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Making an offer to a beloved girl is perhaps the most exciting and crucial moment in the life of almost every man. I want this event to be bright and memorable for a lifetime. The most important attribute in this case is, of course, the ring.

Choosing a little ring is a difficult process in itself, and it is also important to guess the size, because if it doesn’t fit your beloved finger, it will spoil the whole solemnity of the moment. It will help to cope with this overwhelming task and correctly determine the size of the finger on the ring table with dimensional data.

How to find out the size of the ring on your finger?

How to find out the size of the ring on a finger

What actually is the size of the ringlet? This is the diameter of the inner circle, expressed in millimeters. Dimensional gradation of rings begins with the number 15, the maximum size - 23. And each subsequent size differs from the previous one by 0.5. For example, 15 is followed by 15.5, then 16, and so on.

Typically, the range of women's rings is between 15.5 and 18 size. The greatest demand is for rings with a size of 16.5. The easiest way to find out the size of your finger is to use the services of the nearest jeweler. The next method of determining the size is tabular. Here, too, is not so simple, there are several options for measurements and tables. We will show you the most common ones:

  • Print the proposed ring size chart on the printer. Using a standard ruler, make sure that the scale of your printout is correct. After that, attach the ring to the circle, which, in your opinion, most closely coincides with its internal diameter. This will be the desired size. If your choice varies between two adjacent sizes, then give preference to more.

Ring sizeRing

  • Take a piece of a thick and thick thread with a length of 10 cm or a strip of paper of the same length and width up to 0.5 cm. Wrap the material around your finger, the size of which you want to find out. It is not necessary to strongly tighten, otherwise you will be mistaken with the size, and the purchased ring will be small. At the intersection of the ends of the thread make a mark. Remove the thread from your finger and attach to the proposed strip table with a gradation of sizes. In case of doubt, also choose a larger size.

How to find out the size of the ring on a fingersize table

  • Again, we take the paper strip, which is more acceptable to determine the size when buying a wide ringlet. Wrap around your finger. Do not forget that when putting on the ring it should not get stuck on the joint. Therefore, move the strip along the finger, it should move freely. Put a mark at the intersection of the ends. We measure the length of the strip in millimeters and find out the size using the table.

Finger sizesize table

  • This method is acceptable when buying a narrow ringlet. We return to the thread and perform the same operation with it as in the previous case. The measurement results are compared with tabular data and select the appropriate size.

Find out the size of the ring using the thread

How to use the table for Aliexpress?

With the modern level of development of information and digital technologies and the general lack of time there is no need to walk around the jewelry shops. You can use the services of an online store. There it is easy to choose any piece of jewelry from the widest range.

One of these online resources is AliExpress. Today, there are more than 6 thousand kinds of goods from over 200 thousand Chinese manufacturers. Delivery is carried out worldwide. AliExpress uses the American dimensional grid, including for rings.

How to determine the size of the finger for the ring? In order not to be mistaken with the size, we make measurements using the same strip of paper. The size of the strip in millimeters is the girth of a finger. In the table below, we find the number suitable for our measurements and compare it with the corresponding diameter inside the ring. And already on this diameter we define the American size. Thus, a diameter of 16.5 and a size of 6 # will correspond to a circumference of 51.8 mm.

Ring finger size: table for AliexpressRing finger size: table for AliexpressRing finger size: table for Aliexpress

other methods

If you did not have ready-made tables at hand, it does not matter. You can determine the size of a finger for a ringlet yourself:

  • The easiest option is to take the old ring, put it on a piece of paper and circle the inner circle with a sharp pencil. Then measure its diameter with a ruler, and as we already know, this will be the size of the ring.
  • We take a dense smooth cotton thread with a length of 50 cm. We wind the measured finger with it, the number of turns is five. Try not to tighten the thread. We cross the ends and gently cut them with scissors. The remaining thread is removed from the finger and applied to the ruler. The measured length in millimeters divided by 15.7. The result will be the desired size. The figure of the measurement result must be rounded off to buy a narrow ring downwards, for a wide one - ½ the size larger.

How to find out the size of the ring finger for a girl?

How to find out the size of the ring finger for a girl? Well, in this case there are several ways:

  1. You can unnoticeably take her little ring out of your girl’s box and either go with him to the jeweler who will help you determine the size, or quickly circle it on a piece of paper and then use this imprint.
  2. If there was no paper under your arm, put the ring on your fat finger until it stops, but so that you can remove it later, and mark the right place on your finger. Select the appropriate model in the store in a similar way, comparing with the mark on the finger.
  3. Inquire about the size of the ringlet from the relatives of your darling, warning them about not disclosing your secret.
  4. A very inaccurate method is to determine the size of a ring on a finger by the size of a girl’s clothing or hand. The table contains approximate data of dimensional values.

When you determine the size of the finger for the ringlet, do not forget that by the end of the day the hands are swollen and measurements will give an erroneous result. And to avoid mistakes, you can use several methods at once. Good luck to you!

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