Poems at graduation in kindergarten

Poems will help kids learn about what is kindergarten and understand how much fun they will spend in it with other children. With the help of poetry, you can also prepare the child for the transition to primary school, express gratitude to the teachers, for their excellent work and warm attitude towards the children.

The best poems about kindergarten

Poems at graduation in kindergarten: examples

Ty boasts loudly:

- I'm quite big now! .. -

And, hugging girlfriend Asya,

I looked at the guys:

- I finish the nursery -

I enter the kindergarten!

The sun disappeared behind the houses

Leaving kindergarten.

I'm telling mom

About myself and about the guys.

As we sang songs in chorus,

How to play leapfrog,

What we drank

What we ate

What was read in kindergarten.

I tell you honestly

And in detail about everything.

I know mom is interested

Know about that

How we live.

We are different pictures

Drew themselves

Them over towels

They nailed themselves.

Olino Towel

Sasha will not take:

With a bird he will not confuse

Blue plane.

Knows your boat

Boria novice,

Misha - strawberries

Masha - top.

Serezha has an apple

Volodya has a pear

A picture of cherries

Chose Katyusha.

Butterfly - Igor,

Hare - Natasha ...

We do not confuse at all

Our towels!

New girl

In kindergarten. K girl new

I'll go now.

- Why are you on the sidelines?

After all, boring one.

Here are our toys,

Here is the elephant clockwork.

You see -

I brought him the key,

Now he will pass

From the wall to the table.

Here are our cubes,

We build houses.

You will learn too

Build yourself!

Come on, I'm going to the guys

I will take you.

All girls like

In kindergarten!

Kindergarten, kindergarten!

Kids go there in a hurry.

I go to see the garden -

What grows in such a garden?

Maybe pears, grapes?

I am always glad to see them! ..

- What are you, uncle, do not be ridiculous! -

They say kids to me.

And screaming with ten men:

"This is what we are growing in the garden!"

Kindergarten, kindergarten ...

Why say so?

We are not Osinki,

We're not rowans.

Vova, Klava, Misha -

This is not a cherry!

Kindergarten, kindergarten ...

Why say so?

We are not the leaves,

We are not flowers

Blue, Scarlet -

We guys are small!

Kindergarten, kindergarten ...

Why say so?

Because together in it

We are growing up with one family!

That's why they say:

- This house has a kindergarten!

We are with my girlfriend Toma

We go together to kindergarten.

This is not what's at home!

This is a school baby!

Here we do exercises,

Spoon eat right

We are accustomed to order!

Kindergarten is needed!

We learn poems and songs

In our group preschool children!

There is no place for us more wonderful!

What is your favorite kindergarten!

The pines are lined up,

Maples under the window,

The sun enters the kindergarten

Light path.

Look at everything in good time

In a vigilant manner:

Dip in a clean bowl,

Lying on the tablecloth.

Clean windows shine

Washed the floor boardwalk,

Wake up, kindergarten!

Good afternoon guys!

What rhymes can kindergarten graduates learn?

I have a neighbor Alla yesterday

Everything about the school told!

Go to school not to play,

At school, learn to read!

There girls and boys

Every day leafing through the books.

Even at noon they are not sleeping -

This is not a kindergarten!

I can go to school!

It is necessary only: grow up

Soup and porridge quickly eat

Mom and grandmother to listen ...

In the morning, go to the garden without tears,

And the sister to be an example!

Maples are sad at the fence- Day bye ...

Goodbye kindergarten


We sit at our desks

This fall!

Even a teddy bear

He does not want to sleep ...

On the floor sitting in the corner

They said goodbye to him.

Here are the rains on the glass

Rolled ...

Sad day, we guys

And fun.

Goodbye, kindergarten.

Hello, school!

Yellow leaves are flying,

The day is worth the fun.

Accompany kindergarten

Kids to school.

Flowers bloomed here,

Birds fly away.

-You go for the first time

in the first class to study.

Sad dolls are sitting

On an empty terrace.

Our cheerful kindergarten

Remember in class.

Remember the garden,

The river in the far field ...

We, too, a year later

We will be with you at school.

Holiday train departed,

Past the windows rushing ...

-Promised well

best of all to study

And we have a holiday today

Joyful, cheerful.

Goodbye, kindergarten!

Hello, school!

So that we grow bold,

Kind, skillful,

Know you all loved us

And taught to good.

Dress very quickly

Wash very clean

Books by syllables to read,

All that we see, count,

Gently, quickly eat,

Even all not count.

We painted, sculpted

From colored plasticine,

We went on excursions

And played with Pinocchio,

They also played hide and seek,

Daughters-mothers, horses

And drove round dance

Near the Christmas tree in the New Year!

We love music and fairy tales,

Our songs and dances,

We love games on the day of birth,

Love the holiday and fun!

Today we see off

To Wonderland and Knowledge,

And we go to the first class,

Thank you, good bye!

Goodbye, garden fun!

I'll go to school in September.

For now I will hide notebooks

And I'll go to the cottage!

Sit on the shore

For mushrooms run,

Shake the dew from the grass,

I will bring strawberries,

With a long fishing rod from a stick

I will go fishing.

I'm on the sand

In a fast river swim.

Since September I am a student!

Mom will buy me a diary

And a briefcase and books,

We are not babes anymore!

We are students now,

Have matured: believe - do not believe!

Poems of gratitude to teachers

Poems at graduation in kindergarten: examples

Who will tell about everything:

Why is thunder

How do the plants work?

And what kind of machines,

And how gardeners

Smash flower beds,

And about the north, and about the south,

And about all that is around

And about coal, and about gas,

About the taiga and about the Caucasus,

About the bear, about the fox

And about the berries in the forest?

Who will teach to draw,

Build, sew and embroider,

Having got the guys in a circle,

Read them a poem,

Say: "Learn it yourself,

And then read mom "

Who will understand right away

Why Oleg is fighting,

Why have Ghali with Nina

He took away the doll

Why an elephant made of clay

Misha immediately broke?

This is a teacher,

This is Olga Pavlovna.

Olga Pavlovna loves

All my guys

Very Olga Pavlovna

He loves kindergarten!

For young children, poems are very important. They read them moms from a very early age. That is why this form of literature for kids is closest. Graduation in kindergarten - the first important event in the life of your crumbs. Therefore, it would be most appropriate to accompany him with current poetic lines!

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