In the new year with the kids

Winter has come and all honest people are looking forward to celebrating the New Year's Eve. The air attracts with its freshness, and the smell of mandarin reminds that sometimes desires do come true.

How to congratulate children happy new year

It so happened that in the post-Soviet space it is New Year that is considered the main winter holiday. In Western Europe and America, Christmas is more meaningful, and the New Year only closes the festive week.

Most people consider New Year to be a family holiday. However, the broad soul of the Russian is always happy and friends, sitting with them at the same table that night. Western trends marked the beginning of all sorts of New Year's tours and trips to the restaurant. And nothing of the popularity of corporate celebrations and can not speak! After all, almost every self-respecting company will certainly arrange a corporate event on the last days of December.

For adults, there are many options for celebrating the New Year. What about our children? They always depend on their parents. For a child, this holiday is more "magical, alluring and fabulous" than for adults. Children are eagerly awaiting gifts, a special holiday table, the appearance of Santa Claus.

child decorates the house for the new year

If you already decided on a child, then you should take into account his opinion in preparation for the holiday. Of course, parents can tell a lot. For example, how to decorate a room, how to help in the kitchen, how to decorate a Christmas tree. I can share the accumulated practical recommendations on how to take a child in the pre-holiday bustle:

  • Making New Year's dishes. You can wash and chop the greens yourself if the baby is only 2-3 years old. Slightly older children can be asked to wash the fruit, herbs, rinse festive tableware. Then the child is charged with decorating the salad with greens, decorating sandwiches with parsley sprinkles, sprinkling with the grated cheese pieces of meat.
  • Decoration of the festive table. Emphasize to everyone that serving is an important and not less important thing than a tasty cooked meal. Give a pack of napkins and specify what to do with them. Prepare the required number of cutlery, and then the children can handle it themselves.
  • Sample some dishes. Quite often it happens that one of the cutlets will "fall apart" or the crab stick will be "superfluous." Why endure to the chiming clock, if you can feel the festive spirit at lunch?
  • Creating a picture for Santa Claus. This is a great opportunity to draw the desired gift, a house in the forest, beloved parents or even an abstract picture. You can make an application or lay out a figure from a mosaic. The most important thing is that the child will be near the mother in the kitchen and not interfere with her.
  • Cutting snowflakes. Very exciting process, is not it? Packing ordinary napkins costs a bit. And if the baby is already confidently wielding scissors, then it's time to show him the basics of creating snowflakes.

The child writes a letter to Santa Claus

The holiday itself is usually planned depending on how old the child is:

  • Until the child is 3-4 years old, it is better not to leave him for the night celebration. A candlelit gala dinner will please him much more than sleep under the Christmas tree. In addition, in the evening, all together you can drink baby champagne (inside the usual soda) or juice. Putting the child to sleep, you can proceed to the "adult" part of the feast.
  • A close family company implies friendly contests in which everyone wins. In the New Year's Eve should come up with something special that is best remembered for the coming year. It can be an armful of Bengal lights, and crackers, and an amazing serpentine. It is also recommended to make a list of wishes that I would like from the New Year.
  • Noisy company of friends with the kids becomes a signal for solid preparation. Here suits of bright colors will be appropriate. In the power of adults to create a fairy tale in which everyone can feel like a hero. Think up in advance a series of outdoor games with prize candy at the end. Remember the dance! Even if the tree is in the corner, one of the guys will be able to portray it.

Santa Claus for the new year with children

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What is the celebration without Santa Claus? If possible, invite a friend in a suit. Or let the husband take on an important role on this magical night. If you do not create a fairy tale to your child, then who will?

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