Poor man's habits

We ourselves sometimes do not notice how habits destroy us and poison our lives. It is difficult to get rid of already formed habits, but they can be replaced with more useful habits. Now we will talk about the habits of poor people.

Every person strives for wealth, not because it makes a person happy, but because money allows us to feel our importance and influence. They remove our restrictions and allow us to live as we dreamed. But we will never achieve what we have set out if we follow the habits of a poor person.

Excessive savings

Of course, it is not bad to plan your expenses and try not to spend money on any trifles. But everything is good in moderation, and when the desire for savings begins to manifest itself in everything, then this is one of the signs of a poor man’s thinking. Running in search of another sale and looking for discounts, we only waste time and nerves, and we still don’t win much in money. In addition, there is a law of turnover of money: when you try to gain something, then with another purchase or transaction you always lose money, and vice versa.

For example, you probably want your work to be paid for in dignity, then why do you think that other people will sell their high-quality goods and services at a low price? Free cheese is only in a mousetrap and therefore, trying to get everything at reduced prices, do not be surprised later that the quality will not be very great.

Unloved work

Why do day-to-day people go to an unloved job and complain that they are paid a meager salary? Show at least one employer who will pay a good salary to a person if he does everything from under the lash and thinks only about when the working day will end. Work should not be hard work, but on the contrary should bring positive and joy. Remember happy people - they are happy because they do what they love, and their favorite work not only gives us satisfaction, but it is also the key to wealth. Find a business to your liking, do it with maximum efficiency and soon you will reap the fruits of your efforts!

Copy someone else's path

Do you re-read the biography of your favorite actor and decide to follow in his footsteps? Are you meeting a classmate who has bought an expensive car and apartment and is also thinking of becoming a realtor? It is impossible to come up with a more stupid decision, you need to rely only on your own feelings, and not look around. The concept of happiness is not measured by a certain amount of money or the presence of some things, but by a loved one and close people nearby, and money is just a nice addition to happiness.

Self pity

In no case can you feel sorry for yourself, even if there is a reason for this. Someone initially born with fewer opportunities in life, but it can be a stimulus to action, and not a reason for pity. Pity is a manifestation of weakness, and it is only for you to decide which person to be: strong or weak. You can justify yourself all day long and refer to circumstances, but you can just decide that there are no circumstances, but only our desires and efforts.

In this world there is everything in full abundance, and the world doesn’t care whether you are a woman or a man, a slender or full person, with what color of skin and religion, he assesses your real efforts and efforts, and not physical or psychological data. If you still think you are so unhappy and deserve pity from others, then do not be surprised that you will always be offered low-paid jobs.

Unreasonable spending

It is necessary to measure their desires with the possibilities. For example, you are passionately dreaming to get yourself an expensive foreign car, but with your current salary you simply don’t pull such a car, so it’s wiser to send your strength and dreams to increase your capital, and not to the attributes of an expensive life.

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

Many want to get everything at once, but success comes to those who can wait. People with the consciousness of a poor person want to have a prestigious job right away, without thinking about having proven themselves to be an excellent employee in an average position, you can get promoted after a while. Or many young people consider the institute a waste of time, although in fact it gives them invaluable knowledge and experience. Have patience, and no matter what you do, do it well and with dedication.


After all, it is difficult for a person to live in the modern world, they pave their way through fraudulently or through the bed. Do you think like that? This is one of the failures and pessimism syndromes! How to deal with it? Switch to the positive: there is not only bad in the world, but also a lot of good, and everything just depends on what we are focusing on. Getting up every morning, do not think that this is another gray day in life, and when, finally, the weekend comes, repeat like a mantra: "Today I am going to my favorite work (study) and I will do everything possible to to show one hundred percent. This day will take me one step closer to success and wealth. "

Family break

Family is a great inspiration and support in difficult moments of life, and only a stupid person can not understand. Close ones will always understand and support, even if everyone else has turned away, and will help to get out of any situation. Successful people always find time to communicate with their relatives, to show their care and attention to them.

If you find yourself having one or two signs of a poor person, there is nothing terrible about this, just try to gradually get rid of these habits. But if everything described is about you, then this is a reason to sound the alarm - you urgently need to change your life, otherwise you will remain in poverty.

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