How to prepare original birthday jokes

Many people like practical jokes, especially if they are kind and sincere. The person who is being played out must first of all feel that they love him and not mock him. This is the main difficulty - to find a harmonious combination of fun jokes and good irony.

Raffle girlfriend: birthday options

A friend with a sense of humor will surely appreciate the original jokes for any reason. If her birthday is approaching, you can play it. How? It all depends on where and in which company the holiday will be celebrated. For example, if the party is purely girly, then you can invite a stripper. Secretly from a friend. This and so will be a surprise for her. But especially fun if you agree in advance with a stripper. Let him come, for example, in a pizza or rolls costume. And then she starts to dance.

Raffle girlfriend: birthday options

A less provocative rally will be the gift giving in an unusual form. Present to the girlfriend a kinder surprise, in which hide the gift, for example, jewelry. Apologize for such a modest gift, but ask to eat chocolate in your presence. The surprise and joy of her friend, when she sees a surprise, far surpassing her expectation, will be genuine and stormy!

Funny jokes for colleagues

If your colleague's birthday is, play his "challenge" to the boss. Say, for example, that he is looking for him in the morning, wanting to arrange a serious dressing. Pre-arrange with the head. When an employee in a management office is greeted by the entire team with congratulations, he will be in a great mood!

Funny birthday jokes for colleagues

A girl colleague can be kindly played out by ordering a huge bouquet of flowers for her and putting a letter with ardent confession into it. All day she will puzzle over who is this mysterious fan. Before leaving work, be sure to tell her that her admirer is the whole team! Naturally, such draws should be avoided if the lady is touchy and she does not have relationships with men. She might think that you laughed at her loneliness and difficulties with a strong sex.

Order a song to a colleague on the radio. Loudly turn on the transfer in the office, when the presenters will read the congratulations. Make it so that the birthday boy immediately realized that we are talking about him. Do not skimp on the praise! The essence of the joke here is that all employees listen to the radio as if nothing is happening. Let your colleague do not fully understand that they congratulate him.

Playing the phone of friends and colleagues

Fun pranks on the phone: for friends and colleagues

Playing on the phone is best for colleagues or people whose work you are knowledgeable. Call a friend manager and tell me in a changed voice that you are a customer who needs an urgent budget for advertising. Or negotiate a barter. Like, you have a good bath or a pool, and you wait there for the whole company in case of a successful deal. To make the rally plausible, use the terminology of the customer. The call should look solid. The main thing is not to spoil everything by laughing into the phone.

On the mobile, you can send a friend a funny greeting to order. For example, the voice of the President or a popular actor. On the Internet there are special sites that specialize in this. Just look do not fall for the scammers, they are also found. Look in the reviews, which sites you can trust.

Playing a friend or a colleague funny, but, at the same time, softly - not an easy task. Remember that a joke should emphasize only the positive qualities of the person to whom it is addressed. Never put at the head of the drawing features of a person's appearance, his failure in his personal life, health problems. The criterion of qualitative humor is when the one you laugh at can sincerely support you!

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