Red woolen thread on the wrist

A few years ago, the icon of foreign music, the Madonna, surprised its fans with the appearance of a simple woolen thread on the left wrist. Soon, a similar element appeared in other foreign stars, and after them, with unusual "decoration", domestic media faces began to appear.

The reasons that prompted Madonna to take this step were to follow the principles of the Kabbalistic teachings, however, can this only be the reason for wearing the red thread on the wrist? What does such a gesture mean? Is there really a strong talisman behind it?

What does the red thread on the left wrist mean?

What does the red thread on the left wrist mean?

The most famous and common cause of this phenomenon today is the teaching of Kabbalists, according to which a piece of woolen thread wrapped around the wrist and fixed by several knots is a powerful talisman. It should be borne in mind that there can not be used a simple cut from the coil. In Kabbalah, only the threads taken from sacred sites (in particular, Jerusalem) are important. At the same time, they are tied on the left hand, since it is connected to the heart and is a conductor for negative energy flowing into the body and into the aura of a person. However, where did this custom come from, what exactly can it become a defense against?

  • Such talismans, of course, were born in Eastern culture: in Hindu temples, a kind of bracelet made of thick red thread “marked” unmarried girls, which allowed a man to choose a potential bride from free ones.
  • It is worth saying that in the Christian faith there was a story connected with this talisman. It is believed that Rachel (the wife of Jacob) for a long time could not bear it and therefore prayed incessantly. One day, in a moment of despair, an angel appeared before her who tied a red wool thread to her left wrist, and a few months later Rachel became the mother of Benjamin and Joseph: the latter is well known in the Bible and the Egyptian people for its wonders. It is noteworthy that subsequently the red thread was wrapped around the tomb of Rachel, and today only monks wear it in Israel.

If we talk directly about what today is a red thread in Kabbalah, then this kind of charge for success, energy and health is what modern man needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that both Russian and foreign stars are imbued with this custom. This is a peculiar way of spiritual support, a conductor between man and higher forces, which allows him to have an additional reserve and not break at the most inappropriate moment.

A small talisman allows a woman (and most often he accompanies precisely the representatives of the fair sex) to be in harmony with her inner world, to keep calm and self-confidence and correctness of her own actions. And, of course, not the last place plays the role of a red thread like a sponge, which absorbs all negative vibes addressed to its bearer, shields the evil eye and damage.

  • Why exactly red color? First of all, this is the color of blood, and it is this that has always (in most beliefs) been the main way of influencing a person. In addition, it is the color of life and the fiery planet Mars, which not only has a high destructive activity, like the Roman god, but can also play the role of a serious protector. In red, an alarm is always highlighted, a danger label, and it is for this reason that the red thread prevents this danger.
  • Why precisely wrist? Along with the ankle, it is considered the most vulnerable place, because here there is a meeting of the inner energy of man and the outer world and the Universe. The aura halo around the wrist is the most subtle, so the easiest way to act through it is: it needs a kind of block or shield.

It is worth noting that most of the teachings representing such a “bracelet” as a charm say that if it broke, it should be replaced and not tried to reanimate, since this situation signals an excessive accumulation of negative energy.

Possible reasons for wearing the thread outside the teachings of the Kabbalah

Possible reasons for wearing the red thread outside the Kabbalah teachings

It should be said that such a step is not always based on any belief in a higher power: there are several other prerequisites, which are also not always explained scientifically, but are no longer concentrated on the lead of the evil eye.

