Ideas for a winter photo shoot. winter photo session in the

Every season is different in its own way. And the winter is sparkling, unpredictable and fabulously beautiful! Its magic lies at every step: fascinating parks, forests, strict peaks of snow drifts and snow-capped mountain peaks. Contrary to popular belief, a photo session in the winter period of time can be not only in a warm room, but also outdoors.

Ideas for a winter photo shoot: aspects of photography

Draw themes and ideas for the winter photo shoot can be literally everywhere. It is worth looking around! Winter recreation, entertainment, ice-skating and sledding, snowballs, etc. Even unhurried romantic walks in the winter park can be an excellent photo story.

If the day turned out to be rather gloomy and overcast, then this good of nature must be used. It is best to make a dramatic and sad photo session. In this case, winter will symbolize the temporary forgetting of nature, the preparation for a new rebirth in spring.

Sunny day, also with an abundance of snow cover, as well as possible suggests the choice of the theme of the photoset. It is best to use active games, clothing contrast. Especially brave can hold a nude photo session with body decoration with natural furs.

Ideas for a winter photo shoot

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the place of photographing, and then to think about ideas and in what way the shooting will take place. The most successful and acceptable option is to hold it in the winter forest, near the reservoirs - lakes, small rivers. Among the trees, in a park or a public garden, you can feel a fabulous atmosphere that you can capture.

If there is no opportunity to go on nature, then within the megalopolis the winter photo session will be no less fascinating and beautiful, the city also has its magic. Just need to analyze and find the best place.

It is equally important to choose the right accessories for shooting, think over all the details. At the winter photo shoot will look bright accessories bright. They will be the most contrast - this option is best used on a sunny day. Subdued, cold tones will add a touch of romance and sadness.

Photo session on the street in winter: options

  • Nature itself creates the scenery for shooting. Sunset is beautiful at any time of the year, but in winter there are glare of light that plays into the hands. Shooting at sunset promises to be bright and intense. Contrast of red glowing sky, white earth and sleeping nature. What could be better! Shooting can take place in a light Gothic style, fairy tale style.
  • Another option for dramatic photography can be the contrast of the gray pressing sky. It is best to take photos against the background of the threatening skies, trees powdered with snow. Bright and interesting photographs are pictures in the branches of trees with bright berries, such as mountain ash, viburnum, or wild rose.
  • Playing with contrasting colors is always a winning option. As an idea for a winter photo shoot, you can use bright accessories - mittens, scarves, shawls, mugs with hot tea / coffee, Christmas decorations, fruits, and more. etc. The use of such objects will help create a warm portrait. Such a survey is very beneficial, it is desirable to use it exclusively on the street, because the snow will naturally diffuse the light.

Winter photo session in the studio: how to organize?

Ideas for a winter photo shoot

  1. Studio photography can be just as interesting and convey a winter mood. We can say that the main winter direction of studio shooting is thematic holidays - New Year, Christmas, etc. As an idea, you can use the shooting against the background of the New Year's entourage - a Christmas tree, a burning fireplace.
  2. To create a winter look within the studio, you can use winter clothes. Especially impressive in the frame look luxurious fur, a certain image of the snow queen.

Interesting ideas for a photo shoot:

  • Dynamic images are always winning, and they have an advantage over static ones. To create a successful photo shoot, just start playing snowballs, wallowing in the snow. Any mobile activity will result in a lot of high-quality photos.
  • An interesting idea is animal photography. It can be horses, cats, dogs.
  • Unusual and fantastic shooting can be called a photoset in the style of "master of the elements." There are many variations of performance: the model can cover the ground with snow - command it, or, on the contrary, create spring against the background of white snow. For true magic, shooting is best done near the heating main, where the border of snow and bare earth will be clearly visible.

Winter wedding photo session

At the heart of the wedding photo shoot is romance and tenderness. And the field for activity is huge. The original solution is to create a Love-story, which will be built on contrasts and space for filming. As an idea, you can use the theme of the first date, for example in the middle of the forest to put a beautiful wrought-iron table and chairs. Glasses of champagne or hot steaming tea will add a touch of spice. Adding accessories in the form of beautiful bright candles, fresh flowers will not be out of place.

Ideas for a winter photo shoot

It is not difficult to conduct a wedding survey in the winter season, it’s enough just to think in advance about the route and schedule of visits to certain places that will be connected to the general schedule of the celebration.

A real decoration of a wedding album can be pictures taken against the background of a snow-covered park. By the way, the wedding dress will look even smarter due to the play of light and the glow of rhinestones. Subject shooting should coincide with the theme of the wedding.

If you have the time and money, the use of horse sleds can be a great and original idea for taking pictures. By the way, it is winter wedding shots that look the best in black and white.

In choosing an idea, you need to rely on yourself, it's good to think about exactly what is expected from this photo shoot. No less important is the professionalism of the photographer who feels the model, guesses her mood and helps to embody the desired and conceived. Remember that at any time of the year it is easy to get decent shots. Winter, with its cold and solemn beauty - is no exception!

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