Lending and its benefits

Currently, lending has been widely developed. A rare resident of our country has never acquired anything on credit. Indeed, what could be better - in the absence of funds to become the owner of the desired things right now ?! And the number of banks that are ready to offer such a service is currently a large number.

What is a loan? This is a certain amount of money that the bank is ready to provide to the client for temporary use for a certain fee. There are various types of loans: consumer loans, cash loans, car loans, mortgage loans, credit cards. But, whatever types of lending exist, they all have one thing in common - one has to pay for using other people's money. Like every service, lending has its advantages. Consider them.

Advantages of lending

  • The most important addition has become the advertising slogan of some banks. "Buy now, pay later!" Did you hear? Indeed, it’s great to be the owner of the right thing right now, and give the money later, in small portions, which don’t give away on the budget.
  • The thing that you have looked after now, and its purchase was postponed for later, can become more expensive. And when you come to buy it, having on hand the necessary amount, it turns out that again you can not buy it.
  • The existence of interest-free loans. Such promotions, most often, offer stores selling household appliances. And this is not a hoax! If you add up all the payments, then make sure that the amount you paid to the bank at the exit is equal to the amount of the purchase. What's the catch? The fact is that, in this case, the store pays a certain amount of money to the bank instead of you. "But then, this amount was originally included in the price of the goods!" - you will object. Yes, but if you buy a thing for cash, you will get it at the same price!
  • Once you take a loan, and in due time, paying it off without delay, you will create for yourself an excellent credit history. And then, if you ever want to take a larger loan, for example, a car or a mortgage, having a positive credit history - it will be much easier to do. The bank will initially treat you with confidence.
  • In the case of a mortgage, plus is obvious. You get the opportunity to live in your own home right now, without paying a “foreign uncle” for a rented apartment.
  • Another plus in the case of registration of the mortgage. Before you can buy an apartment, it will be checked by a bank lawyer for its legal purity. Thus, you protect yourself from buying an apartment with children, disabled people or other persons registered in it.
  • Taking a loan, you will learn how to plan your budget. After all, now, for some time, you need to give a certain amount every month. And this amount is constant.
  • Having made a purchase on credit, you will protect yourself from such a phenomenon as inflation. After all, what you buy today for a certain amount, tomorrow you can no longer buy. Thus, you like to "freeze" the cost of purchase. In addition, having bought the necessary thing on credit now, you will be sure that it will not disappear from the shelves by the time you collect money for it.

  • Looking for a certain thing or planning a repair, you will not have to wait until you can save a certain amount of money, do not have to borrow from friends and acquaintances.
  • The loan is very relevant and necessary when you had a breakdown. For example, in the midst of a hot summer, the refrigerator broke down. It's clear that you will not start saving for him, but go and take a loan.
  • Every year, banks are all reducing interest rates on consumer loans. This is due to the fact that there is a large number of competitors. And in order not to drown in the competition, banks have to attract customers lower interest rates.
  • In most cases, you have the opportunity to pay off your debts to the bank earlier than the term indicated in the contract. Thus, you will remove the burden of the debtor, and reduce the overpayment.
  • Currently, credit experts are well trained and work fairly quickly. Therefore, you do not spend a lot of time making out a loan.
  • In the case of a credit card, you, as it were, get a wallet with non-cash money. The card often helps out in situations where there is not enough cash to pay for the purchase. And also when you did not calculate the budget, and the cash ran out a few days before the salary. Besides a credit card, it’s also security. If you are going to another city, there is no need to carry a large amount of money with you. It is enough to take a card.
  • Most banks, at present, provide loans with no down payment. It is very convenient. You can, without having a penny, get the right thing or service.
  • Cash loan you can arrange in various currencies. If this question is important for you, you do not need to issue a ruble loan, and then go through the exchange procedure, as a result of which it may turn out that there is less money in the necessary currency than is necessary.
  • Most loans now - non-earmarked. That is, you do not need to report to the bank on what you spent the money taken from it. Even if you have their all prokutili in one evening - it's just your business.

As we can see, there are quite a lot of credits. But, like any other medal, and this one has a flip side. That is, cons. What are the disadvantages of lending? Consider this in the next article.

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