Photo shoot ideas for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a great miracle created by nature. Waiting for this event, preparing for it for a long time. That is why I want so much to leave in memory such an unforgettable beautiful moment!

The photo session for pregnant women will help to capture forever those feelings experienced by a woman who is expecting a baby.

Photo shoot ideas for pregnant women

Photo shoot for pregnant women: where to start?

  • First of all, you need to carefully approach the choice of the photographer. This is an important detail, if not the most important! First, review the existing work of the photographer, especially on the topics that interest you. Do you like these photos? Do you like the style of the photo shoot? Does a pregnant woman look beautiful on a photo? Is the photo shoot idea visible or is the woman just photographed?
  • Secondly, chat with the photographer himself. It is desirable that it was a woman. Before her, you will not be so ashamed of exposing your tummy, you will be more relaxed. Besides, who else but a woman will understand you best?
  • After you have decided on a photographer who will be entrusted with such an important shooting, you should think about what you will wear, what accessories will complement your outfit. Of course, first of all, it will depend on the season, and whether you will have a photo session or a studio session. However, try to choose lighter, streaming outfits. If you doubt and can not choose one outfit from several, feel free to take everything with you! In the process of shooting, you can change clothes, and the photos will be even more interesting.

Photo shoot ideas for pregnant women

  • Discuss the idea of ​​a photo shoot with your photographer. Well, if he has several of them - you will have plenty to choose from. You can use all sorts of attributes of a photo shoot for pregnant women - children's little things (you probably already have something prepared for the future baby), rattles, small toys, bottles, nipples, and little books. You can grab with you a large book of fairy tales, which you probably have at home.

Ideas photo shoot during pregnancy

  • If you have an assistant with the gift of an artist, or in the event that your photographer draws well, you can paint the stomach. You can draw anything you want - a small child, flowers, butterflies, hearts, and so on. If none of your friends have an artist's talent, you can simply draw a smiley on your tummy - the navel will be a nose, draw eyes from above (open or closed - as you wish), under the navel - mouth (open or closed). If you want to make a photo shoot for pregnant women with an element of humor - draw a kinder surprise on the whole tummy.

Photo shoot ideas for pregnant women

  • The use of various phrases written on the tummy of a pregnant woman has become popular recently. Phrases can be anything, and in any language. You can write "Waiting for a miracle" or "We are waiting for you!", Or "We love you!". In a word - what is enough for your imagination. If you do not want to paint the stomach in any way, you can make a photo session with signs that you will keep at the level of the tummy. The inscriptions on these plates can also be varied.
  • If you already know for sure what gender your baby will be, you can tie a tummy around with a ribbon of the desired color and tie a bow. Such photos look incredibly beautiful and tender.
  • If you decide to arrange a photo session with the future father of the baby, this is doubly great! The best idea for such a photo shoot for pregnant women is to show care and maximum tenderness towards you. Let the photo show how your loved one helps to get over the trickle, how he embraces you, how gently he holds his shoulders. And, of course, how she puts her ear to her tummy, trying to hear the baby, how she holds her tummy with her hands, kisses him.
  • If you decide to arrange a photo session in nature, try to bring along a small table, a couple of chairs, blankets, dishes and candles. Laid on the nature of the table and drinking tea together look very romantic in the photos. It feels like you and nature are one! If your photo session will take place near the reservoir, be sure to use it during a photo shoot! Photos can be made on the background of water or standing in the water. In addition, if there is a boat station on the pond, you can combine business with pleasure - take a boat ride and arrange a photo session.

Photo shoot ideas for pregnant women

  • If you have older children who are looking forward to the birth of their younger brother or sister, be sure to take them with you. Let them take part in a photo shoot too. They can show in the photo how they help you in this happiest, but difficult period of your life. Let them, along with their dad, hug you, listen to the crumbs inside, set the table.
  • If you have pets, you can make a photo session with their participation. A little cat, gently curled on your lap, a dog sitting at your feet, or a parrot, sitting on your shoulder. All these photos will look very harmonious and interesting!
  • And finally, the idea of ​​a photo shoot, for the implementation of which you do not need to hire a photographer. Select the clothing and place for the photo session in advance. Then, once a month, respectively from the first to the ninth month of pregnancy, stand in a predetermined place in the same clothes, and ask someone, such as a spouse, to photograph you. With each new photo, you will see how you are changing, and how your future baby is growing up. When the child grows up, it will be very interesting for him to watch such a photo session!

Photo shoot ideas for pregnant womenPhoto shoot ideas for pregnant women

No matter what idea for a photo shoot of pregnant women you choose, do not forget that a pregnant woman is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Do not think that you look somehow wrong - that you have extra centimeters and kilograms. In fact, all these centimeters and kilograms make you even more feminine, even more beautiful!

In addition, imagine that after many years, you will be able to view your photo session time after time, and each time remember what an exciting and unusual miracle it was!

Easy pregnancy to you!

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