How to prepare for a hot summer

Hot summer days have recently come, and during this period special attention should be paid to its beauty and appearance. If in the winter you hid your hands, legs and decollete under a layer of clothes, then in the summer it all opens up to those around you and you want to look great. In preparation for the summer, it is important not only to bring the figure in order, but also not to forget about other mandatory points.

New flavor

It is simply forbidden to meet the hot summer with the old perfume fragrance. If more resistant tart perfumes were used in winter, then in the summer you should get a fresh and light scent. At the same time, perfume must necessarily reflect your individuality, be juicy and cheerful. In the summer you should not put too much perfume on yourself, otherwise in a strong heat the perfume can turn into a nauseous smell. When applying perfume, consider your skin type, on oily skin, the smell can only increase, and on dry skin it may sound weaker and evaporate faster.

It should also be borne in mind that perfume is a very individual thing and when applying a drop of perfume it mixes with the aroma of your skin and can give a slightly different fragrance than in a bottle. In the summer it is best to use herbal, fruit, floral and citrus smells, but if you are completely unable to give up your winter scent, then you can simply change the perfume to the toilet water of the same series. Eau de toilette has less stamina and concentration and is suitable for summer.

Get rid of cellulite

A couple of weeks to get rid of cellulite is unlikely to succeed, and the beach season is already at hand. What to do? You can disguise cellulite with tanned skin, it has long been known that all the irregularities and folds on tan are not so noticeable. You can look like a tanning bed, but do not forget to buy a special cream to avoid overdrying the skin. And you can use tanning and distribute it evenly throughout the body. By the way, many stars go to such an optical illusion, for example, Jennifer Lopez maintains a good appearance of the skin with the help of tanning.

More physical activity

Physical activity not only improves your body, but also energizes and increases the content of happiness hormones in the body - endorphins, which will allow you to deal with problems more quickly and give you confidence. To do this, it is not necessary to sign up to the gym and exhaust yourself with heavy exercises, you can just get up 20 minutes early and run in the morning or get home not by transport, but on foot.

Add bright colors

You can make the brightness of anything - clothes, hair, even your own behavior, and you can bright nail polishes! This season a wide variety of colors are allowed, and the varnish does not have to be combined with clothes, extravagance and originality are in fashion. Colors can be changed at least every day, buy ultra-bright colors for the whole summer and start experimenting. Just do not forget that the polish will look beautiful only on well-groomed hands and feet, so take care of manicure and pedicure.

Exclude snacks from the diet

Products such as snacks, of course, a handy thing, if you are in a hurry somewhere, you can grab a pack of chips or crackers with you and have a snack while on the go, but snacks are terribly harmful products. Of course, everyone knows about the dangers of snacks, but they still eat them. The use of snacks should be reduced to a minimum, as many of them contain large amounts of sugar substitutes.

Sorbitol, lacticol, mannitol - known sweeteners, which are found in large quantities in bars and chewing gums cause water retention in the body, which can cause discomfort and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. In winter, such food can still be somehow justified, but in the summer it is simply contraindicated to use. Instead of a pack of chips, have a snack with fruits, nuts, and vegetables; in summer they are quite inexpensive and everyone can afford it.

Do not overdo it with cosmetics.

In the heat of cosmetics can play a cruel joke with you - mascara and concealer will flow and your face will be covered with oily sheen and dirty spots, agree not a very pleasant sight. Therefore, in summer, cosmetics should be used to a minimum, but in the summer, special attention should be paid to cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Also in the summer, many ladies actively use thermal protectors when styling their hair, but it should be remembered that it should not be applied much, otherwise the hair will lose its natural shine, such remedies should not be applied from the roots, but from the middle of the hair to the ends.

Shower instead of bath

In the summer you want to spend as little time as possible at home and every minute counts, so that even the usual pastime in the bath in the summer can be replaced with a quick shower. In the morning, a cool shower with a fragrant gel is excellent, during which you can, by the way, perform an anti-cellulite massage with a special brush.

Meet the hot summer in full readiness and enjoy every moment of this wonderful time of the year!

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