Photoshoot in doll style


As a child, all girls and women played with dolls, arranging children's tea parties and mother-daughter games with their artificial daughters. Ask yourself - would you like to turn into a doll at least for a moment? Not the soulless and plastic creature that girls play, but the same perfect beauty that everyone admires and admires. Remember, because the dolls have everything perfect - the proportions of the figure, facial features, hair ...

Remember your Barbie, which has become an example for many modern blondes trying to become like their ideal of beauty. If you even thought for a minute about your reincarnation, then this article is for you!

What are interesting doll-style photo shoots?

So, why is a doll-style photo shoot interesting? Firstly, in such a photo shoot, a living person seems to freeze and become a toy in the hands of the photographer. It turns out a kind of picture. If you looked at the photos in this style, then you should have noticed that the person in the photo seems to be completely not alive, but plastic (of course, this also has the merit of the photographer who skillfully photographed photos).

A photo session in the style of a doll gives you the opportunity to experiment with plastic. Each movement of the arms, legs, neck, turns out to be unfinished. In our body, as is known to many since the days of school biology, there are not only major muscles, but also many small muscles, thanks to which you can build absolutely incredible grimaces. Dolls, unfortunately, except that to turn the head, to bend knees and elbows (and even not all "plastic girls" have such privileges) are not able to do anything else.

Dolls are not peculiar to facial expressions and smiles (although Barbie’s smile still adorns many magazines), they don’t know how to express their emotions and joy. This is a photo shoot in the style of a doll - you have to overpower yourself and stand still, use not 1000 muscles in the photo shoot, but only 1-20.

Ideas for a doll-style photo shoot

There can be a lot of ideas for photo shoots - here you can find a Barbie doll, a porcelain doll, and a baby doll, etc. Let's look at the options for photo shoots in different puppet images.

  • Photo session in the style of a Barbie doll or BarbieStyle. Do you remember why she is famous? Her snow-white teeth, blond curls, perfect body and glamorous clothes, plus she was friends with Ken. If you want to present yourself as Barbie, wear a blond wig (hair should be loose if possible), glamorous pink clothes and portray your favorite girls. You can find yourself in Ken's assistants and figure out a love story. It would be nice to find somewhere a dollhouse with all the bells and whistles and something to depict.

  • Photo session in the style of pups. All girls love this doll. How nice to feel like a caring mom and take care of an artificial child. To feel like a baby doll, get a pacifier, diapers, a big stroller (although you can do without it), a cap and a short T-shirt. It is better if you do not paint, otherwise the whole effect will be greased.

  • Photo session in the style of Malvina. Malvina is also a doll. Photo session in the form of Malvina is interesting because you can feel yourself like a heroine of a cartoon. Get a blue wig, a big bow, pantaloons, a dress and Artemon (but this is not necessary), do the appropriate makeup and experiment. Remember how Malvina behaved and pose for the camera.

In general, you can come up with many puppet-style photo shoots, the main thing is desire and fantasy. Do not try to stretch your lips with a straw or make a languid look - there should be no such effect in this photo shoot.

The most difficult thing in this photo shoot is to stand still and enter the image. But at the exit you will receive wonderful photos that you will often examine and smile with each memory.