Magic of money

Without money, nowhere. They give us the opportunity to realize all our entertainment plans, get a good education and medical care.

Unfortunately, modern society shows more respect for the category of citizens who have the power and large sums of money, and society’s personal characteristics that a particular person possesses are of little concern.

Money has its magical properties. There is the so-called magic of money, which can contribute to the attraction and accumulation of cash reserves in the hands of a particular person or couple. In the first case they talk about attracting money to the wallet, in the second - about attracting money to the house.

The magic of money is built on the energy that money possesses. Experts say that a banknote or coin, like all objects of the material world, is the owner of the mind and emotional background. The nature of money is characterized by its laws. There are certain ways in which money comes to us.

First of all, you should try to feel the money in their hands. It is the very word "feel" that has a very important meaning. If there is no money, you can imagine their presence so clearly and obviously, as if they were always in large quantities.

However, it is not enough to feel, although it is an important element of the work of our consciousness.

It is important to know the rules for handling money that will help you to always have it in your wallet.

Money handling rules:

  • First rule. You need to be good with money, because they feel the way you are directed towards them. Indifference should not be. If they feel the negative or coldness towards them, they will simply leave you.
  • Rule two. What do the money in your wallet look like? How are they laid out? Xx should be put in a hierarchy and very neat. Spread out crumpled bills. The money should be in the wallet so that all the banknotes are face down in one direction.
  • Rule Three. Money loves beautiful storage space. Bother to buy a nice beautiful wallet. To be neatly made and whole.
  • Rule fourthoh When you buy a wallet, remember that this should be done on Thursday before dinner and on the young moon. Do not bargain in the hope of buying goods at a discount. For a purse is better to overpay. This method is very effective. Once purchased, sprinkle it with holy water and hold it over a burning candle brought from the church.
  • Fifth Rule. Each compartment of your new wallet should keep its notes in order of seniority.
  • Sixth rule. Pinch glad banknotes in your fist, relax and think about something pleasant for you.

Imagine that you are rich and talk with money, try to persuade them not to leave you. So repeat three times a day for forty days. Of course the procedure is cumbersome, but it is worth it.

Then, from the amount of money that you squeezed in your fist, select for yourself a bit and set aside. It will be a magnet for all other money. To spend the amount that you have postponed, you can not in any case.

  • Rule Seven. Do not even think of leaving your wallet empty. Always leave at least one, and preferably a couple of bills.
  • Rule eight. You can only lend to relatives or very close and dear to you people. Borrow them a sum of money that does not hit your budget.
  • Rule Nine. If you yourself borrowed, then you should not give money on the thirteenth and thirty-first days, and Monday is also not favorable for a refund.
  • Rule Ten. Try not to carry out any operations with money after sunset. It is better to postpone all your ideas for tomorrow, as they say: morning is wiser than evening.

In addition to the fact that you can feel how to present money, it is still very important for you to pull it towards you and be able to hold onto what has been pulled. The magic of money involves a number of possibilities so that we can attract money. These are mostly magical rituals.

That's right, because the magic of money must be made to work for you. But how to do it? Of course, only magical actions can help you with this.

Let us consider with you how exactly you should act, what to say and do in order to attract money and keep money around you.

Hypnotic trance or reserves of your subconscious

Sit in a chair. The pose should be very comfortable. Relax. Breathe smoothly and calmly. Feel your breath and how the air passes through your entire body. The moment you are completely relaxed, imagine a telephone set in front of you. Mentally pick up the phone and dial the phone number that came into your head. Scored? Fine. Now you'll hear a voice. This is a direct contact with your inner self with your subconscious.

Now mentally speak with an imaginary interlocutor, using phrases:

  1. I am able to earn good money;
  2. I deserve a high salary;
  3. I was determined to have a lot of money.

At that moment, when you fully convince yourself of what you are saying, hang up the phone, do breathing exercises (three deep breaths and exhalations) and open your eyes. Well, how do you feel?

Magical rituals

  • Cash receipt

In the new month, take a sheet of paper in the evening, when it is dark, and write a receipt from someone else’s name. Indicate in it the amount of money that you would like to have, and enter your data (first name, last name and patronymic) as the recipient. Be sure to write the date when this money should come to you.

By the way, instead of a specific amount, you can leave a space in your receipt.

Now you should hide the receipt where no one can find it.

It will take time and when the day comes that is specified in the receipt, as the date of the refund, the money will come to you.

  • Money stone

It is enough for you to find a stone on your street and bring it home. Wash it and clean it. Now light a candle above it (you can use the church) and make a drawing on a stone in the form of a bill. Now mentally imagine that a stone acts like a magnet, but it attracts not metal, but money. So much money. Submitted? Good. Now put this stone in a prominent place in your house or apartment.

  • Stairs

Imagine in your mind that you can earn two thousand rubles a month. Study this idea for a long time several times a day. So for three days. Then climb the stairs of your financial success and present every three days a larger and larger amount. However, you should relate your capabilities with your desires.

  • Ball of the universe

Each of us is part of the universe. We are like grains of sand in vast outer space. The energy of the universe is very high. Try to send at least a little bit of this energy to your advantage.

Close your eyes, relax. Imagine a floating ball in front of you. This is a bunch of energy that will help you.

Mentally try to see how the money fills this ball. Now stretch your hands to him and rub his palms. You must feel the warmth that comes from the ball. Soak in it. The trickles of warm and bright energy should be transmitted to you and pass through your body, warming it as the rays of the bright spring sun.

Everything will hang from your imagination. How much power your idea possesses will influence the outcome of what you have planned, that is, it will have an impact on attracting money.

  • Subconscious code

You can simply simply develop a set of phrases for yourself in which it will be said that you are worthy of wealth and how much you deserve.

Memorize these phrases and repeat them every day. At first, your consciousness will work, because you consciously wake up to utter words that you have memorized, to strain your memory, in order to remember how the phrase is pronounced, how it was constructed. But time will pass and the words themselves will fly off your lips. There will be such time gaps when your consciousness simply turned off (you will think about some problem and at the same time you will pronounce the phrases). Then your subconscious will begin its work on you.

The subconscious effect on a person is many times stronger than the action of consciousness (thought). Phrases containing thoughts about money will be deposited in the subconscious and bring you good results. This is a kind of programming, but only that which happens in your brain, and not in a personal computer. Believe me, the method is very effective.

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