Induction cookers - harm to human health or not

Since long ago, when a person learned how to make fire, the era of cuisine and hot food began. The history of the development of the kitchen stove is also interesting: from cooking on a fire to microwaves and built-in induction panels. As you know, food should be not only tasty, but also healthy, and this is not least affected by the cooker on which the dish is cooked. It is also important to consider the effect of energy released by kitchen appliances on a person.

Let's try to figure out together whether induction cookers are harmful to health?

Induction hobs: what is it?

Induction cookers

To understand whether induction cookers are harmful or not, you need to figure out what they are. Already in the name of the device contains an indication of the physical phenomenon that underlies the functioning of the furnace - this is the induction of the electromagnetic field.

Such an amazing phenomenon was discovered by the British physicist M. Faraday in 1831. The essence of induction lies in the fact that if you put a closed loop in a changing magnetic flux, then there will be an orderly movement of electrons, in other words, everyone knows the electric current.

Since then, much water has passed under the bridge, but electromagnetic induction has firmly entered our life, faithfully serves man: it is based on the work of radios, transformers, generators, induction cookers and many other appliances.

How does an induction cooker?

This is a miracle of modern household appliances quite ergonomically and easily fit into any kitchen. The hob has a glass ceramic surface. Under the surface, in places of heating, inductive coils are installed, through which alternating current is passed. It, in turn, generates a magnetic field of the same frequency. Magnetic induction through the surface acts directly on the bottom of the pan, located in the place of heating. As a result, an eddy current occurs in the bottom of the pan, through which the heating takes place.

Harm induction plate for human health: myth or reality?

Harm induction plate for human health

The fastest induction cookers of the type spread in the beginning of our century in the life of Japanese housewives. And, of course, it was from those places that the alarming reports came about the alleged harm to human health from these wonderful devices.

We already know that an induction cooker is an open source of electromagnetic field. How negative does it affect a person? Manufacturers in one voice claim that the low-frequency magnetic field from induction furnaces is absolutely harmless.

Indisputable is the fact that the magnetic fields that are radiated by almost all household appliances, every second surround us, as we live in this environment. And it is quite natural that they influence all living things. To date, several serious studies have been conducted in this area, and it has not been possible to obtain serious evidence of harm to a person by low-frequency radiation.

It can be concluded that there is no more damage from induction cookers than from a microwave oven or a mobile phone (and we even attach the phone to the head). Harmful radiation electromagnetic devices - the usual myth-horror story for the inhabitants. And even more so we can not talk about the radioactivity of food cooked on an induction stove.

But if you are still afraid of radiation, then when using induction panels follow the following recommendations:

  • the diameter of the dish should match the size of the heating zone in order to completely cover it and be in the center;
  • the bottom of the dishes should not be convex;
  • in the process of cooking, try to stay away from the stove;
  • use utensils marked "for an induction furnace," that is, pots and pans made from materials that attract a magnet;
  • Aluminum and copper, as well as ceramic, glass and porcelain dishes must not be used on an induction cooker;
  • Use wooden or plastic spoons to stir food.

Induction cookers: reviews

Induction cookers: reviews

Consideration of the dangers of an induction cooking stove will be incomplete if you do not ask the opinion of people who have decided to install it in their kitchen.

Let's take a look at some of them:

  • "We have been using the hob for two years already. It has four heating zones (induction and conventional). We use only induction. The stove heats up very quickly, switches off itself when removing dishes, power easily changes. Noticeable energy savings. Lack of open fire and gas."
  • “A few days ago I bought an induction stove. There are simply no cookers equal to it in cooking speed. 1.5 liters of water heats up in 3 minutes, by the way, this process takes almost 5 minutes in an electric kettle, and 7 minutes on a gas stove There are no problems with dishes, as they say on the Internet. "
  • "It is ridiculous to read about the danger of a magnetic field. It is concentrated on the bottom of the pan and heats it by loosening the crystal lattice of the metal. The danger can only be if you have magnetizable objects, such as a pacemaker, and only if you lie down on the included burner, which , you see, it is unlikely to happen. "

According to user feedback, the following advantages of operating induction cookers can be highlighted:

  • saving time, because you do not have to warm up the burners, and the dishes start to heat up immediately after turning on the stove;
  • the presence of "intelligence": the stove does not turn on unless there is a special dish on the surface, and it turns itself off as soon as the pan or kettle is removed from it;
  • if you accidentally lean on the stove, it will not turn on, which is especially important when there are children in the house;
  • electricity is saved;
  • the built-in sensor helps to maintain the specified temperature, also thanks to it, only the dishes and food on the stove are heated, and not the surrounding air in the room;
  • The surface of the induction cooker is easy to clean from any contamination, because nothing burns on it.

Here, in short, is all we need to know about induction cookers. And to use the fruits of civilization for their own benefit or do without them, everyone must decide for themselves.

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