Interesting tales impromptu for fun company

How nice to get together a big and noisy company with loved ones! But in such meetings, a moment comes when all the tasty is eaten, the intoxicating drink is drunk and all the news is told. That's when it comes time entertainment. Impromptu tales for fun company - the best way to collectively fool around, enjoying the rest.

What are impromptu tales?

What are impromptu tales?

Instant fairy tales are stage performances that do not require participants to learn the words and mise en scenes. Under the vocal accompaniment of the presenter, guests make some sounds, words, or perform simple movements at the moment when they hear the mention of the character assigned to them. In the course are also facial expressions and gestures. The goal of each participant is to replay the rest or at least not to fail his mission. Heroes of such tales, as a rule, are many - enough for all guests. If the company is very large, then all the nouns from one or another story become acting characters.

This pastime is interesting for people of all ages, from young to old. No wonder there is even the processing of impromptu tales for a happy anniversary company on the occasion of the 50th anniversary or the 60th anniversary! The main thing is to have fun:

  • cheered participants and observers;
  • did not offend anyone present;
  • It was not protracted.

The best impromptu is well-prepared improvisation.

The best impromptu is well-prepared improvisation.

Before the welcoming host, inviting guests to the house, there are two tasks - to feed tasty and have fun entertaining the company. They are equally important, therefore, without a well-designed cultural program, there are few delicacies. In this regard, it would not be superfluous to recall that the best impromptu is carefully prepared entertainment. Of course, for the dramatization of “fast” tales, a printout of the script for actors is not required. But here are some of the nuances have to take care in advance:

  • print or write a fairy tale text for the moderator (that is, for yourself);
  • it is better to work out the plot in advance, denoting important accents (names are obligatory for the characters, so that there is no confusion among the drunken guests, meaningful pauses are necessary, etc.);
  • make cards with the names of the characters and an indication of what they should do;
  • Prepare attributes for heroes (nothing intricate - enough hats, toy crowns, animal masks, etc.).

Criteria for selecting instant stories

As such, the principles of choosing a fairy tale for the staging is not. There are only a few recommendations based on the experience of fans of this kind of entertainment:

  • the plot should be as simple as possible;
  • heroes can be "added" independently, if all the guests are not enough;
  • you should not take up long stories: the actors and the public will be bored. Better choose two small fairy tales.

And another thing: 80% of the success of the dramatization depends on the narrator, so you need to read extremely expressively and emotionally.

Scenarios of impromptu tales for different occasions

Improvisational stories are good because absolutely any can be altered for a specific reason. However, there are ready-made options.

Birthday performances

Tale-impromptu "Turnip", played out by roles, will be a great entertainment for a cheerful company at a birthday party. The essence of her statement is that when a character is mentioned, a participant must say a certain cue or word.

Birthday performances


Turnip - "Wow"

Grandfather - "Celebrate?"

Baba - "Oh-oh"

Granddaughter - "I'm not in shape"

Beetle - "Happy Birthday"

Cat - "She is a spy!"

Mouse - "I warned!"

The presenter tells the well-known plot, the actors speak their own lines, complementing the image with gestures and facial expressions.

Impromptu fairy tales for a fun company with words can be replaced with performances in which you only need to show your character with gestures and facial expressions - such as in the "Fried Eggs" scene.


Girl (flirts)

Hot pan (spit)

Oil (cowardly and softened)

Door (looks at what is happening)

Water (slow but kind)

Eggs (all guests).

Moderator: “Asya wanted to eat. She went to the kitchen, decided to make scrambled eggs. She took the frying pan, chicken and quail eggs. She tried to find butter in the refrigerator, but it hid. She warmed up the frying pan, hit the egg side. They began to sizzle, turn green, badly smell. The pan got angry, began to rush the remnants of eggs. Asya's eggs were smeared, she squealed and ran to the tap with water.

Tale of corporate

Instant performances of impromptu tales for a cheerful company of colleagues differ in the format of their performances; therefore, it is better to select something neutral for the staging. For example, "Agitspetakla".

Tale of corporate



Machine gunner Anka

hungry sailor

blind switchman


young train driver

White Lieutenant.

Moderator: "To the attention of the honorable public, we present the production-agitsepisakl" How to save the train "Star".

The characters under the presentation of the lead become a semicircle.

Moderator: "Due to the fact that the armored train was urgently sent for repairs, the performance is canceled."

Participants bow and go to the applause.

As a variant of a more verbose statement, one can offer a performance “About work”.


Man ("I have a sexy macho")

Work ("Lies!")

Wife ("Where did you disappear?")

Girl ("I am your joy")

Flowers ("Lucky Surprise")

Family friend ("Hang on, I'm with you")

Moderator: “A man was at work at a delay. I decided to buy flowers to my wife on the way so that she did not think that he had a girlfriend. On the way he met a family friend and forgot about flowers completely. He came home, his wife made a scandal, he said that he was seen a girl. He justifies himself with a family friend, and before that he was late at work. His wife sent a man for flowers, and he again met a family friend. They drank, bought flowers from a girl in a stall. A man came home, gave flowers to his wife, and she got angry that the man was drunk and kicked him out. The man went to work he went to sleep, overslept, and went to his wife in the morning. He bought flowers again, his wife forgave him, and then a family friend came to visit the girl. "

Impromptu tales for a fun company can be redone for any occasion. In this case, the initiative remains with the moderator, who assigns roles and coordinates the whole action so that the result will be fun and memorable. After all, nothing brings people closer together than an excuse to fool around in each other's company.

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