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Egypt is one of the most popular holiday countries for Russian tourists. And this is not surprising! After all, this country keeps in itself the seventh wonder of the world - the pyramids. Here you can ride a camel or go on a safari, learn about the pharaohs, the Egyptian queens and much more.

Egypt Location

Egypt is located in northeastern Africa. In the north, the country is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in the east - by the Red Sea. Almost 96% of the entire country is an endless desert. And only 4% are populated areas located along the banks of the Nile River. The capital of the state is Cairo. The time zone differs from Moscow one by one hour in the smaller direction.

Rest in Egypt

Egypt's climate

In the north of the country the climate is subtropical. The rest of its territory is dominated by a tropical desert climate. In winter, in the northern part of the country, the temperature varies between 11-12 degrees, in the rest of the country - around 15-16 degrees. In the summer in the north of the country the temperature is about 25-26 degrees, in the rest of the territory - 30-34 degrees. In the northern part of the country, there is more precipitation than the rest - from 200 to 400 mm. Do not forget that the summer sun in Egypt is scorching, so you should definitely take with you sunscreen with a protective factor of at least 15-20 units.

Egypt currency

The national monetary currency in Egypt is Egyptian pounds. The rate of the Egyptian pound to the Russian ruble is 1: 5. The exchange rate of the US dollar to the Egyptian pound is 1: 6. In circulation are notes in denominations of 5,10,15,20,50,100 pounds, as well as notes and coins of 25 and 50 piastres. At 1 pound 100 piastres. US dollars are also accepted for payment, but not everywhere. Therefore, it is better to always carry with you the local currency.

Rest in Egypt: general information

You can exchange money in banks that work from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 13.30. In addition, there are currency exchange offices, which are located in the city and exchangers operating on site. Payment by credit cards is possible, but not everywhere, so make sure that you have cash in advance.

Egypt Kitchen

Egyptian national cuisine is replete with spicy dishes. A diverse combination of various hot spices will surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet! Most Egyptian dishes are cooked without the use of fish or meat, so vegetarianists will not go hungry. In every restaurant or cafe, in addition to international cuisine, national dishes are always present. Of course, the names of these dishes will not say anything to the tourist, so their names in English are always indicated next to the names.

  • Bread is an integral part of the Egyptian meal, and affects the abundance of all sauces served to dishes. Cheese products are most often found in cheese, but the assortment of hard cheeses we are used to is also rich.
  • A popular dish in Egypt is the bean burger. It is prepared from twisted beans with the addition of spices, and then fried in deep fat.

Rest in Egypt

  • The range of fish and meat dishes is also huge! There is a lot of fish here, and all thanks to the proximity of the Red Sea. There are even restaurants that serve only fish dishes.
  • In Egypt, you can taste dishes of beef, lamb, poultry and turkey, but not pork, they do not eat it here! An exotic dish - a pigeon cooked with a side dish of rice.
  • Egypt cuisine offers a fairly wide range of sweet dishes. All desserts in most cases are very sweet. This is explained by the fact that in their preparation they do not feel sorry for butter, nuts and honey.

National features of Egypt

  • In Egypt, it is not customary to bargain, but it is good if you know in advance the approximate price range for the thing you are going to purchase.
  • We should not forget that Egypt is a Muslim country. This means that you should not appear outside the hotel in too open and tight clothes, as well as drink alcoholic beverages on the street. Locals are very tolerant and will never impose their way of life and behavior on tourists. That is why the majority of Egyptian resorts live the usual European life for us - this also applies to the style of clothing.

Rest in Egypt: the coast

Documents to visit Egypt

The validity of your passport should be at least three months from the date of travel. The visa does not need to be arranged in advance - if the duration of your stay does not exceed one month, you will be issued it directly upon arrival. A consular fee of $ 15 will also be collected there.

If children who have not yet turned 14 are traveling with you, they do not need an additional visa - they fit into yours. However, please note that children must be entered in your passport.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the movement of tourists around the country, but it is not recommended to make single trips to the south of the country.

Transportation in Egypt

The main mode of transport in Egypt is mini-buses. Payment in them is fixed - from 1 to 1.5 pounds, but it is better to check the price before the trip. Remember that in public transport, men should be seated separately from women.

Rest in Egypt: evening Egypt

It is best to use a taxi, you can call it from the reception desk at the hotel. You also agree on the price of the trip in advance, because there are no counters in the taxi. The approximate cost of travel in a taxi - from 10 to 30 pounds. Hitchhiking should not be - it is simply dangerous.

In Egypt, you can rent a car. The value of renting a car is about $ 70 per day. And renting an SUV will cost about $ 300 per day. To give you a rental car, you must have an international driver's license, credit card or money that you need to leave as a deposit. Before signing the rental documents, make sure that the car is fully insured. This will save you from various kinds of trouble, because in Egypt there are no rules of the road. A trip over long distances, such as a remote city, takes place in a caravan, guarded by local police.

Customs in Egypt

  • You can bring into the country currency in unlimited quantities, but you can take no more than 5000 dollars per person. Export of the Egyptian pound is strictly prohibited in any size.
  • If you carry with you a video camera, electronic equipment or jewelry, they must be included in the declaration. Tourists, who have already turned 20, can take with them no more than 1 liter of alcoholic beverage and no more than 2 liters of beer. Tourists who have already turned 15, can carry with them 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars.
  • It is forbidden to export the cultural values ​​of the country, antiques, as well as any representatives of marine flora and fauna. Even if you found them on the beach. Prohibited to export from the country carpets.
  • An attempt to import drugs into the country is strictly punished.

Rest in Egypt: the beach

Important Information about Egypt

You should always remember that in no case can not drink tap water! Buy drinking water only in stores!

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Egypt: Cairo, Dokki, Giza str., 95, Egypt. Tel: (8-10-202) 348-93-53, 348-93-56, 348-93-54, 348-97-44.

After spending your vacation in Egypt, you will not for a minute regret coming here. You will bring with you the warmest memories of the sea and delicious food. And the photos taken by you will always be able to remind you of your wonderful holiday in Egypt!

Have a good rest!

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