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What is your favorite season? Sure, most, without hesitation, replied: "Summer!". Indeed, the warm wind, gentle sun, green grass - a sea of ​​cliches and bored phrases, but this is true - can hardly fail to attract the residents of snow-covered Russia.

Adds love to the warmest season as well as its short duration - only 1.5-2 months in middle latitudes, which, naturally, is categorically insufficient for a good rest - clouded, moreover, by medieval service of dacha slavery.

Traveling to warm countries is a traditional solution to the Russian holiday issue. However, before the domestic tourist, often in full growth, the question arises of obtaining reliable and, most importantly, useful information about the country of destination. The stories of acquaintances are confused and subjective, travel agencies are hardly interested in anything other than their profit - what to do? The solution is simple - ask for help from the experts.

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Travel online magazine - your ideal travel companion! On the portal you can find all the information that may be of interest to the brave tourist: interesting facts about cities and countries, recommendations and tips, descriptions of attractions and much more - but, first things first.

Once on the portal, the hardened traveler will immediately conduct a reconnaissance - in other words, look around. The direction and ideology of the magazine is visible to the naked eye: instead of a huge amount of unnecessary information about, for example, overly exotic Madagascar or excessively dangerous Somalia, we are waiting for a great selection of information about relatives of Egypt and Turkey, almost neighboring Thailand and very unusual yet, but no less attractive Israel and india.

There really is something to see: a full-fledged dossier with colorful photos and detailed descriptions has been created for each country - in general, as we love! Information about resorts and attractions is particularly highlighted: for example, about the majestic Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Turkey or a crocodile farm in Thailand.

Individual words deserve travel advice, collected with the specific features and characteristics of a country. Did you know, for example, that it is legally forbidden to export corals and seashells from Egypt, and buying gold there is one of the biggest financial ventures in your life?

General recommendations, in turn, will help not to get lost in the stormy sea of ​​paperwork and organizational issues. What to do if you are late for the flight, for which issues you should contact the embassy, ​​how to behave in an unfamiliar city - you can find answers to these and a huge number of other questions in the section “Recommendations to the tourist”.

The obvious advantage and bold advantage of the tourist online magazine "Lilia-Trevel.RU" is that it is affiliated to none of the travel agencies - in other words, you will not find intrusive advertising on the services of tour operators on its pages and you can not doubt its objectivity.

The dynamics of growth and development of the journal also deserve praise: interesting articles and useful tips are added every three to four days, new sections and categories constantly appear. The aesthetic side of nature of the desperate traveler and the sea wolf hardened by ocean storms is pleased with fascinating photos and a pleasant design.

All this magnificence completes the opportunity to comment on your favorite posts and ask questions of the administration and other travelers. Together with "Lilia-Trevel.RU" - towards the sun!

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