Your resume letter should be literate. Re-read it several times before sending. This also applies to typos. Often, this factor indicates inattention and haste of a person.
  3. Informal style or unacceptable tone. Appeal to a potential employer must be respectful. Do not use words from colloquial speech.
  4. Do not turn a cover letter into eulogy. You should clearly feel the edge of your self-advertisement. Excessive praise can also negatively affect the opinion of the employer.
  5. Blurred information and large volume. The cover letter only states the purpose of the job search, as well as your professional skills in this area. No extra information is needed. If the employer is interested in any additional questions, he will certainly ask you during a personal meeting.

Compile a cover letter correctly

Compile a cover letter correctly

As you understand, the cover letter is nothing more than an official document with its own structure. In order to compose such a letter competently, one does not need to be an expert in the field of office work, rather accurately observe its sequence and structure. So, the cover letter is divided into three parts. Let us dwell on them in more detail.


This part must be addressed. Best of all, if your greeting will be addressed to a specific person. In no case do not write: "Greetings to you, the management of the company Aphrodite. Try to find information about the head of the organization or refer to a specific person indicating his position. For example:" Good afternoon, distinguished head of the accounting department, etc. ".

Descriptive part

It is to the preparation of this section should be approached very carefully. First of all, provide information about the vacant position. It is best to describe where you learned about this job. Then summarize why you are the one to this position, and what contribution you can bring to the development of the company in a particular direction.

If you have the corresponding rewards, you can also tell about them. This should be done very carefully so as not to overplay yourself. Specify incentives and rewards should only be the case if they in any way affect the opinion of the employer. Do not overload this section with empty information. Indicate skills and professional skills in strict accordance with the vacant position.


In this section, you can take an unobtrusive initiative, for example, to tell that you will call back to the employer's representative in a few days and find out the result. Express your gratitude in advance for your attention. Do not forget to leave a signature on the accompanying document with the name and decryption of initials. If necessary, provide your contact numbers or address.

General tips

Pay attention to another equally important section - the so-called header. In it you can indicate who you are contacting and display your personal information. But the introduction must begin with a welcome message.

If you compose a cover letter in English, do not forget to take into account all the rules of writing. An example of a suitable document you can find on the web. Drawing up such a document in a foreign language will characterize your professional qualities if the prospective vacancy requires knowledge of English or other languages.

Often, such a cover letter must be accompanied by a summary, drawn up in English. Note that business English differs significantly in spelling and grammar from ordinary spoken language.

Accountant: reducing debit with a loan, or how to find a good position

the profession of an accountant is at the peak of popularity

For several years now, the profession of an accountant is at the peak of popularity. There are many specialists in this field, but sometimes it is quite difficult to find a professional. If you are applying for such a vacant position, then you will certainly need to know how to apply for a cover letter to an accountant’s resume.

You can find examples of such documents on the Web or in textbooks. And if you want to compose it yourself, pay attention to some aspects:

  • Be sure to include information about work experience in the accounting field;
  • Objective reasons for dismissal should be disclosed, but only succinctly;
  • indicate ownership of various software modules required for accounting purposes;
  • if you are applying for the position of head of department, then you should display information on the availability of managerial experience;
  • We also display information about the ability to cooperate with control bodies, reporting, etc.

The resume and the cover letter to it are considered to be the calling card of the job seeker. These documents should interest the potential employer and provide full details of your candidacy. Consider the rules and peculiarities of their compilation, and soon you will receive a cherished invitation for an interview. Good luck to you!

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