Overcome stress

What is stress?

Our organism responds to any strong external influences by mobilizing defensive abilities. Sometimes the strength of such an impact is so great that the protective barriers are not able to block the negative consequences. This chain reaction of negative effects that is triggered in our body under the influence of external factors is called stress. And the state when the body cannot “digest” the effects of the transferred stress is called “distress”.

No one is immune from the troubles of life. Why are some people more stressed than others? It is believed that if a mother experiences stress during pregnancy, then the unborn child also feels it. The more experiences and worries the mother experiences, the more it affects the baby. Stress gradually accumulates and such children in adulthood are much more prone to stress and cardiovascular diseases.

But speaking objectively, stress is a normal reaction of the body, a mechanism of adaptation to the conditions of the living environment, which can also give positive results. After all, it is nothing but a mechanism of adaptation to the conditions of the living environment. Athletes in competitions will experience a state of stress, their body mobilizes all their strength, and helps to win and set records. Scientists believe that stress boosts the immune system, forcing the body to work more efficiently. But sometimes stress and its effects accumulate over the years, which often leads to depression (See How to deal with depression. There is an exit!) and many other serious illnesses. It is such a long-term stress that is dangerous for health, and we must fight it first!

Overcoming stress - ways from around the world

  • China

Chinese wisdom says: "To get rid of sadness, rearrange 27 items at home." By rearranging things, you release stagnant energy. This method works in practice. Being engaged in rearrangement, willy-nilly, you will distract from negative thoughts, and concentrating on the number 27 (not more, not less) will allow you to finally clear your mind.

  • Japan

Japanese scientists believe that you can deal with stress through physical exertion. Remember the wonderful slogan: "Running from heart attack and stress"? However, the Japanese went a little further in their studies. They believe that ordinary jumps and squats can not do here. Forms of discharge should provide the output of emotions, so universal means on the way to overcome stress, you can call boxing (better with a boxing bag - less traumatic) and smashing dishes.

  • Germany

From stress helps ... stress! Scientists from Germany advised to treat stress with cold. If the voltage begins to roll off, it is necessary to go out a little to the cold without outerwear. The temperature should be minus, but not minus 40, of course! When cooled, the brain begins to produce the pleasure hormone serotonin and stress subsides. A similar shake-up of the body can be given by running barefoot in the snow or swimming in the hole, but not everyone will decide on this!

Stress management mechanisms

  • Sleep.

Stress provokes insomnia, insomnia leads to stress. Vicious circle. Normal deep sleep, at least seven hours a day is the most natural and easily accessible way to prevent and combat the effects of stress.

  • Sex

During stress, the mood of love may be completely absent. According to statistics, 70% of men and women experience difficulties in the sexual sphere as a result of stress. But if it is true that stress is the main enemy of sex, then the opposite is also true. Sex allows you to get rid of feelings of fear and insecurity, allows you to disconnect for a while from the problems of this world, plunging into the world of your own, inner experiences.

  • Dance

This way of dealing with stress has a long history. People from ancient times used dance to relieve tension. After all, not primitive people danced around the fire after the hunt. Now there are dance therapy studios, but in fact, all you need to relieve stress: music that you like, a rhythm that responds to your body with the desire to move to the beat, and you yourself.

  • Music

Music heals, but only that which really pleases. Avicenna also recommended treating melancholy by listening to music and singing birds.

  • Nutrition

Food is one of the most common ways to overcome stress. "Sticking" the problem is peculiar to both men and women. It is clear that the abuse of this method will not slow down to affect the figure. But while eating, the hormone of joy is produced, and some foods provoke its increased secretion, for example, strawberries, dates, bananas and chocolate.

  • Communication with nature

Rest in the fresh air, in Ali from city noise, what could be nicer ?! But even if for some reason this is not feasible, there are alternative options. According to American scientists, houseplants reduce the influence of stress factors on humans. Even a picture of nature, hung in the office, will favorably influence both the atmosphere in the team and the emotional state of the employees. Pets also help relieve stress. They do not betray and do not cheat, always waiting for the return of the owner. Emotional communication is very important for the formation of stress tolerance.

  • Relaxation

With relaxation, modern man has big problems. We are constantly in a hurry somewhere, constantly worrying about something, thoughts, thoughts, washing ... They attack our brain. In the east, meditation has been practiced since antiquity. She was given great importance in the process of self-development and improvement. Deep relaxation and stopping the cycle of thoughts can dispel the effects of a stressful situation no worse than a deep sleep. Perhaps even better. Indeed, during relaxation and meditation, the brain switches to other frequencies, which allows you to discover the creative potential and hidden reserves.

Interesting facts about stress

Women have a natural defense mechanism against stress - the hormones oxytocin and estrogen, acting together, provide a calming effect and help relive stress more quickly and painlessly. For a modern person, rest can be a stressful situation. Many people on vacation experience discomfort due to lack of activity, so they wear themselves out swimming in the pool, trying to create at least some semblance of employment. Scientists call this the "summer rest syndrome". In recent years, a new kind of stress has emerged - from email. The need to respond to a huge and endless stream of correspondence puts people in a stressful state. Under the influence of stress factors, a person ages faster, because stress affects those parts of the chromosomes that are responsible for cell aging. During kisses, enzymes are produced that prevent the formation of some of the stress hormones, namely, adrenal hormones - glucocorticoids. Therefore, kiss on health!

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