How to make a cheat sheet

There are so many kinds of cribs that they are incalculable. With the introduction of new technologies, the number of types increases. Each exam has its own individual method of writing and using cheat sheets.

How to make a cheat sheet for the exam?

How to make a cheat sheet?

First of all, get to know your examiner better. What kind of man is he? Does he have good eyesight? How vengeful is he? What does he have with a sense of humor? This is all very useful to you for the preparation of the cheat sheet.

After all, she - this is a special trick. So think about whether you can outsmart the one who is going to test your knowledge.

It takes time to prepare the cheat sheets, so always make them in advance. This will allow to go to the exam more relaxed, without visible signs of fatigue - bruises under the eyes, which will be issued, that you have started the study of the subject only at night.

The favorite way for all students, especially those who live in the dormitory, to be divided and to each make only a part of the cribs. But here you have to be sure of your friend’s good handwriting, otherwise all his help will be for nothing.

Options cribs

How to make a cheat sheet?

Options for creating cheat sheets set. You can write them on the back of the calculator, desk, ruler, stick to the back of the person in front (with his permission), hands, feet, clothes and even nails, creating a fancy manicure.

Some manage to write answers for the exam, scratching them with a needle on the handle. Someone makes them almost invisible handwriting on a regular sheet of paper, barely clicking on a pencil.

Advanced students love all kinds of wired and wireless (so-called Blue Next) headphones, among which there are even specially designed for such situations. They are almost invisible in the ear.

Cheat sheets are hidden in pockets, socks, under a skirt, under a ring on a finger (for example, a small harmonica), in a case for glasses and a handkerchief.

Cheat sheet bomb, perhaps the most popular. It is a sheet with the correct answer pre-written on it. Requires a lot of time to prepare. In order to succeed, you need to go to the exam to another group and find out on which sheets they prepared the answers. Next, write the correct exactly the same and put them in his jacket pocket, for example. During the exam, you need to skillfully and imperceptibly to others to find the correct answer and pull it out of the total pack.

Making a cheat sheet in the Word

How to make a cheat sheet?

  • Make a cheat sheet can be in the Word. To do this, change the page orientation to landscape. In the old Word 2003, they do it like this: "file" - "page settings". Next, select in the top menu "Page Layout", in the opened column, click "Orientation" - "Landscape".
  • Now break into columns. In the top menu, click "Format" or select "Page Layout" - item "Columns".
  • The standard selection is quite small, so click "Other columns".
  • The number of columns put 5-7, reduce the gap to 0.1 and put a tick on the "Separator".
  • Now select all the text and put the font 5-8. Depends on your vision. You do not need paragraph spacing, so select all the text, right-click and select paragraph.
  • Indent in "0" on the left and right, the first line write "no." The interval before and after the "0". Interline - "single", and even better multiplier "0.8". With excellent vision, you can make the multiplier "0.7".
  • With the 2nd side, you may have to tinker a bit. It is better to glue the posts, or in double-sided printing to see what will be on the other side. Now print the cheat sheet, cut it and hide it skillfully.

It is impossible to count all types of cribs, because new ones constantly appear. Some teachers collect a collection and are even ready to give a good assessment to someone who will tell about a new one. When using such prompts, it is important not only to make them skillfully, but also to find a way to use the information imperceptibly to others.

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