How to solve dreams

In order to correctly interpret a dream, of course, it must be well remembered, which quite often does not always work. We jump out of bed and begin to go about our business. And the dream as if disappears from the head. Try to put a notebook with a pen next to it, and upon waking up immediately write down your dream, after some time you will be able to analyze your dreams.

Also for the night, going to bed, give yourself a setup for remembering sleep. Writing down your dreams, write everything you remember, even any minor details can be very important, highlight the plot of your dream, i.e. try to find a connection between actions. And a very important rule, one must choose from dreams, something that was well remembered, or seemed unusual, in general, something that crashed into memory.

How to solve dreams?

After that, you can see all the main features of sleep in the dream book, but you should not always trust the book to the end. You yourself can be an interpreter of your dreams, the explanation will not always be literal, try to include figurative thinking, maybe you will get even several interpretation options. Dream interpretation can only give you a hint, no more.

Among all the many dreams, the main themes that virtually each of us sees in his life are distinguished.

  • dreams of exposure to others
  • about the fall
  • about flights
  • dreams related to money
  • sexual dreams
  • dreams of attack and persecution

It is usually considered that if the situation of a dream is joyful, bright, then the dream also carries something positive, and if the background of the dream is dark, not joyful, then it carries some kind of warning. However, there are no hard and fast rules on the interpretation of dreams, the main adviser and assistant here is yourself.

Also very important are the emotions that accompany our sleep. Sometimes we cannot remember some detail, or a symbol from a dream, but it is worth remembering the emotions during sleep, and everything becomes clear. Did you experience joy or sadness, admiration or horror, was you excited or depressed? Awareness of your emotions during sleep is very important.

Your interpretation of sleep must be born, come as insight! Creative people know this moment, it's like a flash in the mind, and then you think how I didn’t guess right away. There are many cases when scientists came up in a dream of solving problems, or they dreamed of discoveries in the field of their activity.

Each person is capable of creativity, therefore, he can interpret his dreams. When you begin to analyze your dreams, you will notice that it becomes easier to interpret them, and after a while you will be able to assess the accuracy of your predictions by comparing them with your life events.

A very sure way to understand the meaning of your dream is to tell someone else about it. The words and emotions that you will use in the description will be the key to interpretation.

Dreams are absolutely everyone. When you begin to engage in the interpretation of dreams, they will dream more often and become more conscious. It should be noted that just as there are no similar people in the world, there will not be identical dreams. For example, if you collect the dreams of one person in your whole life, then you can write a book on it, just like many people write an autobiography, and the same, of course, you will not find it anymore. For some time, doing the interpretation of dreams, you will notice that you will have your own interpretations of individual characters, and soon you will be able to interpret the dreams by yourself, without the prompting of dream books.

Dreams come true according to the lunar calendar.

  1. Dream brings truth and justice
  2. Sleep often comes true, and carries positive news
  3. Sleep will not come true
  4. Sleep rarely comes true
  5. The dream is very accurate and will come true.
  6. Sleep is likely to be true
  7. It takes time for this dream to come true.
  8. Be wary of the events of this dream in life.
  9. Fear of trouble
  10. Wait for a quick sleep
  11. It is possible that the dream will be fulfilled in three days.
  12. Perhaps sleep will be fulfilled in seven days
  13. Wait for execution on the tenth day
  14. Wait for a quick sleep
  15. Chance of performance
  16. The dream will come true pretty soon
  17. The dream will come true on the nineteenth day.
  18. The dream will come true on the twentieth day
  19. The dream carries the truth and comes true on the eighth day
  20. Sleep bears good news
  21. Sleep is very faithful
  22. Empty dream
  23. It can dream a lot, but everything means nothing
  24. Wait for execution in twelve days
  25. Sleep is nothing
  26. Sleep will come true in twenty four days
  27. Sleep is not dangerous
  28. What dreamed, nothing turned
  29. For twenty-four days wait for sleep
  30. Sleep is empty

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