Passport replacement after the last name change

Each woman dreams of a luxurious wedding and looks forward to this happy day with impatience. However, the registration of marriage, along with the long-awaited happiness and brings a lot of trouble, in particular, the change of documents. And if the newly-minted husband doesn’t need to change any business papers, then the bride will have to beg for the timely replacement of a number of documents. This article will discuss how to replace a passport after changing the name.

Replacing a passport when changing the name after marriage

Most girls change their maiden name during marriage registration

Most girls change their maiden name during marriage registration. But some, on the contrary, because of the upcoming paperwork and additional troubles, prefer to leave a premarital surname. Russian legislation also stipulates that spouses can take a double surname, that is, combine two into one. However, in this case, the newly-made wife will have to replace the already existing document proving her identity.

In addition to the passport, after marriage, the following documents are also replaced:

  • driver's license;
  • international passport;
  • title documents;
  • work book;
  • policy;
  • bank contracts;
  • pensioner's ID;
  • accounts, as well as cards, etc.

All of the above documents are replaced on the basis of a new passport containing information about the acquired surname and the reason for its change.

What time do I need to replace my passport?

The legislation of our country has set a deadline for obtaining a new document confirming the identity and belonging to Russian citizenship after the registration of marriage. The Family Code provides that a passport must be changed after one calendar month, more precisely, 30 days after making an entry in marriage. This procedure should be carried out exclusively at the place of official registration of the girl.

Passport replacement when changing the name after marriage is done at the authorized division of the Federal Migration Service or the passport office. Very often in practice there are cases when a young family has registered a marriage and does not live permanently at the place of registration. Then the woman can change the passport in the authorized body at the place of temporary actual stay.

In this case, the deadline for submission of documents is substantially extended and is two months. During this time, the new wife should apply to the Federal Migration Service for migration registration. Authorized body will provide temporary registration. On the basis of the registration certificate issued, you can contact the nearest passport and visa department.

Required documents

As a rule, the application form is issued in the passport and visa office

To obtain a new passport after registration of marriage, the following documents should be submitted:

  • original passport;
  • 3.5x4.5 format photographs - 4 pcs .;
  • The basis of the document for the replacement of a passport (marriage certificate) - the original and a copy;
  • registration document;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • application form filled in with his own hand.

As a rule, the application form is issued in the passport and visa office. In it you will indicate your personal data, as well as information about the spouse and parents, information about your passport, place of registration, the basis for replacement (number, series and date of issue of a marriage certificate).

As practice shows, copies of the documents provided must be notarized. But in addition to this, the originals must be presented in the passport office along with copies for verification of data.

Do I need to change my passport after changing my pre-marital family name?

Many girls after marriage registration are faced with the question of changing their passport. In cases where you have gathered immediately after the wedding to go on a trip abroad, you can use your old foreign passport and present a marriage certificate, but when you return, be sure to deal with the receipt of a proper document.

To obtain a passport for a new name, you will need to contact the OVIR. And for this you will need the following documents:

  • receipt confirming payment of state duty;
  • photographs - 4 pcs. 3.5x4.5;
  • old international passport (original);
  • internal passport confirming the citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • application - 2 copies;
  • employment record - original and certified copy.

How much is the replacement of a passport when changing the name?

In addition to the necessary list of documentary acts, giving the basis for a change of passport, the girl must pay the state fee. Payment details are best obtained at the passport office, since the data for each district and cities of federal significance differ.

The state duty when replacing a passport when changing the name is paid in any banking institution. As a rule, in each branch of the bank there are ready receipts on payment of the state duty with the filled in details - you only need to enter the amount and put the date and signature. Also, sample receipts can be found on the global network. You can fill in the form yourself, but you just need to know the correct details.

The cost of replacing a passport varies from 200 to 500 rubles. It all depends on the region. As practice shows, in the cities of federal destination (in Moscow and St. Petersburg) the state duty is always higher. The receipt must be attached to the rest of the documents when submitting them to the passport and visa department. Passport is issued within 10 calendar days. If you applied to the passport and visa department at the place of actual residence, then this period is extended up to two months.

To replace the passport will need to pay a fee of 1000 rubles. If you plan to get a passport with a built-in microchip (chip), then the state duty will be about 2500 rubles.

To date, the possibilities of the global network are very great, so you can use the special portal of State services and order a new passport in one click. On the profile site you fill out the necessary forms, pay the fees and attach the documents, and the specialists of OVIR or the passport and visa department inform you about the date and place of issuing a new passport.

For what and how much can be fined?

Is there a liability if in a timely manner not to replace a passport after marriage

Many women, perhaps, are interested in the question of whether responsibility is foreseen, if the passport is not replaced in a timely manner after marriage. Responsibility for violation of the established deadlines for obtaining a new passport and using an invalid document confirming the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation is enshrined at the legislative level.

The countdown of this period begins from the date of registration of the record. After 30 calendar days, the civil registry office transmits information to the passport and visa department. If during this time you did not apply to the passport and visa department, then the authorized official draws up a decree on imposing penalties.

The size of the penalty is provided for by the Administrative Code of Offenses and ranges from 2 to 3 thousand rubles. The maximum amount of the fine cannot be exceeded. If you have overdue the change of the old passport, then at the place of your registration will receive a notice of imposing a penalty. A fine is necessarily payable.

At the legislative level, it is stipulated that the amount of the fine in cities of federal purpose (the main and northern capital) varies from three to five thousand rubles. As you can see, in this case, delay is useless. It is best to arrange the documents in a timely manner, the more overdue (invalid) passport can give you a lot of inconvenience in everyday life.

In general, the replacement of a passport is not such a complicated procedure. Contact in a timely manner the specialists of the passport and visa department, and they will tell you what documents you need to provide. Dear representatives of the fair sex, remember that after changing the pre-marital family you will need to replace not only your passport, but also a number of other personal documents. All this can be done with time, the main thing is to get the main document of a citizen with a new name in time.

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