  • It is assumed that a red thread worn on the wrist is able to normalize blood circulation, as a result of which healers sometimes use it to adjust blood pressure, as well as stop the bleeding. Surprisingly, this method works even today. At forums devoted to pregnancy, you can sometimes find stories about how the thread tied on the wrist helped to preserve the fetus, and, as soon as it was removed, uterine bleeding opened. At the same time at the time of menstruation charm is desirable to remove, so as not to block the release of "bad blood".
  • In pagan Russia, the thread was tied on the wrist of a newborn, as well as in diseases, injuries, pains of the spine and joints. At the same time, it was enough for a person to recover, the thread was necessarily burned over the candle, because, according to the witches, it absorbed the negative energy of the disease. Interestingly, she was put on to get rid of warts and boils. Moreover, the fact that the thread absorbs the ail is spoken in Indian and Nenets tribes.
  • There is an extremely romantic reason for wearing the red thread, which originates in the ancient Eastern legend about interconnected souls. This chain, which connects them and makes the union eternal, is represented as a long red thread, which is attached with its ends to the little fingers of each of them. Thus, as a sign of unbreakable spiritual connection, lovers wear bracelets of red threads on their wrist (the question of convenience here plays a role), and with their little fingers crossed they promise loyalty.

This legend was adopted long ago by other nations, modifying it for themselves, but the essence of the red thread of fate remained the same. In some cultures (in particular, in India), it marks a kindred bond between people and does not always speak of romantic love — this may be a sign of a different spiritual affinity.

What does the red thread on the wrist mean?

There is also a rather interesting gypsy rite, also generated by an old legend. Saint Sarah, who gained the ability to predict the future, became the one who called the first Gypsy Baron — stretching a thread out of a scarf, she tore it into equal parts and tied men to her wrists, wanting to see on whose hand the thread would begin to glow. That he was destined to take primacy over the camp. Since then, a similar "bracelet" adorns the wrists of those who have intentions to get to the top of the Gypsy community, taking the leading position.

Can I tie a red thread on my right hand?

In fact, if you do not choose a certain teaching, but simply want a powerful talisman, the role is played not by the hand chosen to carry it, but by the thoughts with which it is worn and personal faith. However, one can not say about the reasons for which the location of the thread on the right side can be clearly recorded.

  • If a “bracelet” is made to eliminate pain in the wrist, it will be right or left hand - there is no difference. This is often mentioned by professional athletes, and people whose work is associated with an active load on the hands and wrist joint, and those who, for certain reasons, have injured this area.
  • In some religions, the right thread on the right hand is placed with unmarried girls, for example, in India they do it before leaving the temple, when the girl becomes ready for marriage.

Also, the thread can be put on the right hand if it is meant for a man: in a Buddhist temple for absolution, the monks tie a man like a “bracelet” after cleansing karma, and the soul becomes completely free from sins only after it has been frayed. At the same time, women are put on a thread on their left hand.

How to tie a talisman?

How to tie the guardian - the red thread

In order for the red thread to really retain its magic powers, you need to put it on correctly and fix it. Here the number of knots, the way they are formed, and even who exactly will conduct the ritual matters. The procedure can really be called such a loud word, because at the time of its implementation, it is desirable to even read a special hex, which depends on the purpose of donating the amulet.

  • According to the traditions of Kabbalah, the woolen red thread on the left wrist should be tied at 7 knots, while the talisman should not cause any discomfort. The length is regulated by cutting off excess parts, but you cannot throw them away: it is recommended to put these pieces in a purse or bag to stimulate the flow of money. The ends should be burned with a candle so that they do not bloom.

Kabbalistic doctrine also places some conditions on the use of such a talisman: a reflection of the negatives flying in you is possible only if you yourself are not its source. Thus, it is not allowed to spread negative emotions to close people, dismiss gossip, criticize, and even silently envy others.

  • It is desirable that the thread on your hand is tied not by someone else's to you. This is not necessarily a relative or spouse - even a close friend will carry and convey with his talisman his positive energy, which will strengthen the created shield.
  • The most "effective" will be the thread purchased in Jerusalem, but if you do not focus your attention on belonging to the teachings of the Kabbalah, it is enough just to take any purchased wool, not a gift.

Does the red thread actually work on the wrist? From the point of view of science, of course, this is a completely empty action, which is in no way connected either with health or with financial well-being, or with other aspects of life. However, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the psychological aspect, sometimes stronger than any rational arguments. And if the talisman you put on your hand becomes for you that very source of balance and harmony, you shouldn’t betray it.

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