How to use the e-book

An e-book is a device resembling a tablet that displays text and includes some more functions. Despite its small size, this gadget contains a lot of information. But how to use the e-book to extract the maximum opportunities from it?

In order to charge the e-book after purchase, it should be connected to a charger or to a computer via a USB cable. The very first charge should not last less than 12 hours. After the charging process is finished, the book must be turned on by pressing the power button, holding it, and then inserting the memory card.

After the device is loaded, a menu will appear on its screen, which will display the files contained in the library. To select a particular book, you need to act with the cursor or the buttons "down", "up" and "ok". Most e-book models have these buttons under the display itself, and the joystick is in the middle. In some cases, you can reassign the functions of the buttons, for added convenience to the owner.

In order to download an e-book, you need to have access to the Internet. The network has many libraries. By entering them, you can download almost any book for free or for a fee. After logging in to this system, click the "download" button and save the work as a file on your computer. After the file can be transferred to a memory card. To read it, you need to move the memory card to the device and find the book you need in the menu.

Modern models of gadgets allow you to download files without using a computer wirelessly - Wi-Fi. Another 1 way is to connect the book to the computer, he will see it as an external medium, and the file itself can be simply copied there.

How to use the e-book?

When using a gadget, you can select special parameters: the distance between the lines, the font, the width of the fields. Still changing the position of the text on the screen: vertical or horizontal.

It has long been known that a long presence in front of a computer harms eyesight. In electronic books, information appears on the screen in reflected light, thanks to special technology E-ink. Since the screen itself does not glow, the contrast is low, respectively, and the voltage of vision is small, this can be equated to reading an ordinary paper book.

In addition, since in this device you can change the font, then with such a reading you can create yourself maximum comfort.

Each model book has its own set of functions that combine the following standard features:

  • page turning;
  • rapid transition to the desired page;
  • view a list of all books;
  • the formation of bookmarks, this function is especially convenient when several people use the device at once;
  • play audiobooks;
  • display and installation on the main page of time and date;
  • Individual models can perform the following functions:
  • music playback (MP3 files);
  • viewing videos;
  • Dictaphone;
  • connection to Wi-Fi, using this feature, you can download new files directly to the book itself or a memory card without a computer.

Types of e-books

Today there are a lot of e-book models, but most of them are manufactured in China under an OEM license. Of the popular manufacturers of these gadgets, only some companies properly monitor the build quality and software, for example, can be identified: Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Pocketbook, Sony and Onyx BOOX.

  • Barnes&Noble is one of the largest e-book companies in the USA, it is almost 100 years old! But officially this brand is not supplied to Russia, although this does not diminish its popularity, because price and quality are perfectly combined in it;

How to use the e-book?

  • Amazon is considered the market leader, besides this, the firm is one of the world's largest Internet retailers. Electronic books of this brand are one of the most purchased in the world, but, unfortunately, their delivery to our country is unofficial. But despite this, such gadgets are gaining increasing popularity in Russia, because they cost relatively little, and their quality is excellent !;
  • Pocketbook - Ukrainian company was founded in 2007 and is engaged in the production of devices for reading electronic books. They are also popular in Russia and occupy almost 40 percent of the volume of all such gadgets in our market. They are best adapted for sale in Russia, universal, high-quality and have many capabilities;
  • Sony - the company has become one of the first to engage in the release of such devices and has made a great contribution to the distribution of E-ink displays. These readers are reliable, high quality, so they have deservedly gained their popularity in Russia and around the world. By the way, their official delivery to Russia began in 2011;
  • Onyx BOOX - they are also popular in Russia, but not like Pocketbook. This company is perfectly focused on the Russian buyer, its main difference is the advanced technology and good quality.

Which book to choose?

Significant parameters for such devices only 4. The rest is not so important and moves to the 2nd plan. The most important of them are:

Screen type They are normal - LCD and E-ink. The latter are some kind of electronic ink that is very close to regular books. They do not bring harm to health, unlike LCD screens, which are used in simple monitors or tablets. Electronic ink does not require much energy to reproduce the image. Moreover, when the page is in a static state, the device will not consume any energy at all, so the charge will last for many weeks or even for several months!

Even when using E-ink, the viewing angle of the gadget is 180 degrees. But what do these viewing angles affect? For example: lying on his back, the book is directly in front of the reader, but he cannot look down on it, so he will do it at a certain angle, because when reading one book by several people. When using LCD screens, this function is very important, because they have a viewing angle of 160 degrees. If you look at them from the side, the picture will lose brightness, or even it will not be visible at all.

But E-ink screens have their drawbacks, because the formation of the image on them takes more time, it can slow down a bit. When reading this does not cause much discomfort.

Formats. Their maintenance by the device is very important. Today, most readers recognize the pdf format, this is quite enough, because in it you can find almost all the works. But it will not be superfluous to support the doc and docx formats, etc.

How to use the e-book?

Memory. Everything is very simple here. In most memory devices, relatively little is 2 - 4 GB. Some gadgets support external devices - memory cards. But even 2 GB will be quite enough.

Dimensions and weight of the device. No need to pay attention to the big screen. After all, most people read on the road, so the device should fit in a jacket pocket or purse. The perfect choice will be 6 inches, but some will find it small. For such people, there are 10 inch screens, but they are not very convenient to use. At 6 inches of the screen, the most appropriate resolution will be - 800 by 600 pixels, then the text will not be blurred. With these parameters, the weight of the gadget will be approximately 150-250 g.

Reviews of gadgets of different brands:

  1. Alina, 18: E-books are very convenient, especially on a long journey, and at home, in my opinion, it is better to read the usual, some other sensations.
  2. Arthur, 24: It is better to choose a reader with E-ink technology, and the company, I think, does not play a special role here.
  3. Alexander, 21: The best e-book that I know is Pocketbook 902, especially for home reading.
  4. Irina, 21 years old: I have a book Pocketbookiq 701, excellent, almost a tablet. It does not read only the "Word" format, the screen is bright, it supports Wi-Fi. Visually, too beautiful, there are applications, pictures, music, video. Disadvantages: a bit heavy, it takes a long time to load and the lists are updated in about 5 minutes, but this is not so bad!

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Choose an e-book should be based only on their requests, because all people are different and in gadgets focus on individual details. Choose your device carefully, based on the experience of other users, or consult with the seller in the store.

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