Popular professions for girls. prestigious and highly paid

The choice of profession is always very responsible. In different eras, the sought-after and prestigious professions for girls were completely different occupations. For a long time, originally female activity was considered to be related to home life and needlework. Today, the professional sphere has undergone many changes: girls can do absolutely any kind of work.

The most popular professions for girls

Currently, there is a fairly large number of professions for girls. As companies develop, they expand their staff, organize on-the-job training courses and equip jobs for the upper class.

Popular professions for girls

  1. The waitress is not the best job, but it is profitable, in demand and with a convenient schedule. You may encounter rudeness of customers, harassment, small tips and deception. The waitresses do not need higher education, you can get right after school. This is a good option for female students who find it difficult to combine study and work.
  2. The sales assistant and cashier is another popular job that is taken without higher education. The only skills that can be useful are the ability to communicate with people, politeness, computer and cash register knowledge. If you work in a clothing store, a sense of taste and style will come in handy.
  3. Conductor is a great opportunity to travel, diversify your life and just communicate with different people. There are plenty of minuses and advantages of this profession. For example, conductors are rarely at home, which interferes with personal life.
  4. Dispatcher is one of the most sought after women's positions. You need a pleasant voice, good communication style and politeness. However, dispatchers have a large turnover of personnel, because not everyone can cope with such work.

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Prestigious professions for girls

  • Lawyer and economist - these professions have always been and will be in demand. To find a prestigious position in this specialty, you need to get a higher education, do practical work and defend a diploma. In return for difficulties, you will get an interesting job, an opportunity to communicate and help people, prospects and a good salary.
  • Secretary-referent - pretty popular profession for girls. For this work, it is not necessary to have higher education, but a prerequisite is fluency in computer and office equipment, the ability to communicate with people and an attractive appearance.
  • The manager is a popular and sought-after profession. You can be a tourism, advertising, customer service, sales manager, etc. In this position, it is important to be able to communicate with people, know a foreign language at least at an intermediate level, own a computer. But you get a comfortable workplace, a good salary and a friendly team.
  • The teacher - this work has a low pay, but is an excellent opportunity to improve their pedagogical skills. Such a profession is ideal for girls who love children.
  • Accountant is another popular female profession. Yes, higher education should be, but not necessarily specialized. Enough to complete the relevant courses and you can get a job. Just do not chase immediately for a prestigious place and high salary. You can start from the bottom to gradually climb the career ladder and reach the top of your career.

Popular professions for girls

Interesting professions for girls

If you want not only to receive money, but also to do your favorite interesting work, you can choose one of the following professions.

  1. Instructor in yoga, fitness, shaping, dancing, etc. Such work will appeal to many girls. You will not only earn good money, but also independently regulate your working day and always be in excellent shape.
  2. A stewardess is a wonderful female profession. They always look great and earn enough. But if you are afraid of heights and do not tolerate flying well, then this option is not for you.
  3. Designer is a very interesting and prestigious profession. You can choose your direction and become a designer of furniture, clothing, accessories, shoes, landscape, interior, etc. But in this profession requires the ability to draw, talent and impeccable sense of taste.
  4. Hairdresser is a creative and truly female profession. You can complete several courses, undergo an internship at a beauty salon and get to work.
  5. A stylist is a job with which you can creatively show yourself and make many interesting and useful acquaintances. It is necessary to get a proper education, to complete the courses.

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Work is a big part of life. In the profession, you can express yourself and show others what you are capable of. Determine what you will do is difficult. The main thing is to set priorities for yourself and not try to find the perfect job right away. You must meet the requirements of the employer.

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