Is hookah harmful to health with and without nicotine?

Smoking a hookah for Slavic people has already become a habit. All these "oriental things" are very often met: at corporate parties, parties, in a bar and even in a restaurant. We are accustomed to the sweet smoke as well as to Japanese sushi, anime cartoons and cheap Chinese goods. Has anyone ever wondered whether the hookah is harmful to health?

Alluring sweet smoke: what is its use?

Is hookah harmful to health?

One of the topics of heated debate, especially after the adoption of the law banning smoking in public places, is hookah: is it harmful to health or not? Politicians, WHO scientists and healthy lifestyle advocates will lead many arguments against the use of aromatic mixtures for smoking.

But lovers of smoking a cigarette or just connoisseurs of Eastern culture are almost sure that there is no negative impact from the hookah and there can not be, on the contrary, this type of aromatherapy is extremely useful. How is it really? How can an ordinary person understand all aspects of this issue?

Let's talk about everything in order. And let's begin, perhaps, with undeniable advantages:

  • The concentration of nicotine in the hookah is less than 13 times in a regular cigarette.
  • When smoking tobacco through a hookah does not burn the paper, which means that the amount of harmful substances entering the body will be much less.
  • Aromatic smoke contains less heavy metals and chemicals than regular tobacco.
  • Hookah smoke is filtered through water, and it cleans it from impurities much better. In addition, while the smoke slowly crawls through the tube, it cools down, which means our throat feels much softer.
  • In addition, if it is difficult to dispel a cigarette cloud, the aromatic smokescreen itself dissolves into the air without much effort, and in a short period of time.

And this is only a clear part of all the possible benefits. At least, that's exactly what hookah lovers say. And what they say on the other side of the barricades?

In the smoke screen and the face is not visible

Is hookah harmful to health?

Thick smoke swirls today, despite the prohibitions in many places of entertainment, bars and restaurants. Sometimes there are so many people who want to smoke at dinner, that behind this veil you don’t even see your interlocutor’s face, what can we say about food.

And at home to keep hookah so generally prestigious. He and in the cheerful company of guests will be a worthy entertainment, and the interior of the locker will greatly embellish. In addition, aromatic tobacco also smells nice. By the way, lovers of this business often boast that nicotine and heavy tar are practically not part of tobacco for hookah. This is how rumors are born that the eastern pipe of the world is absolutely harmless.

And is it true, and how harmful is the hookah for health without nicotine? Scientists from the World Health Organization claim that the smoker will not hang up until he receives "his" dose of harmful substances. That is, if the tobacco in the hookah is weak, the person instead of one puff will make 20 or 30, so even a novice smoker can easily earn his addiction.

Some fill the hookah with wine instead of water. Even taking into account the fact that you do not consume wine directly inside, alcohol vapors enter the body along with smoke. From this light intoxication comes ten times faster. At the same time, many still manage to drink everything with hookah wine, which has already passed through harmful impurities. Doing this is not so bad, but rather, more expensive. Of course, you will not faint from such a drink, but you will inflict damage to your health for sure. According to the rules, you can fill a hookah only with water, sometimes adding a couple of lime slices to it.

Active hookah smokers are at high risk of developing cancers and cell mutations, as well as heart pathologies. Of course, all this looks very depressing, but there is also good news - nothing terrible will happen to you if you make a couple of puffs once in honor of the holiday.

In tune with the times

Is hookah harmful to health?

You might be surprised now, but not only electronic cigarettes, but also hookahs began to appear everywhere. They differ from the traditional oriental in many ways:

  • First, such a hookah does not need to be set on fire, which means that there is no need to inhale all the chemistry from the coals.
  • Secondly, inside such a device is added not a tobacco, but a special aromatic liquid.
  • Third, instead of smoke, only steam is flowing from the tube.
  • And finally, the electronic hookah is a compact portable device that is convenient to carry.

Such a hookah works on the principle of an ordinary inhaler, but do not worry: we immediately warn you that steam is not dangerous for the throat and will not burn the mucous membrane. It functions from batteries, and refuels a beznikotinovy ​​cartridge. For those who like to mix strawberries with an apple or a pear with a banana, it is possible to insert several cartridges simultaneously.

The composition of replaceable cartridges include:

  • distilled water;
  • glycerol;
  • perfumery flavors;
  • propylene glycol.

All these substances, combining, affect the taste buds of the smoker, penetrate into the lungs, and then completely removed from the body. At least that's what the manufacturers say.

There is also a slight difference in nicotine cartridges. It seems to be his dose is almost imperceptible, only 0.5%, but in the course of research it was found out that if you pull in such a hookah for about an hour, then its effect on the body can be easily equated to one smoked cigarette.

It is worth knowing that even with the regular operation of the electronic hookah you can get a lot of negative consequences, for example:

  • smoker's cough;
  • attention disorder, forgetfulness;
  • tachycardia;
  • hypertension;
  • arrhythmia;
  • heart failure.

Having assessed all the pros and cons, it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer whether the electronic hookah is harmful to health. Here, the entire responsibility for the decisions made lies only on your shoulders. As for the traditional version of the eastern hookah, then there is not so simple. Of course, it is better to stop all types of smoking altogether, but if this is problematic, then the “festive” pipe of the world will do less harm.

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