Replacing the oms policy when changing names

Surname change is not something extraordinary. At the same time, some documents have to be changed. First on the list will be a passport. The next mandatory event is to replace the oms policy when changing the last name. Do not forget to do this, otherwise you will have to pay for treatment from your own pocket! Do not know where to go - read on.

There is no choice: new surname - new policy!

replacement policy oms when changing names

If the surname is changed, then within one month period you must submit documents for the replacement of the medical insurance policy. Do it in your interests. Recall that in Russia since November 2010 the law on health insurance is in force. This allows citizens who have a policy issued to use free medical services in state medical institutions, and not only at the place of registration.

If the surname in the policy does not correspond to the personal data recorded in the passport, then you will lose this right. Free emergency medical care will be provided for you, and you will have to pay for the treatment.

Five years ago, in all regions of the country, a single sample MLA was introduced. It can be paper or plastic. From 2014, the widespread replacement of medical insurance certificates on paper to plastic cards began. The policy is issued for life, it does not change when moving, moving to a new job or when retiring. The only case when the OMS policy must be replaced is when the last name is changed.

What you need to collect to order another policy?

What you need to collect to order another policy

Before you start the replacement procedure, you should prepare the following documentary grounds:

  • general passport (new);
  • certificate of compulsory pension insurance. If you still have the old surname in SNILS, do not worry. You have the right to submit such a document, as its number remains the same regardless of the last name. But in that case, take the divorce (or marriage) certificate with you to prove to the insurance agent that you are really you;
  • old oms.

That's all the documents on the basis of which you are required to issue a policy on a new name.

Where to go?

Replacing a medical policy when you change the name is made in the insurance company, which has the appropriate license. It will be convenient to contact your “own” company, where you initially received OMS.

If you change not only the last name, but also the place of residence, then proceed as follows:

  • if you are satisfied with the way the insurance company serves you, and its branches work in the location where you are moving, then go straight to the office of this company;
  • if you want to change the insurer (or this territory is not served by "your" company), then find another organization that provides insurance insurance services, and submit all documents to this structure.

What is the procedure for renewal?

Replacing the OMS policy when changing the last name: possible ways

What will happen next? An employee of the insurance company will review the papers provided and issue a statement. Even if you have a paper policy, you will be offered to get a plastic one. To do this, right in the office will make your e-photo.

Actually, that's all. Then it will remain to wait 30 working days until the new OMS is manufactured with the newly acquired surname. Although you will not be required to submit an existing policy, it will no longer "work" from the moment you submit your application. And so that you do not lose the right to medical care, you will be given a temporary certificate, with which you, just like with the policy, can go to the clinic or hospital, where you will be provided with free medical services.

When the personal policy is ready, you will be sent an SMS notification or a telephone call (depending on which notification method you choose when submitting the application). Will once again visit the office. You must have a temporary certificate with you - you will pass it to the employees of the insurance company. In exchange, you will be given a new policy.

Is it possible to carry out the procedure of replacing the policy remotely?

Thanks to the Internet, the paperwork process has now become much simpler. Therefore, advanced users may have a logical question: is it possible and how to change the policy when changing the name in the online format?

Today, most insurance companies offer citizens the opportunity to order a policy remotely through their web resource. To do this, go to the electronic resource of the insurance organization and fill out a questionnaire. After that, the company's manager will call the applicant on his mobile and check if he has submitted an application for exchange of the policy. The list of companies that operate in different regions is posted on the MHIF website. In order not to lose time in the queue, you can pre-register via the Internet.

Great help in this matter can provide the portal EMIAS.INFO. On it you can find information about all insurance companies. If you need to change the policy due to the change of personal data, it is enough to go to this web resource in the category "Policy OMS" and fill in the application template on the page of the company-insurer.

change the policy is necessary not only for adults but also for children

At the moment, replacing the policy OMS through public services is impossible. To implement such measures, you will have to personally contact the insurance medical organization. However, the Ministry of Mass Communications has already developed a project providing for "electronic" receipt (renewal). If this program works, then it will be possible to replace the policy by submitting a statement via the website of public services.

Something important about replacing the policy

It happens that you need to change the policy not only for adults but also for children. You should act according to the above algorithm. Parents take documents:

  • your passport (or similar guardian document);
  • birth certificate of the child;
  • SNILS minor (if such a document is issued).

With this “portfolio,” they must visit the insurance company to apply.

The OMS policy is a personal document, it is personified. This means that it contains individual data. If you have changed your last name, first name or middle name, then you must submit an application for issuing a new OMS within a month. This operation is free for citizens of the Russian Federation - you will not have to pay any state fees.

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