Party contests. features of competitions for children's

An important event for you is coming, and you want to celebrate it in a special way. On this occasion, you decide to arrange a holiday. Having prepared the appropriate design, goodies and convened guests, do not forget about fun games and competitions for parties, designed to maintain vigor and optimism at a party.

Party contests for kids

Parties for children - noisy and fun holidays. They can be confined to anything. This could be the birthday of the baby or any other significant celebration. Regardless of the occasion, at the party everything should be fun and interesting.

Party contests

Competition "Miracle Yudo"

For this entertainment event you will need sheets of paper and pencils. The first participant should go to the table with a piece of paper and draw the head of the future character. You can draw anyone, for example, a cat. Having depicted the head, the child must bend the sheet so that the next participant does not see what he has painted.

The next one is to draw the neck, torso and arms. 3rd party - legs. Each of them will have to fold in the part of the piece on which he drew something. At the end of drawing sheet unbent. The point is that each participant does not know what the previous one draws. It turns out pretty funny pictures that can amuse the company.

Game "Greedy"

To conduct this game on the floor you need to throw a large number of balloons. To make it more interesting to play, it is better for participants to give out wide pants and sweaters. The essence of the competition is to pack as many balls as possible into the pants and under the jacket in the allotted time. Wins, respectively, the one who managed to recruit a larger number.

Game "10 notes"

This game is great for birthday party. It is considered a child, but it will be appropriate in an adult company. All you need is 10 pieces of paper, on each of which you should write where the next one is hidden. All pieces of paper are laid out in the places assigned to them, and the first one is given to the players. The task is to collect all the papers. If the party is organized in honor of the birthday of the child, then in this way you can hide a gift.

Relay with fantasy

As you know, fantasies for children are more than enough, so this competition will be interesting in a young company. The participants of the game should think up independently how to perform the intricate tasks of the leader. Those who want to play must be divided into 2 teams. At the command of the leader, players must perform his tasks. For example, you can ask guys to run a distance like a square. That is, children will have to imagine how the square runs and translate it into reality. Tasks need to come up in advance. That is, the lead will have to show imagination. The more tricky the ideas, the more interesting the game. Winners in it are defined by spectators.

"Feed the Chick"

For the competition you will need a few packs of popcorn, 2 cups, a few Chinese chopsticks. The game involves 10 people who are divided into 2 teams. From each team choose 1 participant, who sits on a chair or sofa and opens his mouth. This member plays the role of a chick. All the others are parents who have to feed him. 2 cups with the same amount of popcorn are placed at a distance of 3-4 m from the chick. Armed with Chinese chopsticks, at the signal of the presenter, team members must move the popcorn from the cup to the chick. The winner is the team that quickly feeds the entire popcorn.

Party contests for teens

Party contests

"Diction defects"

For the game invited guys who, in their opinion, have an excellent diction and sense of humor. The facilitator needs to stock up on some Chupa Chups candy. The task for the competition, it would seem, is simple. You just need to introduce yourself to the public, but it will have to do it with candy on the cheek. As a rule, everyone copes with this stage, but this is only the beginning. The next phrase should be the name and date of birth, but now for the cheek will be 2 candies. And so every time: 1 more word is added to the phrase, and 1 more candy is placed in the mouth. Wins the one who can speak clearly longer with a lot of candy in his mouth.

The game "Confusion"

Leading is chosen, who should step aside and in no case pry the actions of the participants in the game. They should be in a circle, holding hands. Further, they should confuse their chain as intricate as possible. You can step over each other’s arms, crawl under them, even twist. The only rule is to not break the chain of hands.

When the ball is completely confused, the driver enters the game. He should appreciate what the participants intended and try to unravel the tangle by giving various commands. If the chain breaks in the process of the driver’s lead, or one of the players falls, it is considered that he did not cope with the task. To give the game a competitive spirit, you can divide the players into 2 groups and select the 2 leading ones. The one who is the first to cope with the task will win.

Halloween contest

The players are tasked to feed the kikimor. Naturally, first, these same Kikimor should be chosen (for example, 2). Also need to choose and breadwinners. Kikimoram need to give the proper appearance with the help of cosmetics and hair styling. The breadwinners should be blindfolded.

For the competition, you need to stock up on various marmalade worms, snakes, and so on. Sweet living creatures - after all, this is a favorite food of kikimor. Blindfolded, each breadwinner must feed his pikimora. 5 minutes are allocated for feeding. Then the breadwinner and Kikimora change places. Wins tandem, which will have time to eat all the goodies.

Hawaiian Party Contests

Party contests

Hawaiian party is a great way to celebrate almost any event. This theme is easy to stylize. Stock up on Hawaiian garlands, coconuts, and other fruits, pick up the appropriate outfits and, of course, don't forget about the traditional contests for such a party.

Game-dance "Limbo"

Limbo is a traditional Hawaiian party game. It consists in the passage of a person under a predetermined bar. Instead of relying slats, you can stretch the rope or tape. Passing under the bar, you can not lean forward or squat, just lean back. The game should be conducted under traditional music.

After all participants have overcome the barrier, the bar should be lowered below. When the obstacle to go down very low, you can not touch the floor with his hands and, accordingly, the obstacle itself should remain intact. The player who failed the task is eliminated. Wins the one who can overcome the bar when it will be at the lowest level.

Sport games

In the event that a Hawaiian-style party takes place outdoors, you can organize various sports, such as football, beach volleyball, heats and races. If you want to make a little extreme sports, jumps into the water and over the fire will come to the rescue.

At home, the sport also does not hurt: play bowling. To do this, instead of the pins, use empty bottles, and instead of balls, coconuts or other large fruits.

Halachup Competition

Children's fun with halachup is perfect for a Hawaiian party. It's simple. First, let the participants practice and remember the movements needed to twist the halochup. Then you can start the competition. The one who will be able to twist the projectile the longest will win.

Whatever the party on the subject and age of the guests, it can be made fun and exciting through competitions. There are a lot of different games and competitions. The main thing is to choose the most suitable for your company.

